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  1. well is there a way to get some videos and documentaries on sikhi? im sure some are made in india but can someone just upload them here on SA just like a torrent?
  2. "According to Prof. Jeaneane Fowler of the University of Wales College, Newport: “The relationship between the many manifest deities and the unmanifest Brahman is rather like that between the sun and its rays" Quoting the above lines, it sort of sums it up. There is ONE God, deities are real, they are beyond humans yet not equal to the creator. respect deities (even Idols, pictures etc) because they are a reminder to us of their existence and form. that is why many deities are into many forms -- to appeal to the masses and to appeal to the human senses. As long as the intentio
  3. This is a great summary if we would like to saty on topic MI has summed it up nicely. I am a proud punjabi, and to further note that punjab existed before India and is it true that guru nanak had written the word "hindustan" in one of his works in SGGS?
  4. These writers write great things and give some perspective for those who are not born into sikhism what our religion really is. In some sense, most of us know a segment less than a reader of their book would eventually learn to appreciate and remember. Personally, i have not really completed a book on any topic in Sikhism. Most probably i would know much of the historical details but not scholar-type comparisons on sikhism anyhow, its always good to know a few non-sikhs are appreciative and non-biased.
  5. Sat Sri Akaal everyone, I guess i should make an intro, a formal one although some might have seen my post at news/current affairs Name is ishverjeet singh from ipoh, malaysia. Born in KL. Right now im a sophomore-turning-junior at purdue university, usa. I have special interest for paranormal stuff and i'm esp. on a quest for truth. As some know, The Truth Is Out There.
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