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  1. I'm sorry. I guess it's my own lack of awareness. When you say akj simran I think of the loud bang bang and "groo groo" audio someone posted on YouTube a while back. So I'm not aware of how it is the least bit similar to Namdharis who became Mast upon hearing Gurbani being sung or the Darshan of the Satguru, and not while doing simran.
  2. Namdhari creation - 1857 Became known as Kukas - 1863 Singh Sabha Amritsar creation - 1873 Singh Sabha Lahore creation - 188x Gurbani says not to chant Gurmantar loudly - "Ucha Nahi Kena Mann Mein Rehna" How did the guy came up with Nsmdharis doing simran with harmoniums like AKJ and being a "post Singh sabhia" revolution etc.... I don't know
  3. I'm speechless. The lack of awareness. I give up.
  4. I can only pray this should get this useless 2-headed politician kicked out of Namdhari Darbar for good! That will be 2 great news in just a few days!
  5. I hope you or your Ustad or your Ustad's Ustad are do not follow/make a living off of the Vidya taught by the 'pretender'. Otherwise some ill-minded people would say it's like biting the hand that feeds you. Jokes aside, I'm sorry if you felt I insulted your Sant/Babaji. But if you reread my post calmly, you will find that I had no such intention. I think we're done here since you don't know of the names of any prominent/authoritative Sant-Khalsa Babaji had met with and neither do I, so I guess we can agree he had no authoritative information or came to know of it at a later date as he d
  6. Chatanga, I believe you are referring to Jeevan Nagar, the area that was procured for people who were driven out of Pakistan. Who did he meet there exactly? From what I've heard is that he only went there to do anti-dehdhari parchar. He's never met either Satguru Jagjit Singh or Maharaj Bir Singh. If you know of any other prominent personality from the Sant-Khalsa that he has met please do let me know. I don't think I wrote that he did not care to meet 'non-prominent' Sant-Khalsa. Which even if he did is unfortunately of not much value to him spiritually because it is like me meeting yo
  7. I doubt Baba Jarnail Singh knew too much about Namdharis other than what was 'parchalat' in Punjab at the time. Sadly even today there is a ton of misinformation. As far as I know Baba Jarnail Singh never met with any prominent Namdharis, nor did he care to. He spoke against all sareerdhari Gurus as it was his understanding of the Granth Sahib. Those adhering to Guru-Sikh parampara and older sampardayas evidently had a different view and more importantly the Damdami Taksal leadership and Sadhs of today has a positive relationship with and respect for Namdharis. Similarly there's the misinfo
  8. Probably some Namdhari drew it. Look at how the mullahs are all wearing dark blue and not a single Khalsa is wearing 'neel' (dark blue). Is there a date for the painting?
  9. Lol this topic used to be a petpeev of mine. Search Suraj Parkash, Bansavlinama by Kesar Singh Chibbar and other pre-singh sabhia (1873) and even pre-Namdhari (1857) writings for your own understanding. If I remember correctly in Mahan Kosh Bhai Kahn Singh says something along the line that "For those who claim there was no actual Bir present: So what if there was no real Aad Granth Sahib present to give Gurgaddi to, Gurgaddi can be transfered via 'spiritual intentions'!" Good luck!
  10. I've heard there's mention of the coming of Guru Nanak by one Hajrat Unnis in Islamic texts. Have no idea who Hajrat Unnis is.
  11. There is musical talent and then there is 'Raag'. There is less Raag in certain 'well known' and commercialized Ragis today than in 1 finger of a Sikh like Ragi Khajan Singh. He, like those of his status are best known for their love for the Satguru. He at one point stop playing the Tabla all together when the Satguru diverted attention towards anything else other than him during Kirtan. Definitely a beloved Sikh of the Satguru and much missed personality.
  12. When did 'Khanda' became part of Sikh flag?
  13. None of the pictures posted are from the Guru Nanak Naam Leva conference in 1934. Cybersingh lost your specs?
  14. Oh and that Gutka has pictures from the article too.

  15. Try to get ahold of Namdhari Nitnem Gutka from 1992 published by Maharaj Bir Singh ji. it cites an article of Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha on types of turban and what is sidhi and tedi dastaar. Bhai Kahn Singhji also mentions in his own words that his father and grandfather also used to wear sidhi dastaar. i dont have the said Gutka with me. i read it once as someone had brought it to the Dharamsala.

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