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  1. Yes You will also be classed as anti-Bhindranwala, and anti-every other Sikh Shaheed.
  2. I used to be hardcore Khalistani back in the 80's. No longer. Perhaps people who still want it can explain.
  3. Vegetables are good in a balanced diet...mod note- edited due off topic post, please stick to ghup shup thread for personal tu tu mein mein.
  4. This thread reminds me of a Monkeys Tea Party I once saw at London Zoo! One lump or two chaps! :lol:
  5. You read "Sikh History from Persian Sources"? http://www.indiaclub.com/Shop/SearchResult...?ProdStock=8135 http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/books-on-sik....html#post84022
  6. I think we are talking at cross purposes. Points to consider: 1) What was the state of the non-Muslim at that (and I emphasise that) period of time? 2) Ok they knew of the Guru's, even spoke to the Guru's, but what did they think of the Guru's (at that time)? Read for yourselves and draw your own conclusions. All my reading has lead me to believe that the Mughals (at that time [not the time of Akhbar]), thought little of non-Muslims.
  7. If I were you I would read Jagjit Singh's sharp rebuttal of many of Feneches theories. Especially that of who brought the martial spirit into Sikhism.
  8. That is your opinion and I think you are completely wrong. Non-Muslims were seen as second class, and uncouth and barbaric, just because they knew of them does not mean they were not seen as backward and barbaric. The Chinese do business with Islamic countries yet repress the Muslim in their country with force.
  9. I think that was the point. Up until then, The Tenth Master had been presented to the Mughal Court as uncouth and barbaric. Zafarnama was a revelation. Here was an "uncouth barbarian" who had better command of the written Persian language than people in his court. The language itself is very subtle and precise. You can say what you want to very succinctly. Major differences between similar sounding words. Can you imagine going to say the deepest outback in Australia and meeting an Aboriginee who knows Gurmukhi inside out, perfectly. That would have been the exact same effect on the
  10. That is excellent! No was not the same video. As you can gather I am 40, and I was involved quite a bit in anti-racist stuff back in the 80's and 90's. The same "Singh's" who I used to say come on a demo against fascists (where there was trouble), and they would refuse because they were fearful, I see on various forums (like sikhsangat) "larging" it up and making out what great Sikh warriors they are. That is why I don't take people behind keyboards seriously. It is like they see the Keyboard as one of the 5K's. They really are a disgrace not only to Sikhism, but humanity.
  11. why eat vegetarian food that resembles flesh and tastes like flesh? Is there something Freudian about this?
  12. It's called a leg press, and anyone who has done any serious training knows that. I doubt you have even done 100lbs let alone 1000lb. The only person you are fooling is yourself with boastful claims. You can tell from the way people write whether they know something about training. You my friend know zilch. Sorry.
  13. It's called a joke. You really don't have a sense of humour. Hawai 5 o a juvenille trying to make out he is Rambo, and you acting like a right old misery guts.
  14. something along the lines of Keyboards Warriors, I didn't realise Keyboard was one of the 5 k's.
  15. Are you five years old? My comment was made in jest to another comment made. If you are so stupid you cannot see it as that then no one can help you. The only person making threats is you.....and what possible action are you going to take huh? Please enlighten me?
  16. My reply was deleted ? Why? Is this becoming like Sikhsangat?
  17. Haha yes Ok! I see you need to write you alleged achievements in big letter. You need help mate. no meat is need blah blah blah, I lift a gazillion pounds and I live on grass and elderberry's. Blah blah blah blah blah I won Mr UNiverse and Worlds strongest man
  18. See Point 4. The only point of me was to post what I ate. I think quality of food makes a difference and understanding what each type of food does at a certain time is vital. You seem to be lifting massive weights, so if you mix your diiet around a bit see what happens. You wil be pleasantly surprised. Also lessens the possibility of injury. No, defintely not a roid monkey. I think you can take a very good guess at if I am easily doing sets of 11 to 12 on 100 k's extrapolate back 20 years. Unfortunately I suffer from that ailment. Don't totally lose
  19. Point 1 Mate - am not having a dig at you. Just one person. Point 2 - I am claiming nothing. Just sharing 25 years exerince of having a Vegan, Vegetarian, Meatatarian, Piscatarian, Polotarian diets that I have had and this is the one that has worked the best for me. Point 3 - I can place studies here that rubbish those claims, but I won't. Point 4 - Do your own research but don't be blinkered. Best Wishes Come on man check your ego in at the door. I am not playing. If I shared with you guys how much I lifted at 21 I would make most guys look stupid, so let's not play th
  20. Nihungs had classic martial artist type bodies. Bodies of knotted steel as I call them. I will give my example, I do not carry a lot of mass now, but I have incredible strength, and that is down to my diet. Note that the 2nd master encouraged wrestling and even built a wrestling arena. I have tried that badam, full fat milk diet, it such made me fat and sluggish. Its good for working in the fields all day, but not good for training at all. Ghee, a definitely no no. Diet makes a huge difference to strength, but NOT to skill. Skill comes with practice.
  21. Yes, that can be the problem with supplements. Nothing wrong with plant ova, but there seems to be an acute paranoia about any animal based products. Ok being vegetarian is one thing because you believe that, but knocking any meat/egg based products and claiming vege ones are superior smacks of acute paranoia. I believe in a balanced diet, do what suits YOUR body. Not becoming so paranoid about one type of diet. I have shared what made me strong and big, yet it is constantly knocked by someone who thinks the vegetarian diet is superior. There is a hell of a lot information I could share
  22. err yes...eat loads of plant ovums and see if it relives your arthritis.
  23. hehe...when I read the Akj part and DDt parts my heart sank....then I read it all.....hahah nice one and sums up how I feel.
  24. Is not Zafarnama written in Persian? The court language of the time?
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