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  1. u kno what, the point of that tukh about kesh not takin u to god, is not sayin that kesh unimportant, just sayin that kesh ALONE wont get u to god...meaning that kesh is important, but only if u have something else - jeevan... being a pakhandi will not help u reach god, i think thats the message Challenge_Everything, if u feel someone is insulting, jus remember that it is their view, and realise that they just insult themselves by posting crap
  2. why is everyone so concerned about others private life?? Let ppl do what they chose to do....and u do what u chose to do...if someone asks for ur opinion, then give it....dnt feel the need to TELL someone what u think
  3. what about finding a balanced path?? i guess everyone has some extremism to an extent
  4. i totally agree with the above....intimacy is an important part of a relationship and i guess it helps to build the bond between the couple aswell....there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy urself and help your other half enjoy his/herself too... as with all things in life...we all do things that we think will make us happy.....sex on its own isnt enuff...also ive heard many times how a bad sex life can damage a relationship....
  5. well does the majority of animal life procreate?
  6. yeah maybe @ animal...but then what happens when the child reaches age and wants a family....u dnt need a language to understand that....its instinct
  7. zelda, sickkkest games ever....
  8. ghost i did say yet we must still try and leave with a positive bank balance..i was tryin to show how they kinda go against each other..
  9. its funny, coz i was thinkin about this in the morning, when i woke up well, the way i see it is, nothing can be achieved without doing something...although guruji says that everything is in hukam there is nothing u can do hukamai andhar sabh ko baahar hukam n koe guruji also says that u shud try, udham karo oudham karo karaavahu thaakur paekhath saadhhoo sang || I make the effort, as You cause me to do, my Lord and Master, to behold You in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. In terms of relationships with ppl....there is a common concept that the soul knows things from
  10. hav any of you lot heard Bhai Satvinder Singh?? hes wicked...tabla player is amazing aswell
  11. cud u hear me behind you??? im crap at singing
  12. Goo Desi Baba, i think neo got told off AGAIN by Desi Baba!!
  13. :cry: :cry: We did a prog for Sant Singh Ji Maskeen yday...was really gud Man Tan Tera , Dhan Bhee Tera :cry: :cry:
  14. if guru gobind singh ji says that without shastar and kesh, you are a donkey and u wont have darshan...does that mean that a sikh(without kesh) is equal to a donkey...and wud guruji say... jo desai gursikhra tis niv niv lago paiy jeoo...to a sikh who is a donkey?? what sukhi says about forcing..i agree...i also agree that there is no place for pakhand...but id rather keep kesh, be a pakhandi, figure out that im a pakhandi..and try and change...infact how many of us can say that we dont do some sort of pakhand or make mistakes at any time in our lives eventho we dont mean to... hence
  15. u need to read her post again...not jus parts of it...
  16. wow, erm...yeah, made sense to me in a sense lol.... mind is always described differently. to the soul in guru granth sahib ji in that the mind can be dangerous .....clean or filthy, the soul is always pure.... ...one question ... when guruji says that... man mailai sabh kishh mailaa than dhhothai man hashhaa n hoe When the mind is filthy, everything is filthy; by washing the body, the mind is not cleaned. everything is filthy, what about the soul??what happens?? if the mind is in control, then the essence is blocked out?? if the essence is incharge, if you allow it to be
  17. gud post Dalvir, also in guru granth sahib ji...talk is always of husband and wife...even in our relationship with guru...we are all his jeev istriya....i guess this is a way of describing gurmat....taking a theme from guru grant h sahib ji, eventho the answer to the question might not written in black and white(although it is in this case) the theme that is obtained can be applied to questions and situations of this kind...if you get what i mean...
  18. depends on where what type of akj, not all akjs are the same...each group also contains very few individual ppl, with their own individual ideas...also alot of ppl like to say what they think is right, eventho they dnt really follow it lol...
  19. each his/her own , like i sed in a diff post...that applies to everyone in everything... in my opinion sex isnt only limited to procreation, it also kinda validates the relationship....as with everything, shud be in moderation..... thats the problem i guess, when discussing topics as such , ppl tend to take things to extremes.....jus because u do something , doesnt mean its gna take u away from guru....
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