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  1. Fateh drawrof, long time no see anyways, "His focus is bhagtee, no doubt" - How can u say that when from what uve said all his focus seems to be on himself... I experienced alot of what he had experienced and know that he was able to ignite something in people, but everything became twisted with him and he enjoyed the power and fame. Someone who turns to their ego, cannot do simran or bhagtee of vaheguru, they can only do bhagtee and simran of themselves, as u can see from the site etc I shouldnt trust what u felt that u experienced or that u felt that he knew something, because w
  2. then if ur gurbani is translated correctly, how is it that there are so many babai out there? who are at a higher level than the rest of us? ??
  3. i was playin at the barsi program where babaji passed away...was kewl
  4. WOOOHOOO its all about Raag Basant and Ustad Sultan Khan lol Gursev!!!!!
  5. i think the controversy is not what swami ji says, its where swami ji says it...
  6. man he loves dhinegene....hes prolly the best accompaniest ive ever heard...with ghazals and bhajans...mad
  7. you shudnt have said that, now no1 will slander you lol
  8. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook :roll:
  9. yeah i was at the initial meeting, lol im glad somethings has been done finally....well done east london boys....and the west london guys who came with us to help...keep up the seva
  10. hahah amrit veer ji, thats a dangerous idea
  11. Yogesh is brilliant, we had him do a concert for us last year in london...was brilliant, never have i seen a tabla player with such stamina...after the concert he goes, i have enough energy to do another 2:| damnnn.....the guy is ace
  12. erm....if marred is sooo bad...why is it that all the gurus were married...surely they would also do parchaar to say that a celibate life is a better one...yet from my perspective the gurus wanted us to strike a balance btween living in this world and doin bhagti..
  13. ^i dno wot ur complainin about, girls are always goin on about how they need their hair straightened... god...
  14. guv ur programmin malfunctioned AGAIN!!! omg...
  15. i think thats the problem, i guess u have to have some sort of intelligence to be a sikh...u maybe born into a sikh family, but u still have to chose sikhi...
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