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  1. No you have not. The key is how your body assimilates these. What you will have to do is experiment and play around with foods and supplements until you get a balance, otherwise you may waste a lot of money on supplements. PS Isn't Jattboot a bit offensive mate> Does your online name not mean like Stupid Jat?
  2. Utter Rubbish. Balanced diet is the key. If meat is part of that balance it up. If you are Vege (no eggs), you need to supplement far more than Ovo-Lactose or Meat Ovo Lactose. Vegan. I've tried it. Hate it. Made me lose muscle. As for my ego, don't worry about that, I have nothing to prove unlike you.
  3. As per usual you have no idea what you are talking about. It is always good to get a range of proteins (and that is what your mate is doing), but you would know that if you knew anything about training. Limiting the range of proteins limits your development. So go figure the rest! Meat alone won't make you Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a balanced diet with a good routine will. I will agree on the rest bit. I see plenty of loon's just doing bench day in day out.
  4. Meat alone will do nothing. You eat only meat and you will smell like Gandhi's feet! Key is a balanced diet. If you are a meaty, make sure you do not over indulge and eat plenty of veggies (steamed). If you are a veggie (no eggs), make sure you get a protein source that YOUR body find easy to assimilate. Experiment. I still think Soya based proteins suck, but if you are vegan you have little choice. Make sure you get the FULL chain of Amino's (very important). If you are using yeast based stuff watch out for side effects (thrush etc)
  5. Ovo-Lactose/Meat eaters do not have to supplement as heavily. This I can vouch for from personal experience and just search the interenet. Indeed. You are missing my point. What I am talking about is being realistic. The way you read some of the articles on vegetarian (no egg) diets for powerlifters and bodybuilders here, I would (if I hadn't read about dieting and done it myself), believed that the diets were as good as Ovo-lactose/meat type diets or even better. Clearly not the case. A vegan and no egg vege diet requires a lot of supplementing (which is difficult to mainta
  6. O the contrary. I believe in thorough research, but just that most vegetarians I meet (especially Sikhs and Hindu's) seem desperate to make meat eaters to be evil people. The reality is the reverse. Take the UK voracious meat eaters, but they have more organisations and money protecting animals then cruel vegetarian people in India. The two do not go hand in hand. Our Guru's knew this yet we still seem fixated on this. The debate is actually do Vegetarians (no eggs) need to supplement in order to get big? I say a definite yes......but it has its place eg when losing weight. PS
  7. Definitely do not agree with you here. But this is a subject in itself.
  8. China Study...you serious....written by Campbell a Nazi-Vegan? You are not serious are you? That book is tripe....no pun intended. http://www.activistcash.com/biography.cfm/bid/1501 The guy is off his tree......or a shrewd business man.
  9. I don't think you understand my point..Veeray A vegetarian (no eggs) cannot do it without supplements. Training side by side with a 40 year old or wrestling will prove nothing. Proof of the pudding you will know yourself. A person knows the truth. I have no doubt you train and have strength. You may even be those 1 in a million people like Carl Lewis, who could live off Pond Algae and still break records. The majority however, are not like that. I get annoyed and frustrated saying our kids being pushed around. They go to the gym, and they don't get results. They retreat into their
  10. If someone tried to set fire to your turban, or spat your mum, what would you do? If you attacked the people would you claaim to be a bad boy, or simply doing your duty to defend faith and family? When little boys like you with little brains start understanding these points, start talking to me, till then, shut up. Go do some leg press.
  11. He supplements heavily. Thats my point.
  12. I do not powerlift. Haven't for many years. 100 kilo's for deadlift, squat and bench is good for general fitness. Ok let me get this right. You are only on a vegetarian diet no eggs, and you compete at the highest level in power lifting competitions? You use no roids and you don't supplement. If this is what you are saying then I don't believe you. and Why would I want to come to London to train with you? I have nothing to prove, but you clearly do. Learn a bit of humility and curb the ego friend. Use people like this: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/health-and
  13. Legpress boy. You believe whatever you want. I have met enough internet warriors and real life gimps to last me a life time. I do not take people on the internet seriously.
  14. Err yes whatever. It's not poor. It's good for what I need to do. You are talking juvenile nonsense. It is enough weight to maintain fairly good strength without putting pressure on my joints. But hey you would know that if you knew ANYTHING about training. Back to topic So you do not supplement?
  15. You believe whatever you want. You cannot get big and massive be a vege (no eggs) without supplements. Anyone who says they can is a liar. I only bench squat and deadlift 100 kilo's (on each exercise). I'm 40 now so extrapolate back what I was lifting in my 20's. No grappling?.....how old are you?
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