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  1. maaroo mehalaa 5 || Maaroo, Fifth Mehl: aleh agam khudhaaee ba(n)dhae || O slave of the inaccessible Lord God Allah, shhodd khiaal dhuneeaa kae dhha(n)dhhae || forsake thoughts of worldly entanglements. hoe pai khaak fakeer musaafar eihu dharavaes kabool dharaa ||1|| Become the dust of the feet of the humble fakeers, and consider yourself a traveller on this journey. O saintly dervish, you shall be approved in the Court of the Lord. ||1|| sach nivaaj yakeen musalaa || Let Truth be your prayer, and faith your prayer-mat. manasaa maar nivaarih
  2. I guess its like u both meet at the gurdwara, infront of family n friends. Do lavan da paath, with just u n ur partner to be, no brothers etc! Then the married couple do a shabad!Dunno if thats necessary! erm.. More keertan from family etc Then eat langar n go home! My parents chose the morning after a rehinsbhai lol! Man they must have been sooo tired
  3. Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1083 naapaak paak kar hadhoor hadheesaa saabath soorath dhasathaar siraa Purify what is impure, and let the Lord's Presence be your religious tradition. Let your total awareness be the turban on your head This is before guru gobind singh ji's time!
  4. yeah no matter how bad the 5 vices are, we cannot live without them. We try to control them, but they are always there, coz without them we can live. WJKK WJKF Gurpreet Singh
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