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  1. what a wonderful post. I agree with everything you say, but I think Obama is just a bad as all the rest.
  2. my pond is a nude beach.. gotta find a new one

  3. Update: I have been really hardcore, I try not to let even a lustful thought enter my head. It is very hard to do where I live (most my classmates are from LA/Orange county/etc) and dress absolutely crazy.... I am finding it extraordinarily hard to do this... unless I just don't look at the girls or maintain eye contact... and I have noticed that that helps. I dont think anything crazy, but still the lust is like instantaneous... guess I just never noticed because I never cared to. I am having to change my TV habits as well... all the good shows have boobs so it looks like its discovery
  4. I am happily married and have a healthy relationship with my wife. Lust does not end with marriage, it just takes on new forms. I guess also I am using the term lust in the judeochristian sense... so not just limited to sexual desire. I am hoping that lust can be subdued by forming good habits. These yogic methods and such.... I do not discredit them, but for me I think its just going to be a constant struggle... kind of like learning to get up early in the morning... I am just going to have to unbuild the bad habits the same way a built them... by constantly doing new good habits over
  5. I am trying to beat one of the vices a year over a period of five years. This is my first one that I am attempting. I will let you know what I learn.
  6. Thanks Mods can close topic now
  7. I have found that some sikhs consider Gurus to be God. Is this the minority or mainstream sikh? I looked on boards but could not find, if this has been discussed please post link to avoid redundancy.
  8. Staying busy and staying positive. If either one of those things goes I have noticed lust creeps in. A priest once told me that lust takes over when your life gets out of balance, its more of a symptom of something else being wrong.. since its easy to "escape" reality by indulging in lustful thoughts/actions. I have also noticed that too much guilt over lust actually INCREASES lust... so if you catch yourself lusting or whatnot... don't worry... happens to everyone... just move on to some other activity. Hope that helps -W
  9. dalsingh... you seem to really have a thing against white people... that is your problem not mine. If some white guys give you hell they are wrong, if I was there I would stop them if I could... but you need to get a grip with this racism. "typically white and pretend it isn't happening" "Whites have a reputation for lazyness and focusing on pleasure rather than the job at work. No wonder minorities are reluctant to hire them in their organisations" Replace the word white with desi... and you would be offended I think. Almost sounds like racism... but it can't be! Also, I am from
  10. Its absolutely there. I am not denying it. When it is there, it is absolutely wrong and disgusting. However, you absolutely have to be careful hiring minorities, especially AA, because the laws are such that they can take you to the cleaners even if you do nothing wrong. 90% of them just want to work hard and do well, but there are those that choose to use these laws to their advantage. These laws should be changed. I also know that punjabis / desis are always completely fair in their employment methods... i mean its not like they only employ family friends and other indians... Gue
  11. In my experience its not something that can be discussed. Everyone has too strong of an opinion on it. The world is a big place and different parts of the world have different situations. I can only speak from my personal experience. I can just see nothing good about discussing things like that, if I wasn't so stressed out I would not have written it. It will only debilitate into a rant and not contribute to the purpose of this forum. Its not backbone, its respect. I have lots of opinions I keep to myself rather than start arguments that are pointless. I would fight with my fiance
  12. Islam needs criticism. Political correctness with islam is allowing it to grow in the wrong direction. Why should non muslims have to tip-toe around the tulips while atrocities are committed against non muslims every day. I think that considering how many people in the world want to speak out against islam but cant because of fear of death... completely open criticism of islam (and all religions) should be allowed on this forum.
  13. *edited* True, but in retrospect it was in bad taste
  14. That may be the case. I am supposed to be cramming for boards right now, so I am just going to put it to rest. At the end of the day there is so much stuff I need to work on with myself and learning about sikhi... something this esoteric is really like researching nuclear physics when I should be doing my algebra homework.... Thanks for the good discussion. I am promising myself I wont check this site again today... so I will leave it at that. -W
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