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  1. Could the fourth type of samadhi on the list you posted not be sehaj samadhi? ie it's not achieved through effort or need, but something that happens spontaneously, naturally. So sehaj samadhi is a form of nirvikalp samadhi... which would fit in with the shabad as it states that when sehaj is within the gurmukh, they are affected by neither sleep nor hunger, neither pleasure nor pain. I couldn't really understand a lot of the second article you posted... there's a lot of vocab in there I didn't understand... so I could be way off on my above assertion.
  2. From tSingh's Bhavrasamrit, I believe the state you're referring to is called shunya, the void. The "goal" in terms of Gurmat is turiya, which is beyond the waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep states. It is where only Brahman exists. tSingh could explain more.
  3. I think I found the shabad you quoted, though you've got two lines mixed together: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=5478 guramukh a(n)thar sehaj hai man charriaa dhasavai aakaas || Within the Gurmukh is intuitive peace and poise; his mind ascends to the Tenth Plane of the Akaashic Ethers. thithhai oo(n)agh n bhukh hai har a(n)mrith naam sukh vaas || No one is sleepy or hungry there; they dwell in the peace of the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. naanak dhukh sukh viaapath nehee jithhai aatham raam pragaas ||16|| O Nanak, pain and pleasure do not afflict anyone, where the
  4. What is the difference between nirvakalp samadhi and sehaj samadhi?
  5. I have the budha dal version, & afaik it's the same version as the one edited by Vir Singh. I've heard there's been a new publication with the unedited version of Pracheen Panth Parkash, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the author. I'll try to find out & post back.
  6. can anyone explain the apparent discrepancy between the above & the shabads below... bedh kuteb kehuh math jhoothe jhoothaa jo n bichaarai [1350] Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false. kuraan kuteb dhil maahi kumaahee [1084] Practice within your heart the teachings of the Koran and the Bible
  7. there's a 37th page on this topic with no posts... :?
  8. u prefer it when she's naughty? :wink:
  9. welcome to sa! wow... u're a descendent of bhai lalo ji!! cool!
  10. toronto eh? commiserations... u live within hearing distance of sukhi & smelling distance of beast! welcome kf.
  11. hmph = nasalised sigh i rest my case.
  12. i found a picture of sukhi on the net: on the big nose appreciation page
  13. what a sad & depressing state we can lower ourselves to.
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