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  1. I do not wish to sound pedantic (regarding this matter), but have you noticed how families put pressure on the brothers to keep ther Kesh but not the sisters. This may only be an issue within circles that I know. I have questioned 'elders' about this. Their comments on the issue are very interesting (if somewhat inconclusive). I was told that as the girl will not live in 'her house' for all her life(i.e. after she gets married), she does not have to conform to her biological family's traditional rules. I know that answer is somewhat of a kop-out, but its the only one I have been given (so far)
  2. and it will go away soon because youth don't care about it. I have to strongly disagree! There are too many 'youths' or people of our generation who have strong ties with caste and recognise their own caste with immense pride
  3. Has anyone seen the interview done by Bill Moyers with Bharati Mukherji? If not, here is an excerpt of her interview. She has set back Sikh relations across the world by about 15 years: Bill Moyers: "You and your husband spent over a year investigating that tragedy, and produced this book: The Sorrow and the Terror: The Haunting Legacy of the Air India Tragedy. I think of you, of course, as the novelist you are. And I've read some of your essays. I don't think of you, or Clark, your husband, as a investigative journalist. Why did you spend so much time on this?" --- Bharati Mukherjee:
  4. Here is the article I promised regarding Makindu Gurdvara. It is a bit old and I am embarrased about my poor use of English in some places. Tell me what you think: The Sikh story of Makindu On the Mombassa Road, directly in between the cities of Nairobi and Mombassa lies a Gurdvara that not only is considered an oasis, but also inspires the mind. It has a deep-rooted history in the Sikh Sangat of East Africa (especially Kenya) and on many occasions has been compared to the Golden Temple itself in terms of its serenity. The Gurdvara itself (in a town called Makindu) is situated in a vast
  5. Dear Khalsa Soulja Ji, I never shouted BRAHMINISM regarding Jhoot, what I did say was that it is now showing Brahminical tendencies. If you did take time to read my response properly, you would have read that the whole concept of Jhoot WAS started as a Brahminical ritual. All contemorary historical documents will show you that. Who on Vahigurus earth mentioned anything about sexual relations?! The word Jhoot literally translated means 'to share utensils'. Where does sex come into it?! What reasoning can you see? Because I am confused how that came up to begin with! And for the record, NO-W
  6. You should all read the book called 'The English Patient'. Its all based around a Sikh soldier
  7. This concept of Jhoot is very strange as it has developed into its own phenomenom in recent years. Unfortunately, it has begun to show the signs of Brahminism of late. Historically jhoot was NOT about sharing food with a non-Amritdhari person. The original issue of jhoot is actually a ritual one, and it was this that the Guru's forbade all of their Sikhs from. Unfortunately, some Sikhs have hijacked the issue and made it manifest into something completely different. The original ritual was basically linked to caste. Historical documents (especially those by Qazi Noor Mohammed) show how a t
  8. Gur Fateh people, did you all know that the British (whern building new battleships for the Second World War), wanted to name them after warrior races. Three ships were built in total, they were named HMS Zulu, HMS Sikh and HMS Punjab after the land in which they lived.
  9. I have an article I wrote about Makindu Gurdvara a while back. If anyone wants a copy, just mail me and I will send you a copy.
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