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  1. It helps to improve your pentra (foot work), posture, breathing technique, improve stamina, endurance and overall flexability. also, help improve your immune system. but listen, instead of chatting about it, come to the classes, i promise you will feel nimbler after a few lessons. and overall have a more postive body language when in a fight (unable to telegraph moves to the oppenant). but you dont have to do this to fight, it can also help you become more healthier and fitter.
  2. I Totally agree with what you have said. But the problem is that a lot of young youth currently are having a identity crisis, and are easily led up the garden path. majority will grow mature and move on with their lives, others will end up depressed and insecure. The responsibilty of these consequences will lay with these so called "Community Officers", "Developement Officers", "Accountants" and "Lawyers" "Chardi kala Amritdhari Hardcore Rehitvaan Singhs" who are also "educated professionals". Education with exposure to vast amount of knowledge and life experience is the only way i can s
  3. "The martial art of hazara is the gatka its also a folk dance and is played in traditional hazara clothings.But now its only played in villages.Its faught with a special sword like stiff stick and a shield called (Gatka and Phumarh in Hindko)." I think this source leads one to believe that the Gatka is actually referred to as a stick and may have some relationship to Bhangra. but one has to remember, the present sikh martial art Shastarvidiya doesn't just belong to sikhs. Traces of it have been found in russia i.e Hunuman Penthra. The southern Philipenes i.e Shesh Naga penthra. The s
  4. Just recieved this via e-mail. Its an open letter to SPAS - Sikh Parents Association. ( this organisation isn't registered and doesn't actually exist, but it sure has a nice acronym ) -- -------- Forwarded message ---------- From: sikhstudent < info@sikhstudent.org> Date: Aug 8, 2006 3:15 PM Subject: Open letter to SPAS To: sikhparent_as@yahoo.co.uk 24th Saawan (Samvat 538 Nanakshahi) Tuesday, 08 August 2006 Open letter to Sikh Parents Awareness Society (SPAS) Cc: UK Sikh organisations and the media. Dear sikhparent_as@yahoo.co.uk and Manmohan Singh We a
  5. Hi just_someone sorry if you were offened, not my intention. NO evidence has been put forward, just generalisations. Its very easy for one to be destructive and take the community back several steps. But it takes some virtue and a lot of hard work for people to actually be constructive and help the community grow. Even when people are spitting on them.
  6. I would like to apologise, the person I named as the key culprit for organising the smear campaign is incorrect, (Mr "EDITED" is actually a police officer who supports the Sikh Student Camp ), his actual full name is "EDITED" ( wanna be Barrister) husband of EDITED, who live in Gravesend.. My purpose in just naming and shaming him is to make the public aware of who is responsible and who should be contacted if this campaign goes outside the law to resolve there problems. their photos with a synopsis of there background (including reports obtained from the London Met outlining there
  7. hahaha.... chardi kala..... Tsingh...where were you when i became a singh.
  8. To be honest, sikh student camp shouldn't really worry about all this negative pr being created by the likes of EDITED ( wannabee lawyer, desperatly looking to make a name for himself ) from gravesend and other peeps like manvir singh the Chardi kala singh who records everything you say. what you must remember is peeps, if one cant have his own castle at home, he will try to go elsewhere and make his fantasy castle. even by force. I have said it before and i will say it again...these peeps need to get a social life. they need to learn the skill of intergrating with society, and u
  9. I am surprised that Kulvinder didn't attack the Old men in the hall like he did at leamington Spa to teach them a lesson. probably because he was alone, and thought twice. whats the point of looking the part , if you aint gonna play the part....genuwinely But its good to know he has grown up over the months and used his Niti to expose these folks instead of resorting to violence ( Rab rakha, he was on his own and no woman or child got harmed). _____________________________________________________ In my opinion the best option now would be to name and shame each commitee member w
  10. lol, why u got ur kachera in a twist... if u wanna be serious and all, its cool...but dont be spreading the hate...that aint sikhi. if u want a ultra strict rehat go for it.... but dont go cussing other peeps...other wise ur just as bad as them. if u did listen to gurbani, and did chill with guruji...u would be more chardi kala..and not so insecure with ur self that u gotta cuss other peeps to have some self value. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. maybe u should go to Boss Camp...it sounds like for your thing... Sikh Student Camps all about diversity and giving peeps the options to
  11. At the moment, it is being scheduled for next March/April. It will have several hundred pictures, including some never before seen in the community, the book should be around 500 pages. This is the most costly Sikh scholarly book ever to be printed to date. So Ustadjis making sure there are no mistakes or misquotes included. But I am sure the haters will try to find them If you do purchase a copy, read it with an open mind, you will definitely gain a greater historical understanding.
  12. [shadow=red:244183ed54]Homer Simpson[/shadow:244183ed54]
  13. on a positive. the boliyan on the vidoe smashed it. i mean if u actually listen to the words being sung. "3 things kill/destroy man, lies, stealing other peeps stuff, and sleeping around. " now...whats wrong with that!!!!!!!! thats not gonna put kids of sikhi!!! if u still got a problem.....loosen up and get a social life.
  14. The Khanda that we see today in our community isn't a 20 century design, and it hasnt really got a DIRECT link to the Ardhanarishvara. the present symbol in a "nut shell" dates from around Pre 18 century, during the misl period. i havent really got my notes at hand, but the symbol is from the most strongest misl...which was Maharaja Runjeet singhs. we as sikhs have more than 1 symbol to represent us. I have for example seen Sikh Flags with a Peacocks, Lotus, Axe & snake, Bow & Arrow and various other designs. I am sure if u pester some of the senior lads in Nidar Singhs
  15. Another thing to note is the changes of the pathway to darbar sahib. from what Akali jageer singh said ( Jogas oldman) the water level was lower of sarover( dont know why) and there was no segregation of peeps coming to and fro from darbar sahib. Anyways peeps,before we go of topic, Baba Santa Singh is cool and he did what he did what he believed was best for the Faith. Amrit singh u may go to the mohalla every year, but i have been a few times too. from what i have seen as a foriegner, many peeps respect baba ji. Unlike Balbir singh who many believe is just another dodgy polit
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