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  1. NO, cutting an artery will cause the animal to bleed(suffer) to death not kill it instantly. Even though, I'm not much in favour of Jhatka either, but only Jhatka can be considered to be the most painless and instant method of slaughter since the nerves are cut that moment. Muslims of course will want us to blindly believe all sorts of non sense like Islam being the religion of peace, Prophet Mohammad being mercy to mankind, Islam means freedom for women, dhimmis and Halal being a painless method of slaughter which is all false.

    Note also, Jhatka, or One blow is a Martial technique, just like the Samurai, so Jhatka has more of a significance in this respect.

    Cutting an artery is hardly Martial.

  2. http://thelangarhall.com/general/halaltaboo/

    It looks to me that in another 50 year 100s of new version of sikhism are going to come .The followers of Sikhism unlike Muslims are interested in creating new versions of Sikhism rather than following the older version, by introducing their own thinking.If something that is not inline with their thinking then that should not part of Sikhism and for this we have Gurbani,saakhiyaan ,sikh history and anything related to sikhism to justify their views.

    Hmmm this guy does not seem to understand that Halal is part and parcel of Conversion to Islam.

    Next he'll argue praying 5 times a day to Mecca isn't a bad thing.

  3. Sikh sangat follows Gurmat principles unlike some other heretic sites that claim to propound sikhism but

    in essence are promoting atheism.

    We should understand basics of sikhism before passing a judgement on good sites as sikh sangat. A few months back same people were cursing this site as well though this is one of the best managed sikh sites.

    Like I said, a juvenile site for juveniles. You will be happy there :P

  4. the only reason to go on that site is to know whats happening in the world news related to Sikhs. Where the latest protest against India is taking place, or the next rain-sabai. And who the latest 'enemy of the panth' is.

    Its got its uses but, you wont find anything deeper than that.

    Come on man, they get their news from that crappy site Chuglee Weekly (Panthic Weekly).

    There are much better sites to get news from eg


  5. Fateh!

    It looks like this website is headed in the direction of the RSS version of Sikhi. It is a pity, because I actually enjoyed some of the content on the website.

    Here Akal is described as any Sikh would underestand the word as a reference to Waheguru:


    On another part of the website Akal is regarded as a form of Shiva:


    If you point your mouse on the underlined word Braham Kavach it says "the Akali Nihangs .. see themselves as descendants of the ancient Indian Kshatriyas". The Kshatriyas were a Hindu Brahmin creation to defend their hegemony over other Indians.

    Looking at earlier versions of the website on archive.org, there seems to be a definite change from orthodox Nihang views and RSS-inspired myths about "Hindu Sikhs".

    What do you think of this? Can any of his students here conform that the whole site is authored by Niddar Singh? If so, what's with the contradictory messages? Some of the later updates seem like they were authored by our very own navjot.

    By the way, this is nowt to do with Niddar Singh's shastar vidiya as martial art, this is about the views represented on his website.


    I think we should not be so "Hinduphobic". I have been in the past and have missed out on valuable information on Sikh history.

    You have to see this in context. The newly formed Sikh groups still used Hindu metaphors to describe concepts (the Guru did to in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji / Dasam Granth).

    For someone who does not understand Gravity they will describe it in terms of what they understand eg if they only know Newtons Laws they will use that , and not Relativity.

  6. Fateh!

    What a shame!

    I have asked the mods on Sikh Sangat to reverse their decision and to ensure that Sikhs who are not aware of both forums are not deprived of the knowledge of Sikhi that is accumulated here.


    Why are you bothered about that juvenille site?

    We may not always agree here but at least you don't censor my opinions here.

    They are dictatorial and go against the democratic principles of Sikhi.

  7. Just to change tack.

    IS there much of a difference in the effiacy of cheaper supermarket branded supplements (I'm thinking VIT C and ZINC) and the stuff you get from GNC/Hollan and BArretts?

    They are fine, but what I started doing for the last 10 years or so is make shakes etc from fruit and other things that are high in zinc and vit c. These are great to help ure body to recover from workouts. Great for the immune system.

  8. Any of you guys from the UK recommend good quality - though not expensive whey protein (isolate ion-exchanghed)brand. Also looking for creatine monohydrate.

