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  1. Had a look at one of these kirpans (one of the lads brought his one into the Akhara). The blade is made of very good steel and can be sharpened well. But thats about it...handle looks tacky, cheap, and its not ideal grip for combat. Then again, the handle could be replaced by a custom one made from wood or resin with better grips and a less "I have a new kirpan" look - as long as the blade tang is long enough to be secured. However, despite this, it beats the "Taksali" and SGPC versions, and those distributed by the Sikh Missionary. Then again, a blunt spoon could cause more damage than
  2. sin...depends on the quality of your guilty conscience.
  3. amrit, we have another team that will be documenting events at Holla... As yet I'm not sure if we (Nihang Niddar Singh and myself) will make it for Holla - we have lots of places and people to visit all over Punjab/Maharastra. The idea is to cover as much ground as possible in the time we have.... If we turn up, I'll let you know....
  4. I heard from 'some Nihangs in India close to Baba Santa Singh' that Nihang Niddar Singh isnt a real Nihang because he watches Sky One.
  5. ..well, just as well they didnt take the piss and ask Sikhs if they knew how to use the kirpan :roll:
  6. Its inevitable that people will adopt terms to define themselves - or their system of belief in order to distinguish it from another. Whether this is good or bad - matter of perception. :wink:
  7. Looks like terms such as "NanakPanthi" and "NanakShahi" are coming back into circulation...
  8. ..fanaticism...I assume that forgot Tapoban.org resides upon hallowed canadian soil?
  9. ...that was the point I was making (duh!). Feminists :roll: Perhaps the descendants of Mian Mir not receiving a siropa is a blessing - who would want to receive a siropa from a murderer anyhow?
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