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Found 23 results

  1. I have been looking for this video forever to share with anyone who does simran. Bhia Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala answers so many hard question we have on how to do simran,how we came into this life,what is Waheguru,how to we meet him, what is maya, how to open dasam dwar and what jugtis to use. Bhai Sahib shares this knowledge from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji This is a must for anyone on spiritual path. It is over 4 hours long, you can click on the youtube channel to find this same video cut into smaller parts.
  2. Did Banda Bahadur take Amrit Khanda da pahul? As our previous discussions ends off, we got to this disputed historical ideas comparing some of the non-orthodox claims by user Sher which claim Banda Bahadur was an aestheic guru himself who wasn't a khalsa sikh. Nor had Singh as his surname. Perhaps we can come to some solid conclusive evidence of him have Singh or not having Singh in his name. Or about his name being Gurbaksh Singh? Please see this for the previous conversation about this topic http://www.sikhawareness.com/index.php/topic/15215-does-the-9th-guru-profess-to-being-a-hindu/page-8
  3. http://www.gurukhoj.com/eBooks/SBNS eBook 06 Guide to SC.pdf Quotations from the Book: Ego is a big hindrance that does not allow our spiritual level to rise high. A person on the path of Spirituality falls when ‘I’ or ‘my’ comes into him. Guru Sahib Ji repeatedly cautions a Sikh to escape from this danger and also emphasises on the need to efface this ego. According to Bhai Gurdass Ji, a person only qualifies to be called a Gursikh if he lives his life above the pitfall of ego. The mind has become like a wild boar which repeatedly goes to other people’s farmland. Even if you try to stop it , it still continues to wander. The mind has cultivated a similar habit; it does not stay at its center and wanders around aimlessly. Wise farmers solve the problem of the wild boar by tying a wooden restraint on its neck and because of this, the wild boar is unable to poke its mouth here and there. In this same way, Sadh Sangat teaches us to put the restraint of Guru Sahib Ji’s Shabad to the mind. Bowing in reverence, offering of flowers, fruits etc - these are external gifts and presents and these are just the beginning rituals and practises. However, the real gift is to focus within ourselves. This understanding comes only after much spiritual practise. Real spiritual consciousness (and understanding) comes only when the mind starts to internally mark spiritual attendance in Guru Sahib Ji’s Court. It is only then that the veil of ego will be broken. To embrace Guru Maharaj Ji’s Path of Salvation, it is not conditional that a person must be without sin from the time of birth. This Path gives equal opportunity to the sinner as well as to the virtuous. In fact, it is even possible that the realisation of his sins may make a sinner humble and thus achieve the Path of Salvation quickly. On the other hand, a person of good virtues may remain entrapped in his ego and thus remain deprived of Salvation.
  4. From Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's book 'Anhad Shabd Dasam Duar' OPEN DISCUSSION OF UNSTRUCK ETHEREAL MUSIC AT TENTH DOOR OF ABODE DIVINE. CHAPTER 2 ‐ INDICATIONS OF DASAM DUAR OPENING A. Trickling of Amrit. B. Hearing of unstruck Ethereal Music, Anhad. The two indications of Dasam Duar opening are: First is the trickling of Amrit, extremely pure. Secondly the highly elating sound of Ethereal Music, so ecstatic, is heard. These two events of spiritual bliss are primary indications that are known to occur, seen and heard that naturally follow the high spiritual Sahaj attainment. These are not mere wishful dreams. In the fort of human frame temple and Abode of Self, these are true happenings, experienced in