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  1. this torrrent thing is annoying...cuz it's been dowloading for like two days...and now it's paused.... is it cuz noone is sharing?...how does this work???
  2. a guptkaur for your reasoning to be sound..that would mean you have read up on every gursikh out there... but i highly doubt that cuz i know of several gursikhs who at times danced out of bairag...i even know some of them personally....
  3. good to see sikhawareness standing up for itself...i was getting tired of having to tell off mkhalsa...haha
  4. actually... i must say i'm being pleasantly surprised by the tapoban admins recently... i've seen them allowing healthy debates with people of different views putting forth those views.... and they're instituting a new policy of not doing nindiya of others....although some of their members haven't seem to get that policy ( ahem..a certain giyani) i don't agree with most of what the tapoban guys believe but i gotta say the website is definately improving...
  5. sardar moderator singh, sorry...i guess i jumped the gun there...my bad...i guess when i saw that part about people not using raag are the ones that judge others...i jumped to conclusions and thought we were all being clumped together.... oh one thing...this isn't japman veer..his id is jsb....i did not mean to turn this into a thread about dodra...i am aware of all the misconceptions out there and am frankly tired of explaining to people who have already made up their minds...(not directed to you...just in general)... People like Lakhwinder singh from sikhnet who KNOW that what they are s
  6. veerji, i've been attending dodra sangata for about 21 years...i've never heard of any Baba Baldev singh ji...i'm pretty sure he is not affiliated with dodra sangat. maybe he has attended a samagam, i'm not sure...cuz anyone can attend samgams...but he is not affiliated in any Official way...
  7. dear sardar moderator singh ji, can you not put all people who don't do kirtan in raag in the same category... the people you've described and are referring to are most likely the tapoban guys.... i just wanna let you know that they aren't the only people that don't do kirtan in raag...i personally don't do kirtan in raag...and i along with others i know do not fit the bill you've laid out for people who don't do kirtan in raag.... i don't care what colour hazooria someone wears, if they wear it at all... i don't care what rehit maryada someone else follows... i don't care about ha
  8. from what i heard....that red and green was the colours of the uniforms of the mughul solldiers so that's why sikhs refrained from wearing those colours....it make sense...you don't wanna accidently kill the wrong person in war... other than that...i don't see any harm in wearing red or green...that said...i have preference of wearing blue for some reason... i was talking to some guy and he's wa all about the colours saying that "no gursikh could wear red or green...it jus wouldn't be possible"...now that made me laugh cuz i've seen plenty of gursikhs who've worn green turbans and stuff.
  9. so does anyone have the answer?????
  10. Can someone confirm what hukams Guru ji gave banda singh bahadur? Cuz i had always thought that guru ji told him NOT to get married, but he did anyway.. some people i've spoken to say that guru ji never said anything to him about marriage... can someone confirm and provide a reference? thanks....
  11. Sangat ji, found this translation of a katha. God is one- the Ominipresent, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, and is best represented by His NAME, theSHABAD or WORD or LOGOS or NAAM. The entire universe is existing and sustained under His supreme law. This supreme law is called HUKAM. The more we meditate upon his NAME and contemplate on His virtues, the more we enjoy His Presence and Bliss. The meditation on SHABAD alone will lead us to the inference that there is, in this creation, onl ONE GURU and Dispeller of the Darkness of Ignorance, and Harbinger of the Light of Knowledge.
  12. ...i think it's an awesome idea to do a audio/vidio feed to sikhawarness..so we across the atlantic can see it... i'm curious to know all about that big bad "tat khalsas" who are soo intolerant... us "tolerant" people have to make sure we telll the world how bad these guys are.... i have nothing against sanatan sikhi....i like the whole diversity thing and respect it...i just don't think that the putting others down is the most positive way to do prachaar or spread awareness of who you guys are... just my thoughts... but hey...if panthic unity means nothing to you guys..then go ahead an
  13. "oh let me get up and go take pesh because i kissed my wife" that's the best!...hahah..... i know those guys at Tapoban totally take all the fun out of marriage....
  14. i love the flu shot one... i spent five minutes laughing over that one...i think i got a pretty good ab workout from it....
  15. i don't know if this helps clear up confusion... first off...i'm not sure if guru ji really made all these different orders...but at the same time i wouldnt' be surprised if he did...either way...the reality is that they DO exist.. and instead of complaining about them and saying how we should all be one....i think we should welcome all of them and take what we can from them... the analogy i like to think about is...a doctor giving medicine to patients...he's not going to give the same medicine to all patients that have a headache...he has to look at the individual cases and act according
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