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  1. Apologies, full review of the book by a genuine scholar below for those who want to read it Review of the Mool Mantar commentary In 2015 Kamalpreet Singh Pardeshi of Leicester published an English commentary of the Mool Mantar. There have already been written dozens of such commentaries. However, what makes this book so fascinating and unique is that it is based on the research and writings of Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale who was one of the greatest Sikh scholars of the 20th century. The book follows the traditional interpretations (sampradaya arth) of Sikhi which have be
  2. Some terrible self promotion below; there are some facebook updates promoting the book and the podcasts by other users. This is for those who have requested to read some views before thinking about having a look through the books to purchase? Dont worry after this I wont put anything up self promoting and heightening my pride and ego! Review 01 A great resource for all the students who want to further their understanding of Gurbani. This is probably the first 'Sampardai' translation of the Mool Mantar in English which goes into superb detail. This book translated by Bhai Kamal
  3. CdnSikhGirl hit it on the head for why I am becoming a Vegan, plus I like making my own nut milks.!!
  4. Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae are something special, I got their darshan once and it was something different to all other sadhus
  5. Gurfateh the easiest way to know if If we judge them in accordance to Gurbani. In the Sahaskriti Salok you get the salok, 'Mantran Ram Ram Naman' and then the other thing you have to look for is the virtues that are mentioned in the Sri Suraj Parkash. The parsang where Jahangir asks Sain Mian Mir what the characteristics of a Saint are and from the discourses betwwen Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji and his Sikhs along with Sri Guru hargobind Ji and his Sikhs on the qualities of a sain. Through these a person can jusdge if the person they meet in the street is a sant or not. Hope that helps?
  6. There is commentary and footnotes as well, however my view is biased, I am not sure if Neo or Paapimaan have their copies yet as they will be able to give you their view. Amardeep Singh has a copy he may be able to shed some light for you if you require.
  7. This is for those who may be interested, I have had the opportunity to write a number of books recently, initially they were for sponsors of the podcasts but due to demand I have decided to put some of them out on a self publication site. Slowly they will increase in number with the Sarkutavali Teeka and Gagar Cho sagar also being added in June and August respetively. At the moment there are three books available to purchase which are the 'Sahaskriti and Gatha Teeka by Mahant Ganesha Singh', 'Matra by Baba Sri Chand Ji' and 'The Jap Ji Sahib Katha 01 - Mul Mantra Katha by Sant Gurbachan Sin
  8. The problem is the topic being discussed are basic and there is no applied knowledge of deeper understanding being spoken about
  9. Damn man I forgot how good the threads on this site used to be about ten years ago
  10. If you have a Gurbilas Patshahi 6 by Giani Gyan Singh it is actually not the Gurbilas in its true form but a summary
  11. lol i think putting the quote about burgers hit a nerve, I am actually a veggie frieak and on the verge of going vegan. Also the clip is one that I put up on youtube.
  12. Kam1825


    My god that has to be the most boring and unenthusiastic chant that I have ever heard!
  13. Terrible who would put up such a video, how am i supposed to eat my beef burgers listening to this!!!!
  14. Supernatural is the name of a series, it is in season 11 but they use so much religious lore that it is educational as well as worth watching. The Marvel Series worth watching are Daredevil and Jessica Jones. If you have netflix the other series to watch is House of Cards
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