state of full awakeness. Ceaseless Naam‐Devotion leads to: aulitE kmlu bRhmu bIcwir ] AMimRq Dwr ggin ds duAwir ] Turns around the lotus of interior body with contemplation of Lord Supreme. Then what follows is: Trickles Amrit from the highest Dasam‐Duar. Gaurri M.1 p.153 AMimRq Bojnu kry AwhwrI ]1] rhwau ] Working like a fountain, "Trickles down nourishing Amrit that rejuvinates the devotee.” Gaurri M.5 p.181 ggin rswl cuAY myrI BwTI ] sMic mhw rsu qnu BieAw kwTI ]1] Says Kahir Ji “Trickles from my furnace at high Dasam Duar exalting Amrit. Collecting Nectar Supreme, my selfhood burns as fuel in the furnace. 1. Rag Gaurri p.328 Essence of wisdom, Nectarian Divine‐Knowledge, dawns as Sahaj state of Equipoise. This entire Play Divine occurs within the body. It may be possible to deny events of outside occurrence but occurrence within interior of body, closest personal experiences, can never be denied. Strange and unfamiliar it appears to those, without personal experience of Amrit True, Light Divine and the consequent Bliss. This blissfulness is limited to devotees of ceaseless Naam‐Devotion. Their bodies are rejuvenated with nourishment of Amrit, drinking deep of this. Their inner well of body interior is brimming with Amrit. The splendour of Light‐Divine within imparts golden hue to their bodies. The body so blessed has great appeal and attraction with a magnetic pull over the beholders. Thus they appear beautifully enchanting. kwieAw kMcnu sbdy rwqI swcY nwie ipAwrI ]18] kwieAw AMimRiq rhI BrpUry pweIAY sbid vIcwrI ]19] Golden is body imbued with Naam, Naam‐Divine makes it beautifully enchanting. 18. Body is brimming with Amrit within, bestowed through Naam contemplation. 19. Ramkali M.3 p.911 It is possible to drink Amrit within, in interior of the body, but "obtained through NaamContemplation" is the pre‐requisite for occurrence of this Divine Play. Chanting of Guru's Chant, Naam, brings about alchemic phenomenon of brimfulness of body with Amrit, a perpetual occurrence. The source is the opening of Dasam Duar, responsible for regular trickle of Amrit of most exalting taste and ecstatic. The devout, bearing this unbearable experience of pure joy, bloat not to make a show of shallowness. Their spirit is enjoying nourishment of high spirituality engrossed in ecstasy of Nam. So long as, satiated with Amrit, switch at navel is kept pressed; the enlightened spirit enjoys untold bliss of celestial spheres, nourished with Amrit. The devotee, enjoying this state, tastes most wonderful Amrit and listens to elating Ethereal Music. This is a state of absolute concentration, holding all body organs in control. Rhythm of Anhad Music holds not only body organs under control but it is verily efficacious in holding entire universal balance in wonderful Natural‐Play‐Divine. This is the force of Naam‐ Amrit, Word‐Divine! Its play is evident at Dasam Duar, as Naam‐ Force, sustaining all life in perfect control and balance, in accordance with Gurbani: 'The Word‐Divine that holds universal balance." This Naam‐ Force has the capability of perfect control over volatile mind in the interior of body, replica of universal model. It is essential to activate this Force to bring it into Play with Touch‐stone of Naam, Guru's Word. It is realizing this state of Amrit‐Nourishment, automatic natural‐rhythmic recitation and perfect balance of model universe within the body, that Jingle of unstruck Ethereal Music, Anhad, multiorgan music is heard. This is very Real! Manifestation of Anhad starts Celestial Music and the entire region from highest Dasam Duar to navel becomes one. This is the miraculous working of Naam‐Devotion and consequent enlightenment within, transforming mortal frame into Amrit‐ Enlightenment of body with Golden Hue. Mortals, abiding in three states of worldliness can never imagine the most ecstatic play of Anhad Shabad‐Dasam Duar. This is incomprehensible, invisible