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  1. please how can i access this katha? this is like my dream. Gianni maskin is the best. p.s h ow are you kam?? I still have not managed to get on gurseva hub. Pleeeeeeeeeease someone spell it out for me. I dont know why i've got such a mental block. thank you.
  2. if we dont browse the net while downloading the zipped files will they be saved nice and clean?
  3. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh GanM, I have heard young sikh boys talk about how they don't want to go to university as their sole ambition in life was to go to india and train with guns so they could kill to gain khalistan, kill those that hurt the families of shaheeds, kill those that allowed operation bluestar, and kill, kill, kill. I think your target for these posts is somewhat off the mark. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
  4. It may come as a surpirse to some, but there are girls out there who only want an amritdhari man, with full flowing beard and nice dastaar to be their husband. And find the idea of a guy with cut hair highly unappealing. God made all sorts of people, and theres always someone for everyone.
  5. when will the pictures go up?
  6. Isnt someone forgetting something? Our Gurus passed down a Vidiya, and we're fighting amongst ourselves saying nah, this martial art is better or that martial art is better, doesn't anyone believe in the Guru anymore? Belief in a teacher is to think yourself less than them, and to be humble before them, accepting their knowledge and trying to better yourself. I say take knowledge from wherever you can get it. Most people here are acting on heresay, and believing in what others tell them.
  7. palm_w1 i am very interested in doing something to help women in such situations. What would be your (or anyones) suggestion on how such a support agency (or womens support network) would run? Just getting ideas here, or doing "think showers"
  8. I came across this topic and just wanted to raise awareness of the thread. http://www.akj.org/forum/read.php?f=3&...590&t=19590
  9. plus i think it is common sense that only a fool would display all his/her tactics, strategies, penthri,techniques to the enemy or anyone who wanders in their path. Wouldn't you agree Singh47? What we see is not always what we want it to be, and often we can't see anything, even when its in front of our faces.
  10. i wouldnt call it paranormal, its more science of atoms and particles. i absolutely loved that article, it seems to prove the amrit theory and how paat can help u heal inside. wonderful. thankyou karmjeet
  11. its the same guy! he is a nihang..and i think hes ex hazoori raagi. woh..thanks!
  12. im really very frusrated with this hub business...cant we just download it from a site? im just dying for a copy of Bhai Balbir singhs keertan of Asa Di Var...anyone know where it is?
  13. this sounds like a tukh from the shabad Sangeet Bhujang paryat shand:- jagardang nagardang bagardang baaji that Bhai Balbir Singh singhs beautifully. I know Guru Gobind Singh sung the shabad but dont know the ang.
  14. kamalroop what is the point of looking at this? It only makes me feel sadness and pain, and unless you are truly in tune with Gods song then it will make u feel the same wouldnt it?
  15. kam1825, the translation you were talking about, was it in English?
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