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  1. sidak ji, was there a reason for the personal attack on my name?
  2. A book for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji The Guru Granth Sahib - cannon and meaning (by Pashaura Singh)
  3. the recipies for ink are normally included in puraatan granths...wots ure point?
  4. "Ek pita ekas ke hum barak" "The one Akaal is our father, we are the children of Akaal" Remember this at all times.... heres a sakhi that a Nirmala Sadhu from Hushiarpur used to tell... he said one day a young man asked a Saint, "What will happen if the Panth doesnt remain united?" The Saint laughed and said, "Young-man you will see it with your own eyes." A few days passed and the Saint told the youngman to get together as many dogs as he could... These dogs were tied up and kept hungry for a day. Then the Saint told the youngman to make a pateela of hot Kheer, and put i
  5. all i have to add lallesh is AKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!! Can we stick to the topic next time Bikramjit Singh Ji.....i.e Modern Ram Rae but thanx for letting lallesh put down his arguement!
  6. Re-built the beautiful Tkaht of Guru Hargobind with bath-room tiles??? :shock: The beautiful frecoe paintings depicting various valuable ithias and paintings of Gurus, Bhagats, and other great religious figures..... where are the frescoes of my Guru's Takhat now!!!! SIRI AKAAAAL JI SAHAI
  7. "Ek Pitta Ekas Ke Hum Barak" a beautiful line........we are all the children of one akaal purakh. Regardless of whether we are part of any jatha or even faith we are still sons and daughters of one Akaal.........remember this "Guraa Ik Deh Bujaee Sabhana Jeea Ka Ik Data So Mae Visar Na Jaee"
  8. Is veechar meant to have a winner and loser...Khlasa Soulja we are not talking bout the egg and spoon race here!!! Debates about baanido not have winnners and losers.....they are there in order to help search through the truth. Anyone who uses an arguement about gurbani to gratify himself or another human being is sorely mistaken and is obviously oblivious to the guidance on gurmat veechar in the Guru Granth Sahib. " aavahu bhainae gal mileh a(n)k sehaelarreeaah || Come, my dear sisters and spiritual companions; hug me close in your embrace. mil kai kareh kehaaneeaa sa(n)mrathh ka(n)th
  9. As much as I'd love to see Lalleshvari rip your arguement to shreds.....can we please stick to the topic which is "Modern Ram Rae"...thank you
  10. many other Gursikhs from the Gurus times are not mentioned in the Guru granth Sahib do they not exist as well..........Bhai Gurdas, Baba Budha Ji, Baba Budhan Shah and so forth.......????????
  11. Undegroundsikhi have you actually read Sukhmana sahib yourself?
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