    I used to take EAS brand but with the recession, my russian share portfolio collapsed and the rains in panjab causing my rice crops to rot and by taya selling off my inheritaed land I now cannot afford to by the top quality stuff. Yet dont want to waste money buying the crappy, placebo-type stuff. Any recommendations??

    Be careful with Creatine. It can have side effects. If you eat meat then you should definitely take it easy, your kidneys will take a battering.

    Drink a lot of water.

    Also note with creatine, your gains will go after you stop it, so its better to try and get a good balanced diet.

    A good idea is to go on a Natural Body building site. Find out who the champion is, and have a look at their diets. It worked for me. Here is an example:


    When you go to gyms, ask the strong guys and big guys for tips.

  9. As I undersdtand it branch-chain amino acids are what make protien in the body.

    So isn't it possible to just take BCAA supplements in addition to any food-source protien to get the perfect requirement for human nutrition?

    Or have I got the wrong end of the barbell?!

    No you have not.

    The key is how your body assimilates these. What you will have to do is experiment and play around with foods and supplements until you get a balance, otherwise you may waste a lot of money on supplements.

    PS Isn't Jattboot a bit offensive mate> Does your online name not mean like Stupid Jat?

  10. I'm be wasting my time but I hope this helps.

    This was uneccasary, but your ego get's the best of you. The reason why it was not need because this was said before it by me:

    Again its a myth. No supplements or meat is need to lift serious weight. Dedication, right diet, and proper weight training.

    Made it real simple, but I think your ego is bigger than what you make yourself out to be. :LOL::LOL:

    Utter Rubbish.

    Balanced diet is the key. If meat is part of that balance it up.

    If you are Vege (no eggs), you need to supplement far more than Ovo-Lactose or Meat Ovo Lactose.

    Vegan. I've tried it. Hate it. Made me lose muscle.

    As for my ego, don't worry about that, I have nothing to prove unlike you.

  11. IT's a myth that meat is needed to lift alot, not talking about 180lbs on bench or curling 50lbs. Talking about serious weight training here. One of my buddy's is a meat eater and he still drinks a glass of daal to get the right amount of protein. Some of these meat eaters are stick thin. Now according to Randip meat is needed to lift serious weight, but what happened to these meat eaten stick thin guys. Was someone stealing these meat when it was lunch time.

    Again its a myth. No supplements or meat is need to lift serious weight. Dedication, right diet, and proper weight training. One thing i see in the Punjabi community is, it's all about how much you can bench. The guys sit there everyday benching and just watching their muschle breaking apart from over working one muscle and neglecting the rest. Sooner or later they develop some muscle pains and permanent muscle damage.

    As per usual you have no idea what you are talking about. :LOL:

    It is always good to get a range of proteins (and that is what your mate is doing), but you would know that if you knew anything about training. Limiting the range of proteins limits your development. So go figure the rest! :rolleyes:

    Meat alone won't make you Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a balanced diet with a good routine will. :blink:

    I will agree on the rest bit. I see plenty of loon's just doing bench day in day out. ;)

  12. Fateh!

    I am being realistic by not believing that a 12oz steak is the difference between being Dorian Yates and Dorian Gray, and by acknowledging that some will never eat meat. I'm not saying that either diet is better, I'm saying that you can succeed with whatever dietary restrictions you place on yourself if you know what you are doing.

    If you see disappointed kids who are not going to eat meat, what do you do? Turn away in disgust after they refuse when you tell them to chow down on a couple of chicken breasts, or do you offer them alternative advice? If it's the latter, what advice do you give them?

    I see plenty of puny goray kids in my gym who live on a diet of meat yet still remain disapointed with their gains. They are weak because they are lazy, lacking in discipline, and have no idea how to plan a training regimen. Most of them change their routines everytime a new edition of Flex comes out. They don't seem to get that the ridiculously high rep isolation exercises described by the pros in the magazine are impossible for someone who is not juicing, and they are disappointed (and suffering from continuous nasty DOMs) when they don't look like Ronnie Coleman after the 6 week routine.

    Help your brothers here out, Singh. What advice would you give to non-carnivorous Sikhs? :-)


    Meat alone will do nothing. You eat only meat and you will smell like Gandhi's feet! :P

    Key is a balanced diet. If you are a meaty, make sure you do not over indulge and eat plenty of veggies (steamed).

