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  1. OK maybe the titles is over the top or is it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMOkDOXAovQ was browsing youtube came across this video let me know what you think. lol
  2. During the summer we had metheh cucumber , mircha, tomatos and peppers, im not sure what you can beej in the canadian winter so feel free to suggest anything
  3. How can i get my hands on this steek? how much would postage and packaging be to canada?
  4. Kinda seems like the monday night wars we had back in the day raw vs wcw nitro remember them? ahhh the best years of wrestling. in other words competition is good
  5. whats the deal with the 13/14th thing with vaisakhi ?

  6. Let them bark all day, because they aint gonna bite. Controversy creates cash and this is the only reason why the news has jumped onto this issue, if it was a peaceful protest or even if Professor Doolittle talked it wouldn't have been so bad. We have simply just thrown petrol on the small fire. to the extent that some "Sikh" who wants to be governor general in canada is using i want to ban kirpans as a way to get votes.
  7. Amateur boxing i would say is useful, many amateur champions have gone on to become world class pro boxers. Amateur gives you some what of a taste of things to come. a stepping stone if you will. Plus you get accustomed to the mental mind frame of being in a fight involves, which someone who has never had any amateur pedigree might find difficult, most the pro's have had amateur experience. The criticism by the pro i heard dela hoya say once that there is more of the idea to just throw punches in bunches, but without any real skill or technique. there was a boxer from india i think i ca
  8. this dude is preety coool Shaolin Teacher he seems to love to share what he has learnt with everyone
  9. thanks for the link so its banned in amateur boxing. what about pro boxing?
  10. Fateh Anyone know much about Boxing regulations on beards? I heard your not allowed them due to them being an "advantage" Info on Pro or amateur boxings would be helpful.
  11. I head or read somewhere that Guru Sahib had a gyrfalcon.
  12. LOL i feel sorry for the dude that is paying for his tickets lol
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