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  1. wats wrong with kcf? its not halaal so quite hating... lol at homemade bhang... sorry but do u kno any good bhang bars around here? :twisted:
  2. ha ha ha, i think they start getting popular, one way to get the punters in...
  3. Yo ppl quit dissing night security... i was alert at all times i say, as sodhi was sleeping like a big baby... bear... kaur_05 hi didnt actually kno whu u were at the camp, but sodhi sort of explained you to me, i think i kno.... i think... lol Camp was heavy...
  4. ha ha ha u critters... me and sodhi will officially be running operation aloo... or running with an aloo, which one im not sure but we'll do a good job surely
  5. or just catch him and give the fool a hiding and a half.
  6. i am a sikh by choice... the actions you choose to make reflect your beliefs/feelings... i am a panjabi/aryan/parthian/scythian by nature. something you feel you are born to do... chase the dream for if you do not dream, you will never make the dream a reality...
  7. yeh but honestly in this day n age people dnt respect thier perants ne more
  8. so what is enough to carry a kirpan? most singhs are damn veges so wnt actually hunt, shame really.
  9. Why is it that there is no one that can tie a conical foward sloping akali boonga like the illistrations? I'd love to have one of those.
  10. I wish I was on the high u get when on coke... and for it to never end. There is the feeling on utterly no desire at all.... no want, no need, no hunger, no thirst.
  11. mloco, if u think she can take off her kirpan, then why not her kara? i'd more funny amount takin my kirpan off than my kara, me personally.
  12. pretty spectacular dont u think, americans letting a singh become a police officer.
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