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  1. So according to the puratan maryada a garvi or kumbh is kept with jal (water) during a paat and at the bhog you are to both drink and sprinkle (chirkaa) in the home. Does any of you know how the "chirkaa of the jal is done in the home - is there a certain way to do this. I heard once that you should go from the back towards front door of home. Any thoughts or ideas or experiences?
  2. Sangat Ji, So as far as I have been able to fing out about making degh: Flour, Sugar and Ghee should be in equal quantities and water 4 times the amount. So 1 bowl each of flour, sugar and ghee and water would be 4 bowls. I am using Sher Atta (used for making rotis), unsalted butter and sugar (the regular kind as used in tea, etc). I do find find however that the quantities do not mix properly - the 4 times water amounts makes the degh to "slushy" and it does not become 1 mass. Also the flour compared to ghee also seems off. Ghee ends up being not enugh, so when the flour is mixed with the ghee it is not liquidy it becomes crumbly. Am I measuring wrong here? Is it supposed to be weight or quanity of the ingridients? Or are the ingridients we use here in canada need to be of a different amount? Also what is the maryada for doing bhog to degh accoridng to Nanaksar? When do they do kirpan bhet and then when is it taken to darbar hall for Guru jee to eat? Pls provide some guidance.....
  3. As Gursikhs trying to develop on the Gursikh path how much rajneeti knowledge does one need to gsin or pay attention to? Is the idea to first develop spirtually and ignore other things until you attain a certain "stage"? I need some clarification.....The idea of mingling/developing/standing up for panthic things for example leads you to play the politcs game which is a dirty game and then this takes you away from the stillness of Gurbani and everything seems to be a game.....I just don't see how both things can happen at once as they seem to be contradicting each other........
  4. Some discussion on balancing life: Gurbani talks about every single relationship being based on each person or entity needing one another and once that need is fullfiled/stops the relationship ends i.e all relations are false and temporary - which leads to the question why engage in any relationships then (whether it be marriage, work, friends, family, etc)?......at the same time it is my understanding that as Sikhs we don't have to shun the world and can live a householders life, in which case you need money and need to build your own relations and mini empires..........so then how do we live in the world and be dettached at the same time? Gurbani says look into thy- self and don't pay heed to what another is doing.....but our Guru's have in there own lives have stood up for causes that effect society. On one hand Bani is saying go deep within yourself, {and this takes time to do so and your thinking starts to change and you start to forget your surroundings and start not to care what is happening around you} but at the same time what about helping/standing up for panthic/society issues? How do we balance this when the 2 concepts seem so opposite. I would appreciate some input from you on this topic.....Thanks so much!!
  5. But does Gurmat beleive in the 7 hells and heavens concept they are talking about. I do agree there is lots of great info and motivation. I haven't been able to find any info on the "7" concept in Sikhi.
  6. I have been reading the alot of the stuff on the website. It seems to be based on the Shaasters and Puraan's type of anology or maybe I have missed the boat. I can see the logic behind alot of what they are talking about and it does make sense. I just wanted to know what is the Gurbani perspective on this? The site talks about things that effect you: Destiny, your ancestors, ghosts, etc - I can see from a logical perspective how these would effect a person. But what is the take from Gurbani on this?
  7. Do you sell zulu pins with khanda's on them? I couldn't find them on your site...........
  8. It's not in Dukh Bhanjani Sahib.......there is a specific story related to this in our history of someone who I think were on eof the Bhat (could be the wrong person) who had a skin problem or who didn't obey what Guru told him and they got a bad skin problem - from this Guru jee either recited that bani for the first time or it was recited by that gursikh and the bani was then entered in to GGS.....I just can'r remember the bani name
  9. There is a popular Bani that is said to cure skin ailments. Does anyone know the bani name?
  10. Our present day gurdwaras are not really gurdwara's, they are living in the past. Our langers are not really langers, we are basically only feeding a select community, and not worried about humanity. If chinese, blacks, goras started coming to the gurdwara langers, they would be eventually kicked out by our pendu pardhans........