and Limitless, Divine‐spiritual‐secret. All philosophical, scientific, chants and all the Vedicknowledge cannot go beyond the physical world. With limited conceptual aspect, why should one delve in frivolous argumentation? If one is a sincere and true seeker, it is open for spiritual experimentation. However, it is far too easy to be a non‐believer than a man of faith that calls for dedicated labour of Divine‐Love. The last line of the earlier quote (Chapter 1): "Thus speaks Nanak, Realizing Satguru controlled is volatile mind that comes to abide in Abode of Self ‐ Dasam Duar." It is authentication of the preceding lines through reaffirmation that controlled mind abides in Abode of Self at Dasam‐Duar. Mind undergoes experiences as stated below: iehu mnUAw sdw suiK vsY shjy kry vwpwrw ] AMqir gur igAwnu hir rqnu hY mukiq krwvxhwrw ] This mind always dwelling in peace, delves naturally in the business of Naam‐Devotion, gathering Naam wealth. Bestowed by Guru's Grace is Knowledge Divine and Jewel of Naam within, efficacious for redeeming. (2.) Vadhans Ki Var Slok M.3 p.593 gurmuiK rwg suAwd An iqAwgy ] gurmuiK iehu mnu BgqI jwgy ] Anhd suix mwinAw sbdu vIcwrI ] Awqmu cIin@ Bey inrMkwrI ]7] iehu mnu inrmlu dir Gir soeI ] gurmuiK Bgiq Bwau Duin hoeI ] Aihinis hir jsu gur prswid ] Git Git so pRBu Awid jugwid ]8] Guru‐oriented forsake worldly attachment, pleasures and duality. Guru‐oriented mind keeps awake in Divine‐devotion. Listening to unstruck Celestial Music, Anhad, the devotee with ardent faith contemplates Word bestowed by Guru, Naam, and seeks self within. Realizing self, he attains oneness with Lord, Formless. 7. Immaculate becomes the mind at Abode of Self Dasam Duar, envisioning Lord everywhere. Gurmukh beings are ever engrossed in Loving Devotion. (8.) Aasa M.1 p.415 iehu mnu inhclu ihrdY vsIAly gurmuiK mUlu pCwix rhY ] nwiB pvnu Gir Awsix bYsY gurmuiK Kojq qqu lhY ] su sbdu inrMqir inj Gir AwCY iqRBvx joiq su sbid lhY ] KwvY dUK BUK swcy kI swcy hI iqRpqwis rhY ] Anhd bwxI gurmuiK jwxI ibrlo ko ArQwvY ] nwnku AwKY scu suBwKY sic rpY rMgu kbhU n jwvY ]65] Guru‐oriented realize Lord, as their Source and their steady minds abide in their interior. Lifebreath abides in bliss on the seat of navel and seeking Gurmukh finds the Essence. Word‐Divine also resides in interior, Abode of Self. Realized is this Light‐Divine, Effulgent Naam, the universal Sustainer. Yearning hunger for Lord True ends afflictions and satiated is mind in seeking Eternal One. Graced rare ones comprehend Naam‐force of Ethereal Anhad, Sustainer of all life. Says Nanak, those reciting Naam all the time are imbued with Naam and this hue of Love‐Divine is Eternal. Ramkali M.1 Sidh Gost p.945 Practitioner of Naam Simran breath by breath, WAHEGURU, within the interior ceaselessly as normal practice, keeps at it all the time. Blessed is this Naam‐devotee with peace eternal in inner being. Mind is steady in Bliss. Lighted within is the lamp of Naam. This is the enlightenment of Naam‐light, Jewel of knowledge within, the source of Liberation from worldliness. "Bestowed by Guru is the commodity of Knowledge, Naam". There is no other redeeming spiritual knowledge. Knowledge of other faiths pertains to functional names of Divine only. Liberating and enlightening knowledge comes through Gurmat. Guru‐oriented beings listen only to the singing of True Gurbani and shun the half‐baked Bani of imperfection. They delve only in True Naam Amrit, Most Sublime; nothing else is of their interest. They remain wide‐awake in Guru‐devotion of Naam‐Simran, God‐ remembrance. They blissfully enjoy celestial Music, Anhad Shabad. The Gurmukhs, young spiritual swans take NaamNourishment and contemplate Word‐Divine. They draw their sustenance from spiritual Jewels and pearls of Naam and Gurbani. Realizing Essence of Spirit within, engrossed they remain in Anhad Shabad. Their minds become immaculate