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  1. Thanks Paapiman for the reply . Again I reiterate that I am aware of the instances where Bhai Gurdas Ji speaks of Guru Maharaj as Sargun swarup Akal Purkh. The question primarily is a reflection on pauries 23/24 of Vaar1, which "appear" to contradict this. To remove doubts regarding the two stances , maybe someone could elaborate and put these pauries into context. I was hoping maybe tSingh or N30 could possibly share their views regarding these specific pauries mentioned. Bhul Chuk maaf
  2. I have revisited this topic, and find it extremely helpful and thought provoking. The question that tsingh provided in his post "Who is your Guru" is I agree a pivotal one, for anyone following Sikhism. Of the two positions regarding Guru Maharaj as "Sargun Wahiguru" as opposed to "Prophet/Perfect Saint", I personally fall into the first category. Of the Vaars as expounded by Bhai Gurdas Ji, which primarily confirm the traditional view of the continuity and manifestation of Guru Maharaj as Sargun swarup Wahiguru, I find Vaar1 pauries 23/24 challenging my understanding of this fact.
  3. Trying to find links to the digitised Steek uploads for Dasam Granth Sahib by Pandit Narain Singh. I believe they were uploaded by Prabhjot Singh in past and I only managed to download the first two volumes. I believe there are 8 volumes in total. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  4. BhagatSingh Most of the audio and literature with reference to these topics will be found on this site http://www.gurmatveechar.com
  5. All views and opinions are very welcome and helpful. I would like to reiterate that the purpose of the discussion is to increase our knowledge of Gurmat Siddhant, by investigating the traditional philosophies and explanations so we may get a fuller picture of our great heritage. This is done to reinforce our faith and make us stronger, whilst opening the buddhi to the deeper adyatamic truths contained within Gurmat. The differences in Siddhant are debated so as to identify the necessity of the Guru's message and teachings, in order to clarify the doctrinal elements specific to our M
  6. BhagatSingh Thanks for your opinions, I do agree there are views in relation to Vishistadvait that could be applied to Gurmat. However the majority of information (i.e Baba Thakur Singh Ji, Baba Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal, Baba Isher Singh JI Rara Sahib to name a few), I have discovered seem to point towards Advait as the accepted traditional interpretation of the philosophical teaching within Gurmat. The question was how Gurmat Advait Siddhant in relation to Vedanta Advaita holds, and what particular teachings and practices differentiate the two. Your views and comments are appreciated
  7. Thank-you for the introduction to this subject N30 brother, I look forward to hearing the detailed explanation as promised by yourself. I sincerely hope the learned Sikhs of Guru Maharaj you have mentioned, also share their knowledge and views on this topic. GurFateh
  8. Happy New Year to all fellow brothers and sisters on the forum. This subject may have been discussed on earlier posts, however on initial search I did not find the information. Traditional schools of thought in Advaita Vedanta and Gurmat as I interpret share very similar views so my question is, what the particular Siddhant of Gurmat is in relation to Adi Shankara, and the core differences that Gurmat establishes and teaches. I appreciate the advice of all the learned members on this forum. Fateh.
  9. However posts made way back by a few individuals, is hardly justification to brand all Nihangs on this forum with accusations and insults. I am willing to listen to reasoned and intelligent debate, and to change my views in light of superior supporting arguments, however this cannot be achieved through harsh words and insults. We are all on a road of discovery and forums of this type are an invaluable tool to learn, discuss and with the Will of Akal Purakh bring us closer to Sikhi, which at the end of the day should be our only aspiration. WJKK WJKF
  10. Still not all Nihangs on this forum dis-respect Sant Ji. Really, you seem too intelligent to make these kind of accusations. Please don't let your personal grievance cloud your judgement. Anyway which Nihangs on this forum have insulted Sant Jarnail Singh ji, please back this up with the quotes or retract the accusation.
  11. Don't make sweeping statements, not all Nihangs disrespect Sant Jarnail Singh ji.
  12. Matheen (i will use your full forum name out of respect) i don't doubt your meetings with these Baba's, i was just observing the fact that had you recorded these statements your claims would have been validated. If MahaSingh does have the said audio recordings, which i also don't doubt, then he has a stronger case in support of his evidence. Also to the last point you made it may help if you contact the webmasters directly to ascertain answers to your questions.
  13. Also the apology and concession i made was to the wording of my original quote,accepting the criticism of Chatanga1 and yourself in the way that it could be open to interpretation and lacking clarity in the thought i wished to convey i.e, "...Blaming Nihang Singhs and Niddar Singh of the attack on Darbar Sahib 84, is the new low these people are prepared to stoop". This apology is in no way directed to KGM and should not be seen as a vindication of his highly ambiguous and insulting post, directed at all modern day Nihang practitioners of a puratan sampardaya. I still maintain he shoul
  14. Baba Santa Singh obviously had his reasons for the decisions he made, he may have thought that Darbar Sahib was not strategically or militarily an ideal location to confront the Indian army due to calculating the possible damage of this highly religious and sacred place of pilgrimage, or to put innocent worshippers and pilgrims in the line of fire. He also may have considered other facts resulting in his actions as Jathedar. Also he took the sewa of cleaning the Darbar premises after the attack and cremating the bodies of all the Shaheed Sikhs. and undertaking the controversial re-building
  15. Ok, i am going to compromise and concede that my initial post, "...Blaming Nihang Singhs and Niddar Singh of the attack on Darbar Sahib 84, is the new low these people are prepared to stoop". was open to interpretation, and the views of especially Chatanga1 and followed up by Tonyhp32 were valid in their criticism. However this was not the thought i was intending to convey and the subsequent posts were what i was trying to articulate. "... You continue to state, what i keep refuting, again i NEVER once mention KGM stated Nihangs were resposible for bluestar, i have re-iterated thi
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