  11. Mr. Suryadev -I also am starting to feel the same way. Is the Guru really nudging you back or is it something that is already deeply pre-planted in your mind and you couldn't find another way to explain your hardship other than you loosing faith. Deep down sub consciensly maybe you yourself are bothered by your own actions. Really, you will never know what would've happened if you had kept your faith over those years. It is all speculation.
  12. Whatever you do don' t read it and fart in the direction of a gas stove or propane tank, all the anger will be chanelled and you will cause immense damage to society...........all laughing aside I have noticed the same about chandi di vaar. The "sikh" tuna removers in India recite this bani if they feel you are in real trouble, it is the "super package" last resort tunaa removal method with a havan on the side and various dolls that they push pins into. I attended on of these, very interesting. Also in "Se Kinehiyaa" it is also written that if done after sunset that you should light a jot among other things. Suryadev - I am interested to listen to your views (or others if they have any) on why you recommended this bani to your family for the removal of obstacles, most people recommend Sukhmani and Chaupaei Sahib. Pls share your views, it is always good to hear others experiences.
  13. I have been thinkingi s kes and baana really all that needed for regular householders? Wasn't the idea to have a distinct look and do great things - which is what really the Khalsa did, they worked for Sarbat Da Bhalla. Aren't we as regular householders the same as any old person with the same desires and wants and running after the same things and the same probleme in our homes - but we have a pug on. I wonder sometimes if we are just holding on to this Bana thing and have made it everything and have lost the essence of being good human beings. We put up with being different whever we go and have to put up with funny looks and comments, but for what?We are all just trying to maike a living and pass our lives like the next guy - so why wear the turban when we are just regular gristee's after the same old stuff as the next guy. Wasn't the distinct dress supposed to mena a higher way of life where you are working for the goog of people and not just rtying to pay off your mortgage before you get your first heart attack? Am I missing something......................lets discuss brothers and sisters
  14. Gazab is baat kee hai kai voh vakhat guzar chukaa voh mard pad chuka hai voh din fanah ho chukaa hai par tum nai is ko zinda kar chukaa hai......vakht kai saat mard bhe badaltai hai par asool vohee achaa vohee zindaa hai jo mard ko mard mai pyaar faylata hai.....arzz hai kai judaa hum kuch bhe nahi, judaa hum kuch bhee nahi, saath ham sabh kuch hai sabh kuch chukaa saktai hain...
  15. Dear Brothers, Pls help me out I find myself in the situation that I may be laid-off at work. Now I have lots of responsibities financially and will loose everything if I get laid-off and the prospects of new work are really not that good. I had also been laid off many years ago and it lead to about 5 years of really bad times, and we have just now re-built ourselves only to have the same situation back. I find myself in this situation doubting God as the helper and the "completer" of our tasks (Karaj). So many questions arise in my mind as to why this keeps happening in life. Going through the situation doesn't make me more strong I feel more and more weak when I think about it. There is a constant fear always in the back of my mind a sort of trauma. I don't find that deep down inside me that I trust God/Guru to help me and that he will actually do anything for me. I used to be firm believer in the setting the number of paats for a certain task (Shabad Sidhi), by the way this would be on top of my regular nitnem, but now I find myself doubting everything that maybe it's all chance and will God realy listen. I find myself questioning whether everything is just chance - you do ardaaas for something and it is just chance that it may or may not be fullfiled. Some prayers are answered and some not. I don't know maybe I am just selfish but I hate going through this crap all the time. I really just don't know what to do and really fear going through difficult times again.Like it was really bad at a point. I feel as if I have lost faith. Bani doesn't seem to give me peace anymore, the gurdwara just seems to be a place of rituals. I now Bani says accept what will come and keep saddness and happiness as the same, etc, etc but it just doesn't matter to me anymore and I am really frustrated. When things come to your livelihood it really effects your thinking. Then I think back to so many situations in our history. Not everybody would have kept there faith during hard times ex 1947, 84 massacres, and so many other hard times. We mostly higlight those who kept the faith but I think sometimes that they were only a handfull and the majority didn't. I don't know guys just trying to make sense of all this.......which makes me think we don't have any counsellors.......the granthi's usually don't care..........Bani I am not sure for the most part what it means to tell me in this situation......where does a person turn to to get help???So I am asking you guys.........Need help brothers........
