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  1. I am deeply disturbed with this debate, there is nothing wrong in debating but I just wonder that we have given priority to something which can not be resolved in the current climate. already 25 years to delhi massacre no one punished but who cares....we can not afford to fight amongst each other when we are being attacked from outside.. In my opinion prof darshan singh started this topic just like another topic and it has gone out of hands now. why I say that because I have been influenced by his katha before. I once attended diwan at shepherds bush gurdwara where the topic was kachi bani , i couldnt have agreed more. I was reading anand sahib but ignoring that some pracharaks will come and do kirtan by mixing gurbani and poems. Like i said i was influenced by what he said, than he also had a discussion with baba ranjit singh on radio. Recently i again heard him at southfields gurdwara and asked him that why does he keep raising new topics but Now the kachi bani or other issues he has raised before still remain unresolved and a new issue where people have strong belief has been raised.since he was a akal takth jathedar people will give his views importance. Lot of people would have identified with lot of things he said before. But it is hard to understand the motives this time.The rochester katha was certainly pick and mix. Everyone has taken a position pro or anti but is it black and white. Again we need to go back to basics of sikhi and have faith in our Guru , we are afraid of something what i dont know .but this fear is forcing us to take such hardline. In india sikhs are still classified as hindus, indian court doesnt consider sikhs as a minority in punjab, 84 riots no justice *25yrs etc.. and our energy is going where, please get priority right. than again when it comes to respecting guru granth sahib we could do one thing initially 1) Establish a group under akal takht which approves all the gurbani cd's so as to make sure it doesnt use bollywood tunes and is in nirdharit rags. 2) make sure that kirtan and paath dont occur same time .( this is always a distraction) In addition we should Create world class technical , research and medical institutes outside punjab in india so that sikhs can avoid the caste based indian reservation system. Revisit sikh history and engage in welfare programs not just for sikhs but all those who need help. as far as dasam granth is concerned it will be going too far if we allow it to be called dasam sri guru granth sahib , i mean this is certainly an extreme case and such a mention should be avoided. We are giving an oppurtunity to people to exploit us. remember it is hard to follow gurbani although everyone claims to do that, but the guru talks to us if we go with a pure heart. all this strugle that sikhs are going thru today , I hope Guruji have something in mind that is why he is preparing us. you never know when guru asks for heads again that time it will be hard for us to hide behind personalities. Let us improve our lives , read gurbani do nitnem if we dont want to go beyond that than atlest this much. Guru sahib has a plan for each life and he is guiding us towards him , we need to understand that.I have firm belief sikhi is not so weak that it can be divided. Believe in guru not xyz ,it doesnt matter how intelligent that person is , believe in guru , only than you will never be misled. waheguru
  2. you can check the translation at the following link. http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=2897 Guru sahib is comparing the wedding to an ideal wedding of the soul-bride with the eternal lord. In way Guru ji is inspiring the couple to work together towards that ultimate goal of every soul-bride. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fateh
  3. I used to fear catching some infection thats why never donated blood, it was only when i saw a blood camp at bangla sahib gurdwara i was able to overcome my fear , that was a long time back. its the first time thats most difficult . My mother actually was very angry with me, and i was forced to take bed rest. So when I saw that figure that are only 3% ethnic donars give blood I wasnt surprised because the general mindset in our families is its not good to give blood. I that percentage could even be lower than 3% in sikhs because i sometimes find black or chinese at these camps but not many sikhs. Between two donations there has to be a 16 week gap , and if you travel india(certain other parts of the world) than you can not give blood for 6 months after coming back. And good news they still give cookies, crips and tea..
