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  1. Well done. I'm not a fan of conventional/western medicine and I was also reluctant to get the vaccine. However, after careful contemplation and studying, I'd say that the benefits outweigh the risks. I've had both pfizer doses and realized that even though i wasn't too fussed about my own protection, it's for the protection of others that matters more to me.
  2. Correct. The early sounds you hear are pavan shabads. . You still have a way to go before the real bhagtee begins and naam gets pargat. It will be confusing a little this stage and it is only happening because you are going antarghat. . At this stage you can start practice going deep into saas saas. start with saas grass, get quieter as you settle...into saas saas( jap quietly with breath...keep going until settled enough to do saas saa but ALL the japna in silence with surti,. ie. breathe in-"wahe", breathe out "guru'... 'wahe-guru" done internally in complete silence with surti
  3. There is web page somewhere with sikhs that have been named and shamed for committing vile acts. I saw it on sikhsangat I think but have no idea what it was called. If someone knows the link, then that would be useful? I've attached a pdf that will be an eye-opener for some of you. It's written by a sikh who was part of a vigilante gang in UK but he'd also witnessed a number of pious sikh groups that disguised disgusting behaviour of some individuals. There are some very deep truths in there and a number of them; I knew or had heard of when I lived there over 10 years ago. The-Forbidden-Truth.pdf
  4. a lot of previous liberal voters are going towards Jagmeet's NDP.. As a whole, thus is bringing the liberal figures down and raising the conservative.
  5. The answer is with the One antarjami. Only he knows what your surti consciousness is thinking. If you've lost the dhyian from an interruption, then ask yourself should you continue or should you go back and start the pauri, ashtpadhi again? The answer will depend on your inner connection in different scenarios.
  6. rewind and start again from when they interrupted.
  7. I think it's both. In early stages of saas graas, saas saas, say when breathing through mouth, one is able to extract it from the sukham pavan around us. I should remind you that the amrit rass is everywhere in sukham form, meaning inside and out. This early stage of tasting amrit rass from the brahm around us is said to be an acknowledgment nishanee from Waheguru. Many gurmukhs question this sweet taste because they don't feel anand or bliss, and Bhai saab Simranjeet and other bhai saabs have said that you should take it as a positive insignia confirming that the bacha is on the right path. The above is just one stage of tasting the sweet nectar. There is a further stage when the amrit can be produced from within and it can be felt dripping at back of tongue. I can go into more detail about this some other time, but this comes from sitting in dhyian with anhad shabad. It is a very concentrated secretion (physical) and a miniscule drop gives an immense taste.(drips from pineal gland) Sometimes called naam rass or har rass since it comes directly from the "hari-mandar' inside you. Lots of gyan and anand will manifest from this naam rass unlike the rass described above.
  8. I see where you are coming from paaji. No probs,.. I'm not gonna break your faith but some of us have also been at the same stage you are at. We too were questioning the authenticity of what is shabad, what is dunn, what is naam, anhad, toor, naad and so on.. From my experience you can ONLY learn and understand this part of bhagtee in stages. The stages of your own self-progress. There is no black or white method of describing it in paragraphs and learning it without self-practice. Yes, there are many nishanees for different stages of shabad but as far as I know, The 5 dhoot are ONLY left behind when in chautha padh. However, once you get naam pargat and have crossed the 1st bhavsagar, then you can be protected/shielded (free from) low vibration entities of different kinds, but you will never be free from the 5 dhoot whilst your MANN and atma are in astool form. The khel is about the 5 dhoot and your mann constantly. as long as you are having vichaar/furnay/thoughts of any kind, ..then the 5 dhoot are always tagging on. These are some of the key points that I can give you and I'm stating them with relevance to gurbani. I suggest you have a good read through this thread from the beginning and things will become a little less fuzzy. You are questioning these things, and I'm glad. it shows you have the drive. My advice is that you practice simran with faith and don't ignore any sounds you hear. That doesn't mean you follow them or try searching for them. They come in time and if you read back older posts you will see how me and some other seekers found our way through certain sounds we experienced. Only after you have heard them will you begin to understand what is true anhad i.e.. when listening in chautha pad avastha(outside of tre-gun maya) and what are pavan shabads. Another thing is , Amrit rass. I remember reading a number of texts and many of them didn't mention the sweet amrit rass or it's stages. Amrit rass is a must and it's the earliest nishanees of you walking the right path. But amrit rass itself has different stages of 'where' you are drinking it from, even though there is only ONE amrit. I'm not saying I have the right answers, but the little bits I'm telling you have been confirmed with what Bhai Simranjeet Tohana ji and other gurmukhs have stated on many occasions. Other piece of advise I can give, is for you not to be trying to jump ahead. All this does is create self-made gyan and more thoughts for the mind. Instead focus with 100% dhyian on the stage you are practicing. Whether that is Saas graas, saas saas or antharghat. Give it your fullest devotion. Waheguru Sat kartar
  9. Can you explain a little clearly which part you understanding as anhad and what you understanding as not anhad. There is a lot of confusion and it took a couple of a us a few years understand the origins of different sounds.
  10. Well said. I'm pleased that you read the earlier posts about how to spiritually over-ride kaam rather than trying to run away from where women may be hanging about.
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