  16. So how come this works for some and not others? If know of equal amounts of people who this hasn't worked for. Why are some ardas's excepted and others not?
  17. Greetings Chutney friends, Everybody in punjab poitics are corupt b*stards, sorry to say. Everybody is playing a game behind the scenes including Manpreet. He will be huble until he wins at which point things go back to the same old. Just look at the number of candidates who have turned there backs on there respectives parties just because they are not given the ticket in there area. People are after there own status and bling blig and nothing really changes day to day life. They have made a few fly overs in punjab, but the roads to the villages are the same old crap. Electricity is not reliable nor is drinking water among so many other basic amenities. All the politicians talk big but none deliver anything other than favours to those who supported them and if you have a problem and in your are a person from another party is elected, they won't help you. It is all a game. You see most people from the villages don;t know much and very easily woowed by these politicians. Nobody asks them real questions, just lip service both from candidates and the people. Nobody really gives 2 sh*ts, except those that have some alterior motives. I really don't trust anyone in punjab politics - not sure why anybody would want to either............
  18. No, No my friend no hate just the reality. I am from a pind myself which is why I know about these things. 97% of ragis and granthis are from pinds and they are on the religious line for the wrong reasons.
  19. I'm skeptical about these new age granthis. Do you really think they can connect to the youth born and raised abroad with pindu english? Do you really think the gurdwara wil let them speak in English from the stage? I doubt it, it seems like its just a ticket to Kanada......we need people born and raised abroad to become granthis. These smelly pindu granthis have caused so much sh+t over here and they don't know anything about real life here. They bring the same old mentality over here, and all they really want is to get permanent status and hump the gori's (or anyone else they can get there hands on), then they forget everything they have learned. I have seen it happen so many times I can't even count the hair on my ass. As far as I have seen they are mostly opportunistic, no real love to live and teach about Sikhi just want to make money and come abroad. These same granthis blab in the gurdwaras to do Kirat, but when they become permanent they leave the gurdwara's and go on welfare, what a double standard. They blab you should come to sangat regularily but when they are no longer granthis they are nowhere to be seen............not all are bad, but most if them are no better than the pindu working at walmart stocking toilet paper. The problem is that most of then are pindus who don't have half a brain, the only drive is money, which leads to problems. They haven't educated themselves and don't themselves believe 90% of the stuff they are preaching.
  20. The thing is, is that nobody gives any guidelines while doing katha. So for an everyday person you just assume if you do simran with faith it will solve the problem. Why is it that these kathakaars don't give you the full picture? It becomes very difficult to know all of the small details.