through perpetual engrossment in Divine. At this stage of spiritual awakening of Fourth state of Knowledge, Gurmukhs remain engrossed in hearkening Anhad Shabad and in Meditation. The volatile mind, under control of Gur‐Shabad, attains absolute steadiness. Through practice of Naam Simran, mind now comprehends The Source, Divine‐spirit. This is inner vision of Naam‐enlightenment. Naam‐lamp is lighted with the bellow‐like simran, breath by breath and friction of this touchstone within generates spiritual spark. This spiritual spark is the sweetest, life‐giving initial nourishment of Amrit. This has the effect of permeating through every vein of the body, engulfing with enlightenment. Unfathomable sweet engrossment leads to: iehu mnu inhclu ihrdY vsIAly… ‐ "Abides this mind steadily in the interior… No more mind wavers, abiding steadily within. Naam practice and sprinkling of Amrit, gushing sound of continuous automatic Simran, straightens up the inverted lotus at the navel and nurses it to flourish with nourishing panacea of Amrit. Nectarian taste of Amrit is without parallel. It generates life‐giving light of electrification that holds the breath at navel under the influence of ecstatic tasting of Amrit. Thus pressed with breath holding, navel experiences bliss of enlightenment. Ecstasy of this experience brings about absolute concentration of mind. Abiding in the self abode at lotus of navel, consciousness enjoys heavenly bliss that lifts the consciousness to new heights. With breath thus pressed at navel, consciousness takes flight to unlimited heights. Higher the flight of consciousness, greater the bliss of Ecstatic Amrit. This is the discovery of natural consequence of Divine yearning and bliss, contemplating Oneness of individual soul with Essence of Supreme soul. The above is a brief explanation of the line in foregoing Gurbani Shabad. "Life breath abides in bliss on the seat of navel and seeking Gurmukh finds essence." What more could be said? Those, who have experienced more of the referred Play‐Divine, may wish to elaborate further. This is the limit of my personal experience. kihby kau soBw nhI dyKw hI prvwnu ]121] "Words fail to express this marvel. Only the experience can truly satisfy. " Slok Bhagat Kabir Ji p.1370 It is not that vivid explanation of Surat‐Shabad Gurmat explanation is withheld purposely. The fact is that it defies description and it is indeed a matter of personal experience. Beyond words is Fathomless! Shabad, Gurmantar, abiding at the seat at navel, the seeker Gurmukh comprehends Essence and lights up spiritual enlightenment within his interior void perpetually. The bigger Universal Play in nature is also envisioned and comprehended through Gur Shabad. The alchemy of Naam‐Simran becomes nectarine, ceaseless and automatic phenomenon. The Gurmukh practitioner is not inconvenienced in any way, unlike the practitioners of Hathh Yoga. In the natural Gurmat Yog, of God Realization, body torturing is not involved. Yearning for more, unlimited flourish of enchanting enlightening further enhances spiritual hunger and bliss of enlightenment limitlessly. Hungering to behold Eternal Lord, Creator, ends all bodily afflictions as also evils of mind. No more is there any thirst for worldly desires. The yearning for more and more contemplation of Naam is most over powering to end all other wants. And this insatiability of Naam devotees is thus limitless. There is no end to hunger for Naam and yearning to behold Lord of Naam, yet there is a strange sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. No more is a scope left for worldliness and its desires nor bothersome pain and sorrow. Sustenance of Gurmat Naam, vision of the Lord and complete satiation therein is the high Gurmat spirituality that enables hearing elating Music of Anhad Shabad tinkling. Only rare Gurmukh devotees come to realize Anhad Bani. Though rarely experienced, yet