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  1. well guv do u wanna speculate??? (more stories!)
  2. tableji


    macs are the best defo
  3. wot is it with ur small fonts at the bottom?? and how wud u kno that neo snores??? :shock: :wink: :roll: :| :x
  4. i think the only thing yoda and guv have in common are green and height
  5. true we're all passionate about sikhi. that passion cud be passion of self...hence arguments on sikhi topics can often be only about the ego of the ppl involved....
  6. there are steps in every persons spirituality....its like say ur standing at the bottom of a mountain, and ur tellin someone how to get to the top based on what uve read/heard, but u dnt really know.... i guess understanding is required....pheena can u define what simran is.... and when u say bhagats achieved mukhti reached guru, thats because they took on a guru, completely...not half way...ill do this, but i wont do that... nitnem is very important....essential even
  7. try brylcream...conditions ur hair....
  8. yeah he was there....my grandad went with them to theairport in the morning...
  9. maas maas kar moorakh jhagre gian tian nahee janai...rakash if ur gna quote gurbani dnt do an-arth of it...thats just beadbi...
  10. that book was talkin about communism lol...and reasons for how and why it fails....
  11. is there anyone who can answer this, CE if ur there?? Niranjana?? Anyone???
  12. (im not even gna dignify that with a response lol)
  13. kathna kathi na avai thot kath kath kathi kotee kot kot
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