  4. "Our recent research findings on blood donation highlight that there’s still a shortage of ethnic donors in Britain. Only three per cent of the 1.6 million people who gave blood last year came from Asian, African and African Caribbean communities. Yet about seven per cent of the UK population are from ethnic minorities." source : http://www.blood.co.uk/pdfdocs/donor_winter2005.pdf Most people are afraid , not of giving blood but of needles. Also some are afraid of catching infection. But it is safe, quick and easy. And those who are afraid of needles, dont look at it and you would be fine.( it doesnt hurt at all and nowdays they offer to give you some localised sedative as well , there is no need for it but the option is available). We need to give blood and register ourselves on bone marrow registry , because when attempting to match a rare blood group it is often useful to look within the same, or a similar ethnic group. To find out more about donating blood visit: http://www.blood.co.uk/index.html Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh
  5. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I have searched internet and downloaded some softwares as well but its very hard to find translation of shabads that are either from dasam granth or bhai gurdas ji's vaars. In particular I want to find translation of the shabad ' Rehat Pyari mo ko sikh ...' Can someone help please.. thanks
  6. Thats what happens everyday people convert for worldly possession, and some religions support this kind of conversion. Ideally the muslim leaders should have not allowed such a conversion , but we know that would never happen. For them its another number.
  7. well I didnt misunderstand but my views might based on certain posts both on this and other message boards which have a flavour of idol worship. I am talking about people who came out in defense of the birthday celebration video. To me that had a flavour of idol worship. To be honest when i used to learn kirtan , i used to touch feets of my teacher but in that video it looked different. personaly that video definately had a negative vibe. Certainly not good enough to pass an judgement on someone but i thnk there is no harm in being a bit careful.
  8. well guru ji puts one test to define what is kachi bani is and what isnt. let us read again the 24th puadi from anand sahib which is quoted very often Now in the third last line guru ji tells us that some people although chant the name 'har har ' but they do it mechanically , in the next line guru ji further explains that those people whose consciousness is lured by maya do so and do that mechanically . ( here maya will cover all the five vices ) Now no one except guruji knows whats in heart of the people who call themselves sant. It is not for us decide if they are sant or not. Again lot of times people quote from sukhmani sahib that we should not slander the sants , its true we shouldnt in fact we dont know who is and who isnt. Someone is not using the title sant might be a true sant. in my view a true sense Sant is nothing but another name for certain qualities.( this could present in a person, a group of persons , certain words etc ) again guru sahib tells us that a person who does not practices what he preaches to others , shall come and go in reincarnation through birth and death. Now if someone wants to do that than there is a price to pay for it we should mind our own business and get on with life. 'har nal pyaar' - when someone tells me that so and so person inspired thousands of people to take amrit it amuses me. Now is having more amritdhari singhs helping the cause of sikhi. ( do numbers really mean anything). Now if an amritdhari singh/singhni practices cast system will you call him/her a true amritdhari sikh. Now baptism in sikhism is not initiation into sikhi , you dont give a kirpan to someone who is still learning what sikhi is. Aurangzeb also had a sword but what use did he put it to ? There are so many muslims ( if we go by counting people) now they as everyone else consider themselves as superior to other but has the world become a better place to live in with so many muslims around. If there are so many amritdhari gursikhs in UK or this world than shouldnt the world be a better place to live in, either there arent that many gursikhs or what guru sahib said about gursikhs isnt true. Since when did guru sahib's amrit start coming so cheap. What do i want to say : 1) Let us not decide who is and who isnt a sant 2) Let us not play the number game as played by muslim and christian missionaries. 3) Let us not idol worship the people who call themselves Sant take the inspiration from the qualities that they might have. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  9. Well wearing a tabeez and praying at grave(mazaar is a grave) is not something a amritdhari sikh would do. As she is being shown as a practicing sikh , what example is being set for other people who dont even consider themselves to be proper sikhs. On one hand she is reading mool mantar on the other hand she seeks blessings from dead man sleeping in grave. Someone who is amritdhari would do Nitmem and guru gobind singh clearly tells to ask all the boons from only akaal purakh and not from some dead man sleeping in a grave. Now i dont understand how you compare this with amritdhari women wearing western dresses. Please dont misunderstand me , I am not saying there is anything wrong in wearing a tabeez because muslims wear it , it is wrong because we as sikhs are not supposed to worship idols , it is wrong because we are not supposed to pray to dead people. hope you understand waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  10. did anyone watch the latest movie rang de basanti , it shows an amritdhari lady wearing a tabeez which she is wearing because she prayed at a mazaar. anyone who does nitnem would know that an amritdhari sikh would never do such a thing. the director and producer of the movie should be sued for this.