Truth of this is undeniable. Guru Nanak bears witness true, that once attained, this high spirituality and its hue become eternal. idnu idnu cVY svwieAw nwnk hoq n Gwit ]16] "O Nanak! ever mounting is the elation of the accepted devotees and there is never a slide down in their state of spirituality. " Thitee Gaurri M.5 p.30 Truly accomplished is the life with such spirituality, available only to the initiated Gursikhs, faithful to Gurmat. Their love for Gurmat way of life makes for engrossment in Naam and its alchemy to flourish in essence of Anhad. Their life‐breath imbued thus in high spirituality, they get rid of all doubt and sorrow. All the concentration is focussed on Guru's word, chant of Naam and consequently in Invisible and Incomprehensible Lord. It is only Naam‐devotion and its miraculous influence that enable contemplation of Lord Supreme and reaching highest spirituality. Heard now is Anhad sound of Musical organs along with singing of Gurbani as the Heavenly Ethereal Music. It is Grace of the Benevolent Guru that opens the heavy gates of Dasam Duar and the graced ones alone merge in Spirit‐Divine. Says Gurbani: jIvno mY jIvnu pwieAw gurmuiK Bwey rwm ] hir nwmo hir nwmu dyvY myrY pRwin vswey rwm ] hir hir nwmu myrY pRwin vswey sBu sMsw dUKu gvwieAw ] Aidstu Agocru gur bcin iDAwieAw pivqR prm pdu pwieAw ] Anhd Duin vwjih inq vwjy gweI siqgur bwxI ] nwnk dwiq krI pRiB dwqY joqI joiq smwxI ]1] Found is the life, real life through Guru's teaching, enchanting Gurbani. Guru bestows Naam‐Divine with each breath. Breathing Naam with every breath, all my doubt and sorrow is banished. Contemplating Invisible and Incomprehensible Lord through Gurbani, attained is the highest pure supreme spirituality. Singing Satguru's Bani, I have come to enjoy ceaselessly elating Ethereal Unstruck Music, Anhad Shabad. O Nanak! Bestowed is Grace Divine by Benevolent Lord and merged is my soul with Spirit‐Divine. 1. Rag Aasa Chhant M.4 p.442 Hearing of Anhad Shabad and merging with Spirit‐Divine is not easily attained through mere words or high sermons. It requires utmost Naam‐Devotion, bestowed only by Gracious Guru, Sovereign, Controller of Naam commodity. It is through True Satguru, met through, great fortune, whose tutelage may bestow Naam‐devotion, with His Grace. Naam‐devotion is ceaseless engrossment in Naam. The virtues of Naam‐Jewel are to be sung with loving Faith through Gurbani endlessly. Forsaken are personal needs of eating and sleeping until realization of the high objective. Such has to be the meditation of engrossed and unwavering mind! Practioners of this description are found in Guru's House, Gursikhs delving in Naam‐Jewel and earning great Merit‐Divine. They offer their entire beings, body and mind, to Satguru in devotion and remain under His refuge. Hopeful of Guru's Grace, they are engrossed in Naam and Gurbani devotion. Graced are they! Their life objective is attained, realizing Fathomless, Incomprehensible and Invisible Lord. Says Gurbani quote: myrw Twkuro Twkuru nIkw Agm AQwhw rwm ] hir pUjI hir pUjI cwhI myry siqgur swhw rwm ] hir pUjI cwhI nwmu ibswhI gux gwvY gux BwvY ] nId BUK sB prhir iqAwgI suMny suMin smwvY ] vxjwry iek BwqI Awvih lwhw hir nwmu lY jwhy ] nwnk mnu qnu Arip gur AwgY ijsu pRwpiq so pwey ]3] Inaccessible and Fathomless Lord of mine is Most Enchanting. O' Satguru, my Sovereign, I seek Commodity of Naam Divine through Your Grace! Seeking Naam and engaging in sole occupation of Singing Virtues‐Divine with loving devotion of Lord. Forsaking worldly slumber and hunger, devotee merges with Lord, Unmanifested. Seekers of Naam‐Divine alone come together and earn great Merit‐Divine. O' Nanak! Making offering of entire being, mind and body to Satguru, rare one, graced by Satguru, alone receives Naam commodity. 