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  1. TBH, I've never talked too much about it in great detail.. I never even told my mother because she was way too drowned in maya. But I can tell you there are many fictional and fake versions out there, so you have to be careful what you read. It was quite confusing for a few years because there were also a lot of things happening whilst I were in the month long coma. It took quite a few years to make sense of it since I'd also suffered significant brain and spinal injuries. Did I believe in judgment day, the court or an after life? I don't think I did, but probably believed in some
  2. this one got me! During my nde in coma, I also came back from the court of dharmraj. Was instructed to go back and -nam jap- these were the 2 clear words. I came back and spent a few years from 2011 to find out what real nam jap is and what I should be doing. I'm on the bhagtee marj but I still have loads to to. Thing that shocked me was the man in video who had been sent back was told he'd got 10 years to go and jap. I wasn't given a time but it is now 2021.. nearly 10 years since the incident.. This is like a kick up the backside because i've got so may things to do in bhagtee and stu
  3. Been keeping busy and not had much time to come on here. @Mooorakh ji, Yes I like the way your approach is. It's an extremely fine line between sleep and sunn whilst in bed at night. You only really know 'after' you come out of the state of whether you were there or not. However, there are also many dream states -or what we may think are supna- that are actually planes/avsasthas of where we are completely jagat.
  4. You are completely off the mark here and trying to mix 3 things together. It's these type of misleading comments that get people confused into mixing astral travel, sleep paralysis and simran/sunn. Have a look through search features on forum and you'll find explanations for differences in sleep paralysis, astral plane and sunn.
  5. See how it goes. Many other benefits as well, I know someone had their psoriasis clear up since they been using this.
  6. Your welcome. I'm not trying to sell the himalayan lamp idea, but it may be worth a try. I swear by it and notice the effect but my wife and kids don't seem to notice. Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks because you can balance the pavan by using mind and dhyian as well. Go for a medium sized one if planning to sit a couple of metres away, for larger rooms you need the heavy large ones.
  7. I'm still learning but I would say that chandan (sandalwood) is given more significance in gurbani. There is an avastha during which a fragrance akin to chandan emanates from the abyasee,, therefore, I'd say chandan gurbani references are more than just metaphors and we can go though some if you like. I've tried different dhoof brands and some are more preferable than others. Mother india is one that i like but can't always get hold of around here. Not noticed any direct affect with doing bhagtee, but I usually put one on at the beginning of long session if I feel the air needs it.
  8. @Sikhilove I wanted to know if you understood my earlier post? I don't mind trying to delve into further depths of gurbani so that we can discuss and show why I agreed with @harsharan000 ji's earlier posts explaining why doing good deeds alone contributes to fulfilling karams and not naam kamaye of sacha jeevan -truthful living. I believe it's imperative to understand and differentiate between what karams and naam kamayee are.so that one can start climbing the pauris as per gurbani.
  9. This is just a blanket statement unless you know otherwise. Gyan is not that simple and it's not about just accepting that he's all. There are many members in this thread that discuss specific and validated practices. Other members try their best to answer questions as explicitly as possible or guide towards a specific source where available. No offense, but blanket statements or vague quotes are not what readers from all over the world look for in this particular thread. Believe me, there are some members that can see the brahm-jyot in and all around them if they put their dhyian
  10. This is a difficult kinda issue. As ragnarok says it's an offering to guru sahib at his charan, which is what it's "supposed" to be. We matha tek and put our foreheads at the these very charan. However, I also understand that the golak is seen as a vault of cash that leads to many administrative issues within guru ghar. The behavior of manooks in maya makes them forget where they are and what they should really be doing with the funds. Because of these such issues, i can imagine that some of us may see the golak in a negative light. is there a solution? Yes, I think there
  11. I second that and would also suggest plenty of chandan (sandalwood) toofh
  12. Gurfateh kidsama ji, This sounds about right, they DO get more active when you start heading towards the satch. I haven't personally had these things but i've come across a few that have had same issues as you. My primary suggestion would be to do simran and lots of saas saas so that you can get to hearing shabad and more important;ly, drinking amrit russ(sweet taste). i'm not sure where you are on the simran ladder,but this should be a major objective.
  13. Vismaad is to be wonder-struck and praising Waheguru no matter joy or sorrow. One is at a neutral level and unaffected by positive or negative consequences. The joy is that God's hukam and will is in play.
  14. @harsharan000 and @Sikhilove Interesting topic. Without butting into a debate, I have to say that as per my understanding of "truthful living" and good deeds; I would agree with @harsharan000 . @Sikhilove, let me explain below on why I come to this conclusion. Doing good deeds falls under the umbrella of Satogun behavior.. Remember that maya is divided into tamogun, rajogun and satogun. >the 3 gunas of maya.. Since maya is the creative illusion, it is also in a continuous flux of motion. Sometimes we call it Kaal's desh since this motion is relative to Time and Space. Howe
  15. Looks good. More refreshing with a warmer welcome. Well done.
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