  11. Our thoughts need fuel from our mind , try watching your thoughts as they come and go without actually being part of it, the thoughts will die. and than between these thoughts you will get moments without any thoughts and than slowly will get close to your inner self , the jot of waheguru. i might have oversimplified but do try. But the best thing is when you are listening to kirtan start singing alongside , try to listen and sing , close your eyes , keep your hands folded. it could be a bad day at work or some other problem thats on your mind but try it works for me may be it works for you. you will regain your concentration, after sometime your mind stops wandering. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  12. its a time of choice and people choose whats right for them but sometimes we should consider that in doing so we are not breaking law. same applies to people who cut hair but still use the title singh, they drink or smoke and still use the title singh. even more some people have designer beards so called two-in-ones, i find that more disrespectful . guru ji never forced anyone to take amrit or to use the title singh than why are we mocking our guru. if you want to take inspiration from guru granth sahib than guru sahib will not say no to you ( hair or no hair) . but let us not please not insult our gurus by following our manmat. kesh or hair is a gift from guru ji if someone chooses not to accept than fine but please dont use title singh . this applies to the sikhs who drink/smoke . we have to change our casual approach towards amrit , it doesnt come cheap ( a very high price has been paid by singhs and singhnis) nor does gifts attached to it so please dont disrespect them. thanks waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  13. rajs well its your choice you want to be a christian than let it be. but did you get answers to all your questions or now you have a different set of questions. you can call yourself a christian, a sikh , a hindu or a muslim but does that actually change anything. guru sahib preached truth and did so with humility. be honest and tell me that listening to rehraas sahib in sangat have you not felt guru sahib's presence. or have ever been to gurdwara at amrit vela and did nitnem. i dont need a proof for what can feel.but time has proved that what guru sahib chooses for me is better for me.so why do i need a promise for heaven the time spent listening kirtan is more precious than promise of heaven or fear of hell. you have become a christian than thats what guru sahib wanted. so what exactly do you want to achieve here, i fail to understand. by the way even though you have turned back towards guru , guru sahib will still welcome you although you are a christian . because this one door was open to kashmiri pandits when all other doors closed and still is. ( guru sahib never said i am here only for hindus , muslims or jews . i hope you have read bible as much you read guru granth sahib because i saw your posting pointing kabir sahib's shabad about baba adam.i hope you got my hint) if you go to heaven and get a chance to meet god than pass on thanks from sikhs for giving us gurbani. http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=1134 sathigur a(n)dharahu niravair hai sabh dhaekhai breham eik soe || The True Guru has no hatred within Him; He beholds the One God everywhere. waheguru
  14. Thats very disturbing and its not sikhi. This happens when people see guru nanaks teaching and creation of khalsa as two seperate things. Guru gobind singh didnt create khalsa to rule a piece of land , for creation of khalistan as we are made to understand these days. Khalsa is to protect the guru nanak's sikhi not create khalistan. The very principles that sikhi is based are being ignored for political reasons. There is no difference between gurbani and nirankar , what right does sgpc have to stop someone from performing kirtan. I remember bhai chaman lal ji was stopped for doing kirtan at bangla sahib gurdwara by sgpc as he was a bad influence(because he didnt kept kes) on young generation.( later he kept kes and they lifted the ban) . Now 50% of all sikhs drink alchohol and it is served in 99% of all parties now if that doesnt have effect on youth than what else does. The sgpc runs many schools in india in a very miserable way. few years back gurdwara elections in delhi were marked by gunshots in west delhi.Its all about money and politics nothing sacred about SGPC. wjkk wjkf
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