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  1. no infernal monk it aint started again
  2. i see it like this, taking amrit is giving ur head to the guru, meaning, u are gna disengage manmat, and engage in gurmat, follow the teachings of the guru granth sahibji...my point is that in order to follow advice, u need to understand what is being said... there needs to be some sort of understanding before takin the amrit, and also i dnt think a person can jus decide to take amrit one day and change their life the next day...habits can last a life time....addictions take years to get over, and even then ur still not totally free of them imagine ur english and u get married to a russi
  3. dalvir, the janju was a tradition, not religious, please do not confuse the two
  4. yeah give me a lil more time, i got exams comin up, when im free il let u guys kno defininatly....although i wud say that a REAL life teacher, is better, so that ur hand can be assessed properly...
  5. did the gurus go ult from gurmat in order to save lives, or did they stick with it??guruji cud have performed miracles, but they didnt...why didnt they??
  6. yep, why wud guru ji tell u 2 go against gurbani??
  7. Your past life diagnosis: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Scotland around the year 1475. Your profession was that of a artist, magician or fortune teller. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your brief psychological profile in your past life: As a natural talent in psychology, you knew how to use your opportunities. Cold-blooded and calm in any situation.
  8. yeah ur rite guv, even ur comment above is funnier than the kicking the dog LOL
  9. LOL whos the loser now, editing quotes
  10. LOLLLLLLL, read again sukhi...devolved
  11. never thought of it like that pheena, nice
  12. kishan bishan kabhoo nah dhiao raam ,raheem , puran , kuran, anek kahe mat eak na manyo brahma bisan ant nahee paiyo badey badey mun devtey kaiee jug tineee tan taiya kinai tera ant na paiya
  13. im a table, i dnt have a life
  14. Black have u got a new name, and then another new name??
  15. how about murder, stealing, lying, cheating??? how do ppl feel about them??
  16. these children have no right to be sikh if their parents r not. they owe everything to them that dont make sense!
  17. yea i wudnt mind, bt how wud we start?
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