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  1. Happy happy happy happy happy happy birth day........wooooooo woooooooooooo wooooooooooooo happy happy happy happy birthday
  2. Dont know about braham gyanis, only a braham gyani knows another braham, but maharaj ji tells us their qualities. Maharaj ji always talks about the sign of a Saint. eih neesaanee saadhh kee jis bhaettath thareeai || This is the distinguishing sign of the Holy Saint, that by meeting with him, one is saved. jamaka(n)kar naerr n aavee fir bahurr n mareeai || The Messenger of Death does not come near him; he never has to die again. bhav saagar sa(n)saar bikh so paar outhareeai || He crosses over the terrifying, poisonous world-ocean. har gun gu(n)fahu
  3. If you look at the painting carefully, that lady has not got her back to Maharaj ji, but her back to the kirtanis. I suppose she is leaving after "matha teking". Imagine how good those would be at kirtan. hmmmm, would love to listen to them.
  4. This is like the basic version. http://www.sikhnet.com/s/BanisOnPDA Just click on the link above and follow the instructions. Pretty strait forward and enjoy SGGSJ on the palm of your hand. I dont think sikhitothemax have a downloadable version yet, if they had, would have been phat. Enjoy!
  5. just like many other topics, as much as it is discussed, gonna come to no real conclusion cause both parties gonna stick to their guns. I can truthfully say, I dont know the truth, so cant argue on this. Only one who has experienced the truth can talk about the truth, cause its meaningless talking about the sweatness of honey without tasting it. hope have not offended anyone. All I say is, its all good! Read gurbani and understand it. Enjoy! Be happy! fateh ji
  6. Sevak sio, your a DON!! respectamundo! Neo, buss no words left for you! self explanatory( Gangster). GK, and K, gangsters ( your dons as well). Leave you will two small quotes " If you do not see GOD in all, then How can you see GOD at all?" " Do not hate the Sinner, hate the Sin" Enjoy!
  7. U can download the same audio from >>> http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/Suleman.zip or listen to it online. There are 10 different files for those of you who dont have broadband. http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman1 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman2 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman3 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman4 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman5 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman6 http://socs.qmsu.org/sikh/audio/Suleman/suleman7 http://socs.qmsu.org/sik
  8. Fateh ji Can anyone please translate this for me in spanish! and not from that online spanish translator. Please need it urgently. " If you cannot see God in All, You cannot see God at All." Thanks. Fateh ji.
  9. Are you sure that they give them the same status as of the Sikh Guru's or you just assumed that? Have you ever asked them?
  10. Fateh ji I am trying to find this cd "Aapne Sewak ki Aape Rakhey" by Bhai Satwinder singh ji and Bhai Harvinder singh ji. I been trying to get hold of it but cant find it, is there anywhere on the net I can download it from? or does anyone have it? please help me here please. :wink: thanks. Fateh ji
  11. I still dont believe you, I am sorry. Will just have to see for myself I guess. When did you see them in person as in date?
  12. Just wanted to know the significance of aadh chand?? Anyone at all? Everyone welcome to answer.
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