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  1. farla means ur a general i thought or something like that......anyone can wear a chakar tho
  2. lol, please, ask anyone who used to/listens to alot of rap.......lets assume pacs best album was makaveli or all eyez on me......and compare that to illmatic.......ANYONE knows that illmatic is a classic.......it doesnt have the beats of pac albums (cuz its older) but its blatantly obvious that illmatic does a dump on any other album u cant really compare pac to nas becuz nas has changed alot since illmatic (all the cr*p albums inbetween and gods son) whilst pac has been relatively consistent and has released alot more music...... if u like, 2pac is like a cadburys dairy milk.......tasty
  3. .......illmatic is definately better than any of pacs albums. "i never sleep cuz sleep is the cousin of death"
  4. contrary to brainwashed mullah ideas, theres less science in the quran than a preschool nursery book. any possible science in teh quran is refuted at www.faithfreedom.org in the articles section. please have a good read and u will be convinced that there is absolutely not science in the quran whatsoever. on the other hand, the guru granth sahib ............
  5. lol i wudnt say any rap music was "deep".....the only rapper who was semi-deep was nas (back in illmatic days).......pac was good because he sounded stressed out on his tracks/like he really meant it......he cud rap the abc n u wud still "feel" it lol
  6. pheena said she (he?) commented on things from real life experience, implying that i was against wearing gold because id never worn it or never had any experience in it. n she (he) sed: n i sed, u can talk, u havent even grown ur kesh, and u were talking about how its not totally a hugely bad thing to cut it a while bak im sure.......yeah its personal......but its related. bottom line.............gold is not inkeeping with the concept of simple, honest living in sikhi. and just becuz u dont think it affects u doesnt mean it doesnt............theres something called the subconscious
  7. hav u met me? do u know hu i am? well, ive just admitted im a cr*p sikh, and now your saying im being egotistical.....have you got a degree in pseudo psychology?.... lol im not asking u 2 do a personality study on me.....im asking you to reevaluate ur progress on the spiritual path and admit when ur wrong. im a sehajdhari, and im slowly slowly tryna follow the rehat. u didnt read what i said - if only sarbloh bibekis told us to do sarbloh bibek, virtuall no1 would preach it, hence even less people would follow it! bla bla........what im saying is.......jewellry is unn
  8. nope, i openly admit that i am not a sikh, i have not taken amrit, and i am a total moorakh, i admit i wear expensive clothes and i shouldnt, whilst you refuse to admit its wrong to wear gold jewellry! if only sarbloh bibekis "preached" the importance of sarbloh bibek no1 else new would start following it! regardless of whether i am a amritdhari or not, my points still valid, and as is everyone elses.
  9. baba manochal is right. jewelry is stoopid. just like the rehatnama says. nothing else to say really, unless u want to mention other pieces of jewelry your parents have brought u.
  10. i used to listen to 2pac but then when i gave up rap music for kirtan i stopped. 2pac himself a short fool. i guess compared to other rappers hes ok tho.
  11. there are 2 types of cloth i know of rubia (used for folded phug, thicker) and malmal (used for dumalla/round phug, thinner) malmal will make your phug look better and is easier to handle (u can bunch it up better) but it is very delicate. u will get holes in it eventually i think. wash it in cold water, by hand, etc.... i use malmal. make sure you get it alot longer though, since becuz its thinner u need more to make the same shape. u can get malmal cloth from indian cloth stores i think.......theres a place in southall that does it........
  12. alams pornographic book is called kam kandlan. its been mentioned a fair few times. why dont u read it or lean about it.... just because you are unable to refute the points of a relatively ignorant 16 year old non amritdhari who doesnt even wear his panj kakkars all the time, your saying im crying and whining? LOL! at my local gurdwara most people are akj, and they agree with me with your super-taksali knowledge why cant u explain the numbering and grammar in ragmalla? ooooooooo big words from the neo one......gwan ban me if u want, ill go and sit in the corner and cry :cry: :roll:
  13. n30 singh ur "faith" in guru granth sahib is pretty contradictory if you believe it just because its in old birs, unless you read teh rattan malla etc aswell........it suprises people how everyone is choosing to ignore that if u really think bhai randhir singh is in hell, thats up 2 u really. but maybe it will "chop off" ur ego a bit to know that they are at a higher spiritual state then u ever will be the akal takht wont kick me out the panth, dont worry, a)becuz im not khalsa yet, and so technically im not even in the panth and akal takht have already said that its ok to read it or
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