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  1. If you're going to make a serious post then at least have the decency to spell your words properly! I'm sorry for the harsh words but it almost seems as though you need to concentrate more on your spelling at school rather than the dietery offerings available to students.
  2. *raised eyebrow* Freed, you certainly have a lot of time on your hands.... :shock: a lot of "free" time some would say. get it? eh, eh? I said "free" and your name is Freed. *smug* bad to the bone people, bad to the bone. 8)
  3. so good he had to say it twice....
  4. erm.... I know Sukha and I like him. Now, although u some of u guys will probably know him a lot better than me....I get the feeling that he'd be reading this and cringing. Stop shoving him on a pedestal! He's not perfect, but he is an exceptional role model for many Sikhs. ps abt the dancing bit....have you ever seen Sukha dance? :shock:
  5. he once sang to me at 5am....but that's our likkle secret. The black man with the grey hair was also pleased.
  6. i'm so glad I'm young. yay spice girls!
  7. very much agree. I have no qualms buying a CD if it's genuinely good. But I won't give me away to those that have one semi-decent track, and about 7 crap tracks. Remember B21's "EP"? What a rip-off!
  8. ^ no he shouldn't in my opinion. He used his brains and in turn gave Sikhs a good name by handing in a 28 page dossier (compiled by Sikh Coalition). Well thought out I reckon!
  9. isn't Clarke's a better name?
  10. ^ erm...no. he heard about what happened so asked for his opinion to be made public. If these guys think they are doing seva by beating up an old man who interviewed some1 else who did share their viewpoint, then why not face him? He also does not share the viewpoint of the fanatics therefore should they not do "panthic seva" and approach him?
  11. Niddar Singh asked for the following to be made public: he does not believe that Baba Deep Singh fought with their head on their hand, therefore could the fussars please try to jump him? Or are they only comfortable fighting old men?
  12. ^ there was a guest on the radio show who said that Baba Deep Singh did not fight with their head in their hand. So these fussars decided to beat up an old man rather then confront the guy who made the statement.
  13. aaah yeah. back to my original (dumb?) question that kinda got overlooked: is there any merit in deliberately doing 2 opposite excercises in the same session... e.g. doing chest & biceps instead of chest & triceps?
  14. there is only one beast. 8) (ps i'm on about me)
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