3. Aasa chhant M.4 Ghar 1 p.442 Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Lord of Naam and Gurbani, is verily a brimming ocean with the spiritual Jewels, that enable realization of Dasam Duar, hearing of Anhad Shabad, Celestial Music and envisioned is Reality of Lord Supreme. This is an accomplishment of those, who put unwavering Faith in Gurbani and lead Gurmat way of life. Naam‐Jewel comes to abide in their hearts and opened is the vista of single‐minded Ceaseless Naam‐devotion. Ocean like interior of body is thus churned with stirrer of Naam‐recitation, to find the Essence. It then becomes evident that Guru and Lord Supreme are One as Spirit‐Divine, envisioned through enlightenment of Self. rqnw rqn pdwrQ bhu swgru BirAw rwm ] bwxI gurbwxI lwgy iqn@ hiQ ciVAw rwm ] gurbwxI lwgy iqn@ hiQ ciVAw inrmolku rqnu Apwrw ] hir hir nwmu Aqolku pwieAw qyrI Bgiq Bry BMfwrw ] smuMdu ivroil srIru hm dyiKAw iek vsqu AnUp idKweI ] gur goivMdu guoivMdu gurU hY nwnk Bydu n BweI ]4]1]8] Brimful is the ocean‐like interior with Spiritual Jewels. Found is this Treasure by devotees of Gurbani. Delving in Gurbani is found most precious Naam‐Jewel. Finding Naam‐Divine leads to abundance of Naam‐Devotion. Churning body‐ocean, envisioned is the novelty, Guru is Lord Supreme and Lord Supreme is Guru! O' Nanak! No difference can be discerned with Oneness in Spirit‐Divine. 4. 1. 8. Rag Aasa Chhant M.4 p.442 Blessed with vision of Invisible, Incomprehensible Lord Supreme, these Gurmukhs also experience Dasam Duar and Secret Divine play of Anhad Shabad. In elation of their ecstasy, they pour out: Ando Andu Gxw mY so pRBu fITw rwm ] cwiKAVw cwiKAVw mY hir rsu mITw rwm ] hir rsu mITw mn mih vUTw siqguru qUTw shju BieAw ] igRhu vis AwieAw mMglu gwieAw pMc dust Eie Bwig gieAw ] sIql AwGwxy AMimRq bwxy swjn sMq bsITw ] khu nwnk hir isau mnu mwinAw so pRBu nYxI fITw ]1] All is bliss with vision of the Lord! Tasted is the sweet Naam‐Amrit. Noam has come to abide in my mind with Grace of Guru. I now enjoy Equipoise, Spiritual Sahaj. Flourished is my interior being, bursting forth in joyful singing. Banished are the five evil foes. Cool and satiated is my being with Amrit Gurbani. Such is benevolence of Saintly Guru, Friend Emissary Divine! Says Nanak, beholding the Lord with my own eyes, my mind is enslaved to Him. 1. Aasa M.5 Chhant Ghar 1 p.452 After initiation and taking Amrit through Five Chosen Friendly Saints and Divine‐emissaries, when some predestined mortals experience first vision of Divine Spirit, they get elated beyond measure. In this blissful state, brimming with joy, they pour out their feelings, expressed in devotional ecstasy of Gurbani Kirtan. It is piercing like Celestial Music, in accordance with Will‐Divine. Revelation of this nature through personages of Gurus was also automatic under compulsion of joyful direct experience, most high through Divine Communication. Timeless Being, Lord Almighty, willed this revelation so as to establish witness for the benefit of non‐believer mortals. Thus under authority of Divine is established the reality of invisible spiritual states visioned, as invisible is made visible. In the face of Truth Divine, it would not be possible to deny for Gursikhs, rather the reality will coax them to progress further in spirit of elation. In this vein, Lord of Gursikhs, fifth Nanak has revealed this authenticated Gurbani about Anhad Shabad: nv inDy nau inDy myry Gr mih AweI rwm ] sBu ikCu mY sBu ikCu pwieAw nwmu iDAweI rwm ] nwmu iDAweI sdw sKweI shj suBweI goivMdw ] gxq imtweI cUkI DweI kdy n ivAwpY mn icMdw ] goivMd gwjy Anhd vwjy Acrj soB bxweI ] khu nwnk ipru myrY sMgy qw mY nv iniD pweI ]3] All the nine treasures are available at my door. I have attained all through Naam‐contemplation. Meditating Naam, Lord has become my constant natural Companion. Gone is all worry, no more straying about, my stable mind is ever carefree and peaceful. Automatic is the thundering of Lord from within and Unstruck Ethereal Music, Anhad Shabad of ecstatic beauