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  1. Having said that, how would a typical sikh community respond to someone within the community who chooses to remain celibate? I am not sure, but i think if the person does more than their fair share of work and participates within the sangat then it should be ok. or would anyone here be opposed to such a person being a part of the sangat? I think i dont have teh time to be married, i have so much left to learn and experience, i just dont think i have the time. But there are other issues that i havent really explored yet. Mostly of a family nature and parental expectations. I also dont
  2. thanks neo ... that put things in perspective. Cheers bruv :wink: On another note, i've found myself disillusioned with women. they confuse me by the things they say and do. They cant even play sport properly. Sometimes they laugh and point. Other times they talk about silly things like feelings and clothes. Most of them dont even use linux. Some of them dont even care about animals. Most of them hate cats. Even my own sister fights with me. They make guys do stupid stuff like falling in love. Is it really necessary to get married? Cant you live single and be a good sikh. Its something i
  3. Hmm, who else is gonna marry my hairy ass? Gotta be a sikh kurri
  4. you might also try finding an atheist and ask them that question. you'll probably be suprised by their answer. I remember reading feynmans thoughts on God and I dont really think he thought God existed. But he was fully into nature is beautiful and amazing and i learned a lot from him. Anyway i ask the same questions as you and i like wondering why. I foudn i could assume a creator so powerful and elegant created this universe of ours and feel satisified.
  5. i think one is a saint and the other, just a peer. In sikhi we are taught to seek out the company of the holy, and i am assuming that would include both of these. It gets a bit silly when ppl are given labels though, like ppl who do kirtan are called Bhai so and so. When the usage of the word doesnt normally extend to other members of the community. I probably wouldnt use either label on anyone or myself. Interesting question though ..
  6. babbarsher not everyone believes that there is a God. I think the sikh world view accomodates for them, as well as other kinds of faiths. I mean we can all learn from sikhi. Discipline, fidelity, Social Justice, Appreciation of the universe and its beauty. etc. Or even if you just want to go about your life by contemplating God all the time. I am unsure if we actually have a choice in the matter or if we are destined to do so. If it is a matter of destiny, then who are we to question his Will. If people are destined to live not believing there is a God. Then thats his business, isnt it
  7. To ask whether God exists is absurdity in itself. For those who know, God is the existence, or existence is the God... only things exist, not God. An object exists because a object can go into non-existence... To say that an object exists is meaningful because its non-existence is possible.. This is stupid. Its a tautological argument that hinges on the existence of God not being subject to logic. But this argument is done using logic. You either assume God exists, could exist, or does not exist. I didnt bother reading the rest of the post because it seems bullshit. Regards, d33p.
  8. and if you really feel that "the former to be a disguise for attachment" then what are you doing on a bloody internet forum talking to people like me. I reckon you should pack your bags and head for the mountains where you can live the rest of you life in solace and free of attachment.. I also find it funny that you guys say stuff like "an amritdhari person cannot fall in love". Why? Because they are succumbing to lust. OK. So if you cant expect khalsa to resist lust then who can you? Can someone tell me. IF you dont trust khalsa to avoid sinking into lust then whats the bloody point.
  9. Mate, you love the souls of those ppl not their physical bodies. And i am told souls are around for an eternity so who am i to disagree.
  10. stupid article .. there is no proof this has anything to do with the linux community and any such claims are based on lies and poor journalism.. bah. what i'd give for a world with fairer news reporting.
  11. NEO, You say "there is such thing as true love towards opposite sex ..rarely you will find couples like bhagat kabir and mata laoi rest these days". But this cant be right. Are you saying all those gursikh kaurs who served gursikh men and the gursikh men who served gursikh kaurs didnt experience true love? You then go onto give an example of the said true love. Doesnt this counter your own statement? Furthermore, i've read people on this site saying there are few true sikhs these days, does that mean there cant be a true sikh? That doesnt stop us from trying, does it? I thought about yo
  12. I read through parts of the thread and i noticed some people making their own rules about how a sikh should be or not. To these, i'd like to ask this simple question. What makes you so certain that you have got it right in terms of knowledge and intution to condense Guruji into a sentence or two. "A sikh cant do this" "A sikh should do this". What makes you so sure that you can do a better job that Guruji in setting out what a sikh should be, that you so authoratively and succinctly replace Gurbani with your work. I've always felt that sikhi isnt a religion of rules and regulations. If it w
  13. now ofcourse its fine to talk about how an ideal sikh would face a situation and i suspect that wouldnt be very insightful (at least to me). But for the rest of us .. its not really practical, IMHO
  14. why do you people talk about the idealised sikh and then at the same time bring up problems faced by sikhs who arent ideal? Then the argument is used to reach a conclusion that doesnt any longer apply to the non ideal person. it seems to me those problems are not problems at all for the ideal sikh since they are easily surmountable by definition. for example to the ideal sikh pragmatism is for the weak and the game of love is worth playing to the end. etc. so cant we approach the problems common sikhs face without resorting to these strawman tactics? Just rational responses that dont
  15. hah good stuff nadz yeah, its easy to jump the gun .. good lesson to be learned if you realise it. At least i hope that i did
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