  21. Dear Friends, I have been following the katha coming from Malton Gurdwara on ATN of Nanak Parkash by Giani Ranjit Singh. The katha is very inspiring and we learn a lot about Guru jee's life and times and it motivates us to try and change ourselves. I am trying to change myself and further understand Sikhi, but I find when I have questions, who am I to discuss it with? So I thought of asking you to help me sort out an issue (shankaa) I have about: Giani jee seems to be concentrating at this point on if you do simran have faith you will be cured of your wordly problems. He also goes on to give a few stories of people who have called him and told him there own experiences of faith in Guru and there problems have been solved. For ex someone who was cured by cancer, another was stopped from commiting suicide, others have gained wealth and prosperity, etc, etc The thing is should this type of "simran for personal gain" be propogated? There are equal number of people who have also done simran/paat for a certain cause and they haven't achieved it (I am one of them and I know many others who are in the same boat). When we propogate "Karaj Siddhi" from simran and then don't end up achieving that certain thing it leads to a severe loss in faith and in gurbani. I have experienced this loss of faith at times and now doubt whenever someone says simran cures worldy problems as it didn't work for me and lead to more frustration. In one story of a person in calgary then had Guru jee prakash in the home and they couldn't have a child. The lady became depressed and tied a rope around her neck to committ suicide, she said if you are the true Guru then give me a child or I will take my life. She then felt someone forciblt remove the rope from her neck and then had a child exactly 9 months after this incident. I know of another family who have the same child issue and have done many paaths and have Guru prakash at home, but have had 2 misccarriages, and are on the verge of loosing faith totally. Why does this faith work for some and not for others? Also how do we know that what we are asking for is the right thing? We may ask for something we want, but it may not be the right thing, we get all motivated that simran cures all problems and do simran, then we don't achieve that certain thing and a loss of faith starts to set in or you do get the thing but it comes with such hardship that you are left shattered. Who is there to give advice to us before we make our decisions? I don't get how Gurbani helps you in this way. I am having trouble moving beyong this point in my thinking, could you pls provide some guidance, maybe I am not seeing this from the right angle.
  22. I agree we need pooran faith, maybe I lack that. Life has been full of very disturbing and difficult experiences and situations keep always keep repeating and never get better, I am bogged down by all of these problems constantly.................How do we know if the Mahapursh is pooran? I have met many, many Sants. They all give me lots of time to discuss my issues with them. Some hours upon hours, but I laways find that very little actually gets solved..................I don't know really doubtfull these days.......I am in Canada.
  23. The thing is why is there so much info/parchaar out there that bani will solve your problems whether they are wordly or spiritual??? When I hear that stuff I try and do those things, but things don't get mended and I loose faith................ For ex. lots of the katha by today Sants like Ginai Thakur Singh Patiala, Bh Guriqbal Singh Mata Kaulan, etc, etc lots of there katha focus's on praying to solve your problems based on like Bh Santokh writngs and "Sharda Pooran" which as I understand was asked to Guru Gobing Singh by Bh.Mani Singh - how will Sikhs get there problems solved rather going to Pundits, etc. What is one to do, when we have so many issues that need resolving and sincered need help..........who else to turn to to................Jaas Japat Pooran Sabh Kaam...........sabh kaam doesn't it mean all work?
  24. Thanks for the detailed reply, I have experienced many of the things you have mentioned like the dreams, soothing sensation in the stomach, pain in the area where we tie our jooraa, sleepyness, short temperness. I am not sure how I am feeling these days, sometimes it seems as if God has made it very difficult to walk on this path - and I ask why? Why is it so difficult and so many pyhsical and mental obstacles. Why is Dukh Daroo? So much tension and uncertanity. I feel sometimes as if God is the best and worst friend a person could ever have...............when he is there he is there and when not it seems as if he doesn't listen and we have no way of convincing him to help. I mean there is no gaurantee, is there that if you do naam jap or bhakti that you wil be excepted - It all rely's on his grace. No wonder hardly anybody wants to walk on this path.............. My life is in shambles...............everything is falling apart and nothing i do materializes into anything good. I am so tired waiting for this grace to come...................why me????? Every Sant Mahapursh who I ask always say it is an Imthihan, test...................I am so tired of hearing this, what is being tested and what do we gain from the test? I really don't understand and my mental tension is increasing day by day........................I only find that I am drowning in more tension and doubt........why me???
  25. Gur Sangat Jee, I wanted to get your input on Savaa Lakh Jaaps and 40 day Jaaps. I am not sure if I am correct but is there always an Imtihan or Test while or when you finish these Jaaps? Is it always that the individual doing these jaaps has to undergo some kind've hardship before things become better? Could you pls provide your insight or experiences or other bachans you may have heard about these from various Gursikhs/Mahapurshes.
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