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  1. Your perceptions and assumptions about me are completely wrong.
  2. The Guru teaches, and you should learn. Once you learn and understand, then you put into practice what you have learnt. It is then that comes self enquiry. Without self enquiry you will not come to know your Creator (Dreamer?). That is why Gurbani states that Hari resides within your being. Your minds beliefs will hold you back, only gyan from direct experience will blow wind in your sails. There is no greater Shakti than reality. Not the reality that your mind has made up all these years of your life, but "That Which Is" - that which happens. Once all your perceptions are stripped away th
  3. Totally agree with Niranjana above. The time, money and effort spent on such jaloos-puna could be better spent, viz. on real charity work. Hari Om
  4. You will not gain Jang Vidiya by reciting any mantra. You have to make the physical effort. Again: PHYSICAL EFFORT!!! You will not gain anything in this world without physical effort. Belief in anything else is superstition.
  5. Trilok/tribhavan = svarg, prithvi, paataal Tribhavan also alludes to: deep sleep state, dream state, waking state Yo man!! :wink:
  6. The above is just my attempt at an explaination. In reality you have to find out for your self if "God" really is one or not. You have to make the effort. Study then practice then you should arrive at the TRUTH. What's going on? You may use a religion as your tool, or go it alone. Sat Shri Akal Ji.
  7. If by "God" you mean THAT about which nothing can be said, due to the futility of saying it, then "HE" does not fit in any number. I prefer to say "IT" does not fit into any number. According to human thought Paramishvar is 1 because there is no other. You could also say that IT is also 0...But these are human concepts born of puny puny human minds. A human who experiences the Truth of their Creator can never really describe That Reality 100%. IT is 1 and also beyond 1, which maybe 0, and is beyond that too...
  8. Happy Divali, happy Bandi Chhor, happy Saturday. Happy everyday!!!!!
  9. Chak de phatte! Me no worry about knowing "doG" anymore. But that's me. Me no "Brahmgyani" - do not missing understandings me's please. "doffs non-existent cap" and moves along.
  10. It's quite a good read. I read it ages ago.
  11. Is the script written already? Or is it being written? Chak de!!
  12. I might post from time to time. Nothing long and boring. I like to keep it short and sweet. Bit busy nowadays, you know how it is.
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