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  1. It maybe funny, but I do question the motivation of the person who created them and their mental state. You defeat words with words, not iditic picshop manipulation.
  2. I know a lot of people who disagree and openly criticise the Taksal (and rightly so), yet I do not see venomous campaigns against them? Could you post the link where Nidar Singh started saying bad things about Taksal too?
  3. That is a major assumption you have made that modern Sikh scholars lack knowledge of Gurbani? I would argue that many of the so called religious scholars may know one liners in Gurbani, and be able to recite them parrot fashion, but not have any deep understanding. Many Sikhs of old have fallen into the trap of not understanding the context of which a shabad was written and rely heavily on Sakhi's, of which many are simply not true. Now when I say this, I do not mean all old Sikh scholars, as there are many of note who are very good (eg Dr Gopal Singh), and there are some modern ones who
  4. Come on man, it is no secret you don't like Bhagat Singh and chased him all around SPN and other forums. Bhaghat Singh, Keep up the good work. If anyone has studied Sikh Art, and I can recommend a good few books, you will note how much Sikh art has changed. I mean, I saw an illustration of Guru Gobind Singh wearing a Patiala style pugh? If anyone knows about pughs they will know that probably never even existed around that time, but in the artisits mind, that is how he saw Guruji........and that is fine. Everyone image of the Guru's is different.
  5. I still cannot understand where the metaphor has come from? Please show me.
  6. I am not in a position to teach anyone in Bani. I do recommend people understand it themselves rather than just reading it. Many people here will not understand Braj, therefore I recommend translation by Dharam Singh and Jodh Singh.
  7. The irony of it is, I have been brought up in an environment to make me quite pro-caste. I would be lying to say I do not have those elements in me, but my attitude is always Sikhi first. You will recall I had battles not only against caste but: -sexism - the lobby that saw God only as masculine -homophobia - the lobby that directs hatred towards homosexuals (so much so they accused me of being a homosexual) -metaphor/liberality brigade - those that could not distinguish between some of the more non-literal elements of bani - also Vaaran Bhai Gurdas. -the Sakhi brigade - that believe
  8. why wouldn't the Koran be studied? Sikh's have reverence for all religions. Bani makes references to the Bible, Koran, and Vedas. From what I understand the Guru's were familiar with these texts. Studying something does not necessarily mean you believe in it. In anycase, going back on topic, I think it is more than just being eloquent, and says more about some of the nindya portrayed by these so called Panthic groups, being inexcusable. Anyway, just my opinion...just like you are entitled to yours.....and Nidar Singh is entitled to his.
  9. Now that I would like to see. All those skinny AKJ/Taksaler's I meet daily flying left right and centre. Amazing how brave these fellow's are in defamation of fellow Sikh's, but put a Musalman or Kala infront of them and they run to their mummies.
  10. So true! I started reading all this stuff about Niddar Singh a few years ago, and thought the guy must be crazy. Then I realised it was directed mostly by some factions of the Sikh fraternity. I investigated further. Saw what he had to say. Noticed he and Parmjit Singh (a very intelligent fellow and a good Sikh scholar), researched with his the book "In the Master Presence". I saw video's on youtube of him talking, he spoke eloquently and intelligently. Then I saw the childish articles on Pathic weekly and the "Niddar the Giddar" video's on youtube. I read his book, and spoke to ot
  11. Haha you remember that? What I found most offensive was how some people tried to insinuate that the sikh Guru's were taught to fight by others.
  12. I'm afraid I do not believe in Sants/Bhai's/Jatha's/Dera's etc. There really is no need for such figures or need to follow them when our 11th Guru is there. If people take the time to read it, understand it and apply it to daily life there is no need for any of that.
  13. Why are you going off topic? Read what the admin have said here. I may not be a Niddar Singh supporter, but I bet he would kick you left right and centre in a straight fight, which makes him more of a purveyor of the Sant Siphahi tradition then some internet warriors I see.
  14. Stop going off topic. This subject is about Hazoor Sahib and ritualism..
  15. Problem is many people come onto forums without reading Bani, or reading Dasam Granth. If they do read it, they do not understand it, they do not understand metaphors and they do not understand the allegorical and contextual nature in which they were written. What I suggest is ask specific questions to detractors on specific pages and ask them what they mean. It's very interesting to watch these people squirm.
  16. Where is you proof that Chitro Pakhyan is a lie? Have you read Chitro Pakhya? If so what happens in the section when the women are dancing?
  17. Were you severely beaten up by Niddar Singh, hence why you spread venom about him on various forums and through Nindya Weekly?
  18. Stop changing your name and going on different forums. You honestly think I am intimidated by little boys like you behind keyboards. admin cut
  19. I'm not a massive fan of Kala Afghana, but then again I wouldn't go out of my way make up idiotic pictures like this and spend 99% of my sad little life trying to defame a man I don't agree with. These pictures are just sad and the person who made them even sadder and pathetic.
  20. I highly recommend ready Chitropakhayan. Even if you don't believe in the Dasam Granth, this gives you an idea of how one can be trapped in Kaam.
  21. Please inform me if you are deleting posts, as I am beginning to think I am going insane.
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