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  1. To be honest, I tend to shy away from supplements. At most I may take vit c, iron etc. I tend not to take supplements as few mates of mine have had problems. Just my view and my experience others may feel differently. One thing I do know is that Cod Liver oil is probably the nasty most horrible thing ever to have been devised by man or beast.
  2. I have been told that oily fish is good for arthritis.
  3. I don't think one on one would be fair...Singh 2 and Hawawai five o together would even up the odds against me. After a few joints have been seperated its amazing how people stop abusing others .
  4. I have read both sides and things seem to be loaded against this fellow. It does not seem fair and is very un-Sikh like. My opinion on Dasam Granth was formulated some 10 years ago when I studied it. Do a search on my writings on this, here is an example: COMPOSITION OF THE DASAM GRANTH It is unclear where all the compositions of the Dasam Granth come from. Some may have been commisioned by Guruji from his court poets, while other parts may have been penned by Guruji himself.. Note Dasam Granth is not one work like Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, but a compilation of of writings recovere
  5. Agreed. It's how you train. I have found small quantites of meat as part of a balanced diet is good. I don't have a problem with even skinny and over weight. I know skinny guys who are super strong and fit, and they look good. I also know fat looking guys who have a solid frame and pack muscle. My gripe is those ill looking, limp, yellow faced, anaemic guys you see wearing pughs. Some are fat, some are skinny. They have skinny legs and arms. You see the picture of Guru Gobind Singh standing tall, proud muscular with his crown. Then you see these guys and you think, do they deser
  6. If you think plant embryo's/Ovums, and secreted cow cells derived from blood are the way to go, then by all mean carry on. I know what has worked for me, and for me that has not.
  7. Please tell me how it helps a civilised debate calling them "Naastack Roadshow"? They could call you names too, how would you like that?
  8. I ahev no view point and shame on you for calling Gyani ji names.
  9. you said before Who is attacking who again?
  10. No mate. Do your own research on Soya based stuff. It's not funded by meat companies. It's crap. Protein is not protein, do some research into assimilation. I always say, do your own research and expirment on your body, but don't be so blinkered as to think that if you are vege you will have the same gains as an egg eating counterpart. Yes I'm ancient, but I do still despair as occasionally I don't train at home and venture into the gym to see yellow, skinny looking vege Singh's. Make's me feel sad.
  11. Yes very good, follow his routine and good luck.
  12. all I see is avoidance and nindya from you.
  13. Not when you have problems with your knees. I won't tell you how much I used to deadlift, bench and squat when I was 21 because it will make the vege guy feel bad. Better to spend time when you are older than when you are younger. Youngster spend far too much time being Internet warriors than real warriors nowadays. Like I said you don't want to know, and that really isn't that good if he wants to be a professional powerlifter. Also depends what weight he is. So know, it blows....but doesn't blow anything out of the water.....but hey vege's are welcome to try and prove me wro
  14. For me being a Sikh I like to think my body is in balance with my mind. My mind power is equal too and equivalent to my strength and power. I forgot to say I also used to do Judo and play Rugby. Personally when I see yellow anaemic looking skinny Singh's at the Gurudwara, I think its a great disrespect to the crown bestowed on their heads by the tenth master.
  15. Some very good points, but this is what seemed to work for me. Don't worry too much about fats from milk if you are skinny, and also not there is only soo much protein your body can assimilate. The amount of eggs you have can go up and down according to your body. Tofu hmmm been reading about Oestregen and that of late, so I would avoid any soya crap. Maybe Milk Whey protein if you are a vege. Protein is not the name of the came, it's the TYPE that is important and assimilation.
  16. cut out maybe the running etc, and weekend stuff.
  17. Thta's you opinion, and you don't have to listen to me. That's how I got strong and muscular after experiment with lots of "rubbish" diets, powders etc etc. My comments on vege's is 100% correct. I stand by it. I'm in my 40's and still easily bech 100 kilo's, squat 100 kilo's, and deadlift that amount. The diet has stood me well. ....and no offence for the guy on the site, he has done well for a vege but if he is struggling to get up to 4 plates (I am assuming Olypian bar and 25 kilo plates), then that is poor in terms of squatting records.
  18. Look mate, it's a fair point he has made, why not answer it instead of finger waving and making accusations.
  19. Does it really matter? You seem to be pursuing something with Love. Write with love my friend and you cannot be wrong!!
  20. Again, I think this comment: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sikh-sikhi-s...n-redux-10.html Is appropriate here.
  21. I thin Gyani Ji's reply here is appropriate to this discussion: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sikh-sikhi-s...n-redux-10.html
  22. Diet Consisted of Morning: - Bran, Shreaded Wheat Big Bowl. - Egg White and Tomatoe Omlette (when I was cutting up), whole egg when I wasn't. Mid Morning: 2 Banana's 1 Apple Lunch Usually Egg white omlette/boiled etc. Whole egg for bulk. Fish/Chicken Occaisonally 2 Oranges Mid Day Apple and Pear Evening Chicken/Fish Once a month Red Meat Plenty of Milk, whenver I felt like it (skimmed). Have whole Milk if bulking. If you are a pure Vege use supplements as you won't be able to bulk as well as Ovo-Lactose and Meaties.<<<don't argue about th
  23. You don't unless you supplement heavily. As a vege (no eggs), you will only go so far. Heavy weights, low reps does the trick.
  24. Where is the line by line response from the otherside?
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