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  1. sukhi, i think what u said about sikhs generally fits here aswell, actually it fits for practically everything....
  2. yeah i was talkin about the tableji not the raagi lol
  3. hes good, tabla player is amazing, hes Bahadur Singh shagird....proper mad tabla player...
  4. ahahaha@geezus krist + holy trinity....what a pun
  5. i didnt say its ok, i jus said, do whateva u want, its not up 2 me to tell u what to do and what not to do...
  6. yeah i agree with , each to their own definantly...
  7. ghost, if u are not tryin to be guru da sikh, then everything else is pointless
  8. What is Khalsa?? Whos definiton is being used YOURS or Gurus...(not at anyone personally, jus a general comment) pooran joth jagai ghatt mai thab khaalas thaahi nakhaalas jaanai A person is pure, in whose heart shines the full Divinely Radiant Light. Otherwise, the person is impure(Sarbloh Granth) Bhai Gurdaas Ji says, peeou paahul kha(n)ddadhhaar hoe janam suhaelaa sangath keenee Khalsa manamukhee dhuhaelaa vaah vaah Gobind Singh aapae Gur chaelaa Inhi ki kripa ke saje hum hain neheen mo so gareeb karor parae Guru Gobind Singh ji is saying that thru the Khalsa aid,
  9. i wud say that it is being said to the manmukh...the mann in anand saroop has to have understood its function...
  10. Read Niranjanas post above...gurmat requires jeevan..adopting gurmat is adopting guru granth sahib jis way of thinking...gurmat cannot be confined to just sangeet it is a part of everything... "Hence, Gurmat Sangeet is not special class, branch, gharana or style of music, but rather the utilisation of Sangeet in a Gurmat context." does the gurmat context only apply to the sangeet
  11. Gurmat Sangeet, Sangeet is knowledge of raags, bt what is Gurmat??
  12. i guess mum n dad....i went to camps for those who were amritdhari and those who wanted to be amritdhari as a youngster, as my dad used to lecture....and i guess dad introduced me to the idea ..... then when the camps stopped , dad left it to me, to do what i want....when i got around the age of 18/19 i kinda decided that i wanted to try this, looking at my parents and their relationship and the relationship with me and my sister....comparing that to quite alot of other marraiges that have broken up, etc i asked my dad one day, what is it that keeps u and mum the way u are ??? dad was like its
  13. Yep, finally someone who sees it like me lol The Gurus have said loads of times how they bow to a sikh of the guru Jo Desai Gursikhra tis niv niv lago paie jeeo This is not nimrata , as that would be a lie, but is the truth, so this brings us to ask, what is a sikh really about?? This is also answer in gurbani, where it is written that a sikh is the guru guroo sikh sikh guroo hai eaeko gur oupadhaes chalaaeae Meaning to say that the guru and his sikh are the same, and they both spread the gurus teachings... Sukhi where u said "where in the world is that sense of humility pr
  14. Yeah i agree, gurbani says sehj pakey soo meetha hoye nitnem and paath in general i feel is a way to calm down and lower the power of the punj chore.... if u feel calmer and clearer after doing paath, then u have really done it, not jus read it quickly....understanding is important , you need to kno what u are reading for it to make any impact on you.... fateh ji
  15. Nah RupZ i dnt think ur mad, thats exactly how i see it
  16. I tried adding different bania...that helped aswell
  17. This is why being a trekkie is so useful, its Omnipotent It Means having absolute power over everything. Omnipotence is an essential attribute of God....i guess wed better start bowing to ya now :roll:
  18. everything takes time, gurbani sez, sehj pakey soo methaa hoye
  19. I totally agree....the whole point in reading gurbani is so that u understand it....understanding it means applyin to ur life as best as u can....
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