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  1. THIS IS GOLD vaahhhh!! this is beautiful.... absolutely beautiful
  2. Maybe, but at the same time, by forcing this type of action upon themselves might also be doing good...... i mean if they're telling everyone else to be ridiculously strict, and they themselves are also practisingwhat they preach, there's a good chance that they might only be preaching from experience.... can't it be both
  3. c'mon, don't distrot them tooo much.. they've got a belief that they're sticking to.. although i disagree with them on it, i still think it's commednable that they're firm in what they believe.... if that means that they fele it's inappropriate to show love from one human ot another, in public, then instead of "making fun" of them, just don't listen to it, clearly it shouldn't bother you, correct?
  4. yeah... sukhi..stick to the topic.... you too akalsharan.. (anyone remmeber what the topic is anymore?)
  5. no mattere WHERE you stare, it's pointed... your nose isn't exactly round, lemme say THAT.. imagine a traingle projecting from a human face
  6. twin half/cousin.... you're implying that you're an inbred.
  7. jsb

    Sad News

    haha man, i can not believe you got me to laugh at that
  8. i swear, i feel like i'm at sikhsangat.com!
  9. i just noticed... both me and beast are jathedar/jathedarnis........ I CALL JATHEDAR, YOU'RE THE GIRL!
  10. honestly, though.. is it truly any of our Business what god does?? what i mean is, isn't it simply possible that God gives us a certain extent of brainpower, but clearly not enough that we don't even understand what God does....how He "lives".. how He "does"... we jus DON'T know.. and there's absoultely no way to find out.....FOR us, GOD is the absolute definition of infinity... we have no ability to ponder the greatness (or finiteness/infiniteness) of God, cuz we just don't have the ability to grasp it..
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