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  1. wellcertain aspects in sikhi and hinduism are similar, but sikhi is not an "offshoot"
  2. :roll: do u c ne wars dat we need 2 fite in goin on???? sikhs shouldnt even carry shastaars and massive 6 foot kirpans unless dey goin in2 battle..its all bout show dese days
  3. lol..gud point..neva rele ceen a nihang woman
  4. omg i wos sooo rong..i went 2 sikh student camp..with loadsa moneys...and gursikhs and manmukhs of all different levels..it wos amaazin...no one brought any1 down, everyone encouraged each other to become better sikhs...the money in sum respects were more greatful for all this knowledge..and this chance to lern more bout sikhi...and so they wanted 2 learn more..the gursikhs also gained these qualities from them... it wos amazin man,....so imspirational :cry: ..i neva wanted 2 leave
  5. oh yer..and da last layer goes diagonal ova ma ears
  6. hm.i wear a round keski...i wrap it round ma hed a coupla tyms...it mite b best 4 her 2 use differetn layers, coz it shard at first 2 manage one massive keski..ma keski is quite small.how old is she?
  7. :roll: look jassa, i've bin readin a few of ur posts..which also tend 2 b off the point and irrelevant..and neways u hav got one attitude on u m8...sort it out :x ...benti naal
  8. er..but a chunni was worn by sikh women at the tym..neways i dnt wear a chuni..i wear a keski
  9. no it aint..coz a bandana is lyk a hat.the guru's gave us the dastaar...hoo r we 2 question it
  10. yeh it prevents dandruff..and is very cleansing..thats y they clean nishaan sahib with it
  11. yeh but how many of us actually are gursikhs??? how many of us buy one too many chocolate bars, jus 2 satisfy our tatebuds?...
  12. look er..a keski is not a vital aspect of sikhi...if u dont wear one, it doesnt mean that u wont get closer to god than a girl hoo dus wear one.. o yer..an jjj i dnt agree wen u sey wearin a keski is jus 2 show off...now u jus chatin m8
  13. if u rele loved us..u would walk that 30km :wink:
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