    If you are a veggie (no eggs), make sure you get a protein source that YOUR body find easy to assimilate. Experiment. I still think Soya based proteins suck, but if you are vegan you have little choice. Make sure you get the FULL chain of Amino's (very important).

    If you are using yeast based stuff watch out for side effects (thrush etc)

  13. And so do his peers on the MMA circuit. My point was you can be a vegetarian and still compete with meateaters. It's not like eating a steak now and again is going to have a profound effect on one's strength and endurance.

    Ovo-Lactose/Meat eaters do not have to supplement as heavily.

    This I can vouch for from personal experience and just search the interenet.

    Singh, it sounds like we all want the same thing, so why place your emphasis on flesh when you know that some Sikhs will never eat meat, especially if they have already taken amrit from a jatha that forbids it? Why not just share your training expertise and your knowledge of nutrition and supplementation with everyone here, whether they eat meat or not?



    You are missing my point. What I am talking about is being realistic.

    The way you read some of the articles on vegetarian (no egg) diets for powerlifters and bodybuilders here, I would (if I hadn't read about dieting and done it myself), believed that the diets were as good as Ovo-lactose/meat type diets or even better. Clearly not the case. A vegan and no egg vege diet requires a lot of supplementing (which is difficult to maintain).

    So be realistic...that is all I am saying. I see too many disappointed kids.

  14. read Xylitol's comment in the middle of page 3. some people actually believe it. its a shame that so many sikhs fall for that kind of research to back up their own personal (not religous!) beliefs, without realising people like him deliberately take skewed, extreme and one-sided views as they know it will get them more interest from the media and public.

    O the contrary. I believe in thorough research, but just that most vegetarians I meet (especially Sikhs and Hindu's) seem desperate to make meat eaters to be evil people.

    The reality is the reverse.

    Take the UK voracious meat eaters, but they have more organisations and money protecting animals then cruel vegetarian people in India.

    The two do not go hand in hand. Our Guru's knew this yet we still seem fixated on this.

    The debate is actually do Vegetarians (no eggs) need to supplement in order to get big? I say a definite yes......but it has its place eg when losing weight.

    PS As for the research...well there is plenty of other research. Do what suits YOU, BUT be realistic. Vegetarianism is not the panacea to the worlds ill's. If that was the case India would be paradise and we would be all living there. :P

  15. Another point worth noting is that meat consumption interferes with spiritual growth. When we start meditating much of this energy is used in clearing obstructions in our energy channels. The energy channels transport life energy/prana/chi analagous to how blood vessels transport blood. Obstructions in these vital channels leads to disease. Heavy foods like meat cause blockages, they interfere with the cleansing process. This means that far more of the energy from meditation would be needed to cleanse these pathways, that energy could then not be used in enlightening the meditator. It's better to support bhagti with a proper diet conducive to the physical purification which is a part of the spiritual purification of bhagti. That being said, merely avoiding meat isn't good enough. One needs to also avoid/reduce toxins in foods, junk foods, and overly artificial foods as these also will slow down the process. Hence, we can see why a sattvic diet is emphasized.

    Additionally, eating of meat creates karma, which just adds to the store of karm that must be paid off, further delaying progress in another way.

    Definitely do not agree with you here.

    But this is a subject in itself.

  16. did someone mention the china study? oh dear oh dear. please dont believe bigotted quasi-science.

    having said that, train how you like guys. if it works for you, well done. but it doesnt mean it works for all. so get over such a stupid thing to argue about.

    China Study...you serious....written by Campbell a Nazi-Vegan? You are not serious are you?

    That book is tripe....no pun intended.


    The guy is off his tree......or a shrewd business man. :LOL:

  17. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Veera, you claimed that vegetarians cannot be strong. I claimed otherwise. The ultimate proof would be training side by side, and I wasn't saying that we meet to compete with each other, but to learn from each other. You also mentioned that you trained in Judo for years, so again, I could learn something and it's always good to train with Singhs. I thought you were already in London, hence the offer.

    The skinny, yellow guys are probably not eating well and training wrong most likely by following routines out of Flex etc.

    Anyway, enough talking.

    I don't think you understand my point..Veeray

    A vegetarian (no eggs) cannot do it without supplements.

    Training side by side with a 40 year old or wrestling will prove nothing.

