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Found 6 results

  1. Does anybody has any knowledge of a brahmgiani at present whether hindu muslim or a sikh hardly matters..though we can only guess coz only a brahmgiani can know a.brahmgiani..but stil does anybody has any knowledge of a person who is said to be a brahamgiani presently?
  2. Please listen to Sant Baba Makhan Singh jee (Head of Amritsari Taksaal). A Prostitute's yaar (mate) tries to act like a man, in front of a Saint. Please start listening after 37:15 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Baba_Makhan_Singh_%28Sato_Kee_Gali_wale%29/Sukhmani_Sahib_Viakhya/Baba.Makhan.Singh--Sukhmani.Sahib.Katha.Part.16.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  3. Please listen to Sant Baba Makhan Singh jee (Head of Amritsari Taksaal) narrating a sakhi, which illustrates the difference between a ordinary King and a Saint. Please listen after 12:00 min: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Baba_Makhan_Singh_%28Sato_Kee_Gali_wale%29/Jap_Ji_Sahib_Katha/07--Baba.Makhan.Singh--Jap.Ji.Sahib.Viakhya.Part.07.mp3 Bhul chuk maaf
  4. Please read below a Sakhi of an old Brahmin Saint, a young boy and Sri Satguru jee (Tenth master): Reference: Gur Balam Sakhian by Bhai Vir Singh jee Bhul chuk maaf
  5. Sant Baba Makhan Singh jee is the current head of DDT Amritsar. He was influenced by Srimaan Sant Baba Ishar Singh jee Maharaaj Nanaksar wale. This Taksaal is located at Sato ki Gali, Amritsar. Please see the video below. Some major highlights of his life: Quote These wanderings took him to Peelibheet- which was backward area in Uttar Pradesh at that time, inhabited by backward classes such as Jaats, Mehtar, Banjara, Satnami, Lubana, Sickligar etc. Using the native Hindi for propagation of his message he reminded them that they have their origins in Sikh religion and advised them to re-adopt
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g822uRM3YLo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWSrH-UiunQ&feature=related
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