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  1. Oh and that Gutka has pictures from the article too.

  2. Try to get ahold of Namdhari Nitnem Gutka from 1992 published by Maharaj Bir Singh ji. it cites an article of Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha on types of turban and what is sidhi and tedi dastaar. Bhai Kahn Singhji also mentions in his own words that his father and grandfather also used to wear sidhi dastaar. i dont have the said Gutka with me. i read it once as someone had brought it to the Dharamsala.

  3. Namdhari Dastar tying Maryada as taught at Sri Bhaini Sahib during Vidiyak Sammelans: No ironing/folding with help of another person. No looking in the mirror. No putting any part of the Dastar in the mouth or allowing it to touch the ground. Do Kangha before tying. Mathetek the larrh before tying. Unfortunately there's a lot of bad influence and very small percentage outside Punjab adhere to the rules above. In the late 1800's the Nihang influence was very strong in the Namdhari Panth and the rest of the Sikh world, as was the Nirmala influence, hence the Khanda and Chakkars in t
  4. It is yet another Granth attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. No clear date is known. In Satguru Ram Singh's Hukamnamas from Burma it is mentioned that the Prem Sumarag Granth Should be referred to when making any official/political decisions that are not covered by Sri Adi and Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. It is a book of Maryadas in a way. There are certain variations around as well just like all Granths, certain things are conflicting, i.e. Maryada with regards to vegetarianism etc. Amardeep, weren't you reading it some time back?
  5. Sorry Valli Singh, I guess it is different in your Panth, but in Namdhari panth the word 'Sant' is synonym with 'Satguru' and those who are titled 'Sant' by the Satguru receive much of the same level of respect as you see Baba Sahib Singh Ji in the pictures, except the Chaur ofcourse. As you yourself have said, though with different words, the Sants and 'Mahaan Hasti' of those times did recieve the respect no different than the Gurus. Any how, thanks for your valuable input on this subject. I am sure everyone looks forward to reading about Babaji's and Baba Khem Singhji's history. Hopefully it
  6. Valli Singh, you've mistaken my intent BIG TIME. I don't have any interest in indicting anyone in fact I have much respect for the Bedi lineage. Just stating the facts as I have come across them. Look at the picture N30 posted, he is portrayed as no less than the previous Gurus (the Halo, the chaur, etc). Mithar see Valli Singh's post. There are people who say bad things about Baba Banda as well. You'd have to read studies by independant people and decide for yourself. Tony, I agree with the fact that Baba Khem Singh was villified mainly by the Singh Sabha and if they were around at the
  7. What always gets me is how different Baba Sahib Singh Bedi is treated compared to Baba Khem Singh Bedi by today's historians. Both were revered equally before a certain group came along, Baba Sahib Singh, as it turns out, was revered much more, even as Satguru by the Maharajas and per Valli Singh has a GURBILAS written about him! Can you confirm it is really called a GURBILAS (Tales of the Guru)? Yet today ppl make a big deal about Baba Khem Singhji for sitting on a small cushion in Darbar Sahib!
  8. Supplemental info from http://barusahib.org/sant/santteja_preaching.asp 17. Seekers on the spiritual way have a common understanding. In this regard, Sant Teja Singh Ji once told that when he was the principal of Khalsa College, Amritsar, he met Baba Kesar Singh Ji, a very famous Namdhari Saint. With his own intution Baba Kesar Singh announced that now the Gurmantra will be delivered openly. (Namdharis still give secret gurmantra in ears, not to be disclosed to others). The same evening when Sant Attar Singh Ji Maharaj entered the diwan hall for the first time he uttered aloud, "Satnam,
  9. This Amardeep Bassey better get his windows insured!
  10. ooh ooh! can i be the first to type obscenities under the videos of this evil person doing the Sangeet? btw I am a goodsikh and have like maha major respect for SHABAD-GURU all da way yo (it's wrong to not use 'Guru' before Granth Sahib but its not wrong to type curse words under videos of Gurbani yo!)! word! west side! yeah! down with the impostor Sikhs! brrrruahh!
  11. y is anyone surprised? These leaders 've done this since 1860's. then under british, now under the 'dusht hindu evil congress jhoothi sarkar'
  12. kam.. I'm sure u can get it from any Namdhari you know.. It comes in red package labeled 'Namdhari Chahta'. in usa yogi bhajan trade marked the formula he got from the Namdhari Chahta ppl of ludhiana and is selling them like hot coco under the brand 'Khalsa Chai' or something like that! maybe u can do that in the UK... don't forget to hide the source!
  13. Vinegar, I think he meant that 'tea' (not caffeine) was introduced into india by the british and was one of the main export and drink of the east india company and their punjabi chele at the time.
  14. Chaa, coffee, coca-cola and all the similar drinks with harmful artificial preservatives etc. is forbidden for Namdharis. LOL..Caffeine was invented by british... that statement is as flawed as N30's recent rant about the difference between Radhasoamis and Namdharis in support for shooting of darshan das...
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