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  1. It's not a painting of Krishna. It's Vishnu. It looks like Vishnu's Narayan form to me. Narayan....
  2. That Var of Bhai Gurdas Ji does not mention "Hindu" gods.There is the line which goes: "Das avatar akar kar, purkharth kar nanv gunae." Which has been translated erroneously into English as: "The ten incarnations (of Hindu mythology) assumed human body and showed their valour to spread their names." In that Var Bhai Gurdas Ji does no mention of "Hindu" or "Hindu gods".It is only the English translation which states in brackets "(of Hindu mythology)".Why did the translator feel the need to express that that particular line was on about the Das Avatar of "Hindu mythology"? Have yo
  3. First, there is no such thing as "Hindu" mythilogical gods.These Devi and Devte are part of the Khalsa Panth.Simple as that.The Devi and Devte are Gursikh.They are Singh and Singhni's aswell. And yes it looks like Kabir Ji is saying that Hanuman (Hanvant) and Shiv (Shankar) are awake (enlightened, gyani) and meditate on and serve Param Satta.
  4. I'm not a biologist but this is just bakwas pseudo science.Cutting hair does not make it grow any faster.It will look thicker because hair is thickest nearer to the base of a hair stem you get.A hair stem grows to it's alotted growth period and then simply drops out, and then a new hair will grow from it's root.Hair is an extension of our skin.It is made up of dead cells just like the surface of our skin.Hair and skin are continuously being shed.The body is always losing protein due it's overall continuous renewal.None of our bodies are the same bodies we had a year ago.Apart from brain cells
  5. This is a Shabad by Satguru Arjun Devan Dev in praise of Vishnu-Krishna Bhagvan (Sargun Vahiguru): http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=3794 You will see names of Krishna Bhagvan like: Madhusudan (Killer of Madhu demon), Damodar, Rikhikesh, Govardhan Dhari (lifter of Gavardhan mountain), Murali-Manohar (Manohar the player of the flute), Mohan, Madhav, Murari (the flute player), Narsingh (man-lion Avatar), Narayan (the abode of man), Bavan (Avatar of Vishnu), Ram Chand, Chakrapani (wielder of the Sudarshan Chakra), Gopi-nath (Master of the Gopi's), Basudev, Niranjan and loads mo
  6. Kabbadi Singh, lets not bring pseudo science into this debate please.Kirlian photography :roll: .
  7. Most of us go to hell everyday.It's called work!!
  8. Well said Vijaydeep Singh.Not even once is the word "hindu" or "hind" mentioned in any ancient Indian scriptures, like Bhagvad Gita, Yoga Sutra etc.Like I mentioned before, hindu refers to a low caste (black skinned person) or dog.I don't know why there are idiots out there who are happy to call themsleves hindu.
  9. Dhan Satguru Nanak Nirankar, the God of gods, Lord and Master of Maya!!
  10. Don't worry tableji, I wasn't directly accusing yu of mocking anything to do with (Nihang) Singh maryada.You are still learning, like me. Never stop learning.And look upon the whole world as Guru de Sikh.
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