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  1. The moghuls???? Every religion has a history of abusing or abuse meted out to them. How long are you going to hold a grudge and judge people by the actions of their ancestors??
  2. AFTER pearl harbour????? Was that the other second world war then??? Ahh...don't you just love the American version of the war.... Did you win in vietnam too?
  3. The girl wasn't forced to do anything. She seems rather silly and immature and unfortunately paid a high price for her mistakes. But they were self-inflicted. Girls may be confused if, as was claimed, Muslim guys wear karah and change their names but you'd think the penny would drop when they were asking them to convert!?! I don't know any sikh girls that have "fallen" for it and the views about muslims and sikh girls being expressed are a little stereotypical.
  4. Well, that was before they took amrit, like, so it doesn't really matter. I shouldn't think God spends an awful lot of time worrying about it too much...
  5. Come on...facial hair on women? Its all very well saying you wouldn't care if a girl had facial hair but its all lies and you know it!!!!! And as for over-plucked eyebrows? Do you not like the permanently surprised expression...surely its a talking point if nothing else...every family has one :wink:
  6. Depends who and how many of them there are really. I tend to never back down unless i'm severly outnumbered..possibly not the best course of action but i'm as stubborn as hell and won't have anyone talking to me like that. :twisted:
  7. Thankyou for your kind words. I stand by everything I said.
  8. I guess you wouldn't be seeing as you appear to live in a fantasy world of your own making. What happened? Did a kaala scare you once or something?? Get over it man! Who are you to define morals and whats right or wrong?? I can honestly tell you, yes, that you are scare-mongering. There is no "genuine problem" with blacks causing trouble. Where are your facts? Your statistics? Hearsay and a personal gripe mean nothing. It seems to me that you're more concerned that punjabi girls want to go out with black guy...and not you possibly? Whatever. You do not have the moral right to cha
  9. What rubbish. I live in Birmingham and have done for over 30 years and its not the "kaalay" you have to worry about. Its aapne that act stupid and egg each other on in gangs or do nothing when a girls being targetted for abuse. I've been on the recieiving end of abuse in recent years since 9/11 and its gangs of white or asian youths that are the ones to worry about. I would cross the road to avoid them rather than a gang of "Kaalay". You're viewpoint (and thats all it is, as you've offered no facts that can be verified) is racist, extrememly bigoted and more worryingly scare-mongering
  10. If you say so. Maya actually doesn't mean money at all..would appear you got it wrong. :twisted:
  11. I was always told that Maya had a good meaning!!! :cry:
  12. Hi, Could anyone tell me what Maya means?
  13. Caste and discriminating is still VERY important to many many Sikhs...I am of suposedly "high" caste....i see and hear it on a daily basis from the people around me. They revel in being of high caste. Its merely a form of control...like the class system here.
  14. If you read back that was exactly what was offered as an argument by one poster. There are many routes up that mountain. Not one and there are routes that don't use the "crutch" of religion. Religion is a "route" to God. Not the only way to believe in him. Says who? Who are you or any religion to judge the way to commune with God??? All you have is your intepretation...not divine knowledge. Other religions make the same claims...you can't all be right...you can't all be wrong. Therefore there must be more than one route to God. I don't believe in a "Biblical" God that i
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