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  1. Ans to 5) yes guru ji is of those qualities... do you fear the guru? Do you follow everything that guru ji says to the letter? If not then you must also be unafraid. 10) do you ever go to mutha tekh to guru granth sahib ji maharajh... have you lost all your kaam krodh lobh moh hankaar? im not even talking about the story or otherwise just pointing out the fact that people always talk a good game. The chritar should be taken out should they?? Go on then do it soldier!! Lets see you do it, form your group or one man band whatever, and take them out.. same as some other guys who were
  2. Fauji ji, you got too much time on ur hands bro!! Damn man maybe you think we should all write an essay on each of ur questions!! This is too funny
  3. Firstly, my friend i urge you to go to the police. They know how to deal with similar cases, dnt just talk the talk do something about it, otherwise drop the issue because its not getting anybody anywhere?!? If somebody was a dreggy and has redeemed themselves are they still to be judged? I dont know which people your on about but if this is the case then thats a differet story. As far as names, well uv already given a few there, now if your wrong then maybe some people will be wanting words with you at some stage in the future. Please remember people as i keep repeating, wen we rant an
  4. Im quite worried about these claims of people being rapists and pimps etc, if anyone has such information then surely as a sikh their first course of action should be to report it to the police!!! if not that, then take the relevant matters into your own hands as nihangs singhs should do being the warriors of the guru. Please keep us updated on the progress of your police reports that you file on these guys, they should definetly be locked away for doing these things. ..... unless your chatting rubbish of course!! Mods, erm i could be wrong, but last time i spoke to the bibi she s
  5. anyone?? Can you be a jathedhar and not have a farla!?!? narsingha have you got a farla?? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moderator Note: This discussion is locked as participant wants to get feedback from one of our member which he can do through PM or by sending him e-mail. This is discussion is locked due to violation of rule number 4. 4- Two people replying back and fourth to each other, changing the topic. Please note this is a discussion forum not a chatroom. Hijacking a thread and turning it into an endless back and fo
  6. http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=3007 i tried to get some answers similar to the above in this thread... ended up with the fact that there didnt appear to be a consitent definition of chatka, hence virtually everything seemed to be chatka.
  7. Neo, im not jatha bashing or promoting, i dont think iv said anywhere that any particular group gave more than any other in any of my arguments, you'll find that its usually people with little knowledge on this topic who jump to the conclusion that it was only singhs from taksal etc, but those who know a little of the movement such as our brother sukhdev singh will tell you that the singhs were from varied backgrounds and different jathe. However that doesnt mean that we cannot critisice where critcism is due. Im not denying budha dal's contribution hundreds of years ago and against the br
  8. Well said Sukhdev Singh Ji, thanks for clearing up those points about the background of Shaheed Avtar Singh Bhrama. I would also like to add that i agree, the people who you term 'taksali youth' have plenty of other things to worry about such as seva and parchar, lol not sit around blaming nihangs fot the problems of the world!! The fact that in this particular discussion/topic they are to blame in the sense that they did nothing for the people is different. That blame is fair and justified. There are many other problems that we face such as female infanticide, lack of faith given to gur
  9. Well then what are you suggesting? I dont know, to me that sounds like your contracdicting yourself? On one hand your saying that they didnt come to kill sant ji, and then on the other hand your suggesting that if he hadnt been there, then they wouldnt have attcked? Surely thats the same thing, that they came to get him?? As has been pointed out numerous other gurdwara shaibs were attacked at the same time, they also experienced beadbi and were ruined and sikhs were killed there as well. Was Sant Jarnail Singh Ji at each of those gurdwara sahibs as well? Were they fortified? If no
  10. A common mistake people make is that the army attacked darbar sahib in order to kill Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. That is far from the truth, if they had wanted him dead, they could have killed him when he gave up voluntary arrest, they could have intensified the assasination attempts. They made a couple of feeble ones but nothing of substance. The attack on darbar sahib was exactly that, an attack on darbar sahib. Sant Ji had been doing the same parchar and carrying the same shastar for many years previously, its just a nice excuse for the army to say that we went in to flush them out, its rubb
  11. Hello? Any replies as to maryada of keeping farleh? Please could somebody provide the answers? Iron Bangle brother, it seems that there is some serious allegations made by people concerning the vichaar of baba nihal singh ji (please see discussion on them) and until the question i have asked on their i think it would be better to get the Budha Dal answer from jagdeep first. then see what baba nihal singh says, its not like in the old days when the nihangs all used to believe in the same things is it! Please somebody the farla maryada?!
  12. Intresting, can somebody also answer the other parts of the original question, concerning the actual practice of wearing a farla. I,e, length, time when has to be worn, when (if) can be removed, ranks associated with farla etc etc as asked in first question.
  13. What exactly is a farla and how do you go about getting one? Who is eligible to hand one out? What is the maryada to keeping one? Ie what length should it be, when do you have to wear it? When can you take it off? Also what doe sit mean to have one? Are all people with a farla on the same level of respect? Or can you get different ranks of farleh as well?
  14. Yes he did explain to us sikhs that we are not hindu's. That was a misconception amongst many, and sant ji challenged it and rewoke the sikh identity, which is prob why today you dont need to consider whether you are a hindu or not!
  15. Yes thank you jamuka, i think were all aware of what Guru Ji says about rituals. Do me a favour go to the same search engine, or book etc and search for 'serve the guru' or something along those lines. Tell me how much gurbani there is about how the true sikh will always do the ultimate seva of his guru, the guru who will unite him with the husband lord etc etc Ps your last posted article seemed substatially about Dasam Granth, thats a different topic altogether!! And also another thing you might have missed, all these groups rss, radhaswamis narakdhari's etc etc, were oppossed openl
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