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  1. does NLP really work????

  2. I dont see the point of worshiping a devi, when you can worship akaal purakh.
  3. I some what agree with Neo could it be the weakness of "amritdharis" be that the panj pyareh giving amrit are weak? From my little understanding amrit sanchar should awaken the inner amrit? (correct me if im wrong) so if this is not happening then somethings got to be wrong?
  4. I think he's on about gupt singh1699 and not you harjas kaur lol
  5. Does avastha of Panj Pyareh have anything to do with it?
  6. Kaljug could you tell us abit about Brahm Kavach? A little bit about the bani and why it should be done 32 times?
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