    Proof of the pudding you will know yourself. A person knows the truth. I have no doubt you train and have strength. You may even be those 1 in a million people like Carl Lewis, who could live off Pond Algae and still break records. The majority however, are not like that.

    I get annoyed and frustrated saying our kids being pushed around. They go to the gym, and they don't get results. They retreat into their little groups and think Shastars are the answer. They are still weak.

    Training and strength builds up confidence. I want to see all Sikh youth confident, but at the same time realistic.

    If you want to compete with the big boys the gym I used to go to was Wag Bennetts on Romford Road:


    I don't know if it's still there but it helped me no end. You will learn everything from the Masters there.

    Best Wishes

    PS I would love to train but between work, kids and trying to get some exercise in, and keeping my wife and family happy I get no time. I only train at home nowadays. I still got around 200 kilo's in weights at home.

  18. Matheen is showing complete humility here. IT's only you who keeps on going. Meat make you big, I lift lot, I am arnold schwarzenegger Jeaaaaaaa. :LOL:

    All of a sudden the man who said he beat up skinheads has nothing to prove. THis doesn't make sense. The guy who keeps on going meat diet only can make you big has nothing to prove.

    This is one funny guy. He's in shock that vegetarians can lift more than him. :LOL: What's next he'll find out that the world is round and fall into complete shock. :LOL:

    Take care man :LOL:

    If someone tried to set fire to your turban, or spat your mum, what would you do? If you attacked the people would you claaim to be a bad boy, or simply doing your duty to defend faith and family?

    When little boys like you with little brains start understanding these points, start talking to me, till then, shut up.

    Go do some leg press.

  19. Fateh!

    Mac Danzig (MMA guy) is a vegan and does pretty well in his sport.

    There's a powerlifting guy on the veganfitness.net board that totals over 1500lbs at 242lbs.

    Tiffany Croker is a vegetarian powerlifter who was twice under 18 British powerlifting champion & Britains strongest teenager.

    Good info here: http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/links.htm

    Nice little FAQ on vegetarian bodybuilding: http://www.geocities.com/alanmcclure3/index.html



    He supplements heavily. Thats my point.

  20. I posted the topic last year so I do not know if any discussion took place on the same topic on ss.com. It could be another source. I am not a scholar who has the authority to claim a source to be authentic. Prof. Gurmukh Singh verified the authenticity of Sri Gur Katha and published it around 1992. Two more sources I know about are Soochak Parsang Guru Ka written by Bhai Behlo Ji and second Baba Binod Singh's Granth. Both of these were verified by Dr. Trilochan Singh and were referenced in his book Jeevan Chrittar Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I do not know if these can be found in English. Much of our history has not been translated and most of it is still waiting to be studied and published. Sources that have been published are only tip of the iceberg. On a side note, I did not find any "brahmanvaad" in Sri Gur Katha when I read it. This is the only source that gives details of physical description of Guru Sahib, shaheedi of Guru Sahib, how Amrit was prepared, how it was given and which Banis were recited. The granth calls Gurmat the true path and Guru Sahib the greatest of all (not vishnu avtar). Its language greatly resembles Dasam Granth's language and kabits are written in birrass and words from Dasam Granth are used i.e. ਜੈ ਤੇਗੰ ਜੈ ਤੇਗੰ ਗਾਇਓ. When I have time I will post some valueable information from it.

    You have hit a massive problem we have in Sikhi.

    We are only beginning to tackle it, and that is verifiability. Chadigarh Uni has some interesting projects in this area.

    Until we have solid verifiability of all our gems, people like Mcleod will manipulate it eg Jats taught our Guru's how to fight. <<<<strongest argument against this is Varan Bhai Gurdas.

    In Gur Katha wasn't their some dispute about Guruji worshipping Durga. I am sure I read that some where.

    Please do post. I am off to India soon and I will check with my contacts again for copies.

  21. Sikhs have gone through a difficult period for their very survival. They had to abandon their homes and hearth

    . Their literature was looted after sack of Anandpur sahib. But so called scholars of today do not

    realize this when they put funny questions. Their questioning does not take into consideration the horrible cirumstances

    of that period.

    There is a lot of chaff out there including very pro-Brahmanical stuff that RSSVHP refer to as being written by the Guru's. That is the problem we have.

    The question I ask is not unreasonable for a reasonable person that is. I can see how the unreasonable may see it as a threat however. :P

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