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  1. Since Neo asked the question, this is his personal chirtar.... Dude if you ever get into a fight, dont let ur women fight for u, otherwise she'll take ur Phag (acutally take it, dye it blue, wash it, wash it again, and again... screw that, buy a new blue phag) and pretend to be you.. ok maybe not that either... erm... dude, just dont let ur misses fight ur battle..
  2. Food for Shaka Hari People. Pitta Bread White or Brown. Pitta Bread... Cheese... Random Toppings (Veg or Non-Veg..tables) Stick in Grill.. Watch for few mins till Cheese *bubble bubble*. (technical terms) pull out food.. Place burnt hand under cold running water.... try eating with good hand... find out food still hot... drop food.... Start again... Enjoy!.. You can also make Pitta bread with Soya (Soya Chunks look similar to mince (lamb) for those that didnt know what soya is)... Heat Pitta Bread, till it opens up like roti on the thava, anyways, cut using sharp ins
  3. People like that are useful to, they remind u what u dont want to be! I was banned at *sakat*sangat.com about 25 mins after i registered.. Like i give a sh*t.
  4. buy your neo action figure http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW bye bye people, see u in 10 years.
  5. Only the first line. Vismad Naad The sound is wonderous.. where has this sound come from? Shaster in my case. if you pull the string of the bow back to your ear and fire the arrow, the sound is pleasent once you let go. Also wonderous becasue the arrow is powerful for it will kill the enemy with compasion and if it is tiped with gold like Guru Gobind Singh Ji's arrows then it is full definalty of dya.
  6. hmm, it took sukhi the duration from tues 24th feb till mon 04 oct to realise that the posts not be updated...
  7. oh my dear freind singh47, how i've missed your posts. Hope your alive and kicking.. (note bit of sarcasm and realism in previous line) history proves it, although there will always be doubt in some minds, however i believe that the science still exists and although bits may be lost, we should preseve as much as possible. you can. no problem with that. this is a EXAMPLE.. its like a sikh learning about different religions, we can learn about other arts, but we have a science unique to us. personally speaking, why learn second best when you can learn the best. That
  8. The first paragraphs makes me think that you havent ever attended. The Second paragraph, fair enough, but it applies to every1 in the world. woooo, so are Nihangs Sikhs or Not??
  9. So, are Nihangs Sikhs or Not?? if not.. then how come u have the same gurus as us Nihangs??
  10. if you have listened to the song 'wepons of mass destruction' then you will see the black guy talking to a brick wall. thats me talking to you at this precise moment or you talking to me at precise moment. im ending it here. see you at sach khand. fateh.
  11. death is not something to be taken lightly. if you have a shaster, then you must understand the complications of having/using that shaster. not just on you, but your family and loved ones, and not just your family and loved ones but also theirs, they too will be some1s son/daughter etc. It is not the shasters fault for death, but the person behind the shaster, all things are created for the intention of good, but people screw it up. The car was invented for the intention of good, although people can run other people over, the pen is a useful item, and it too can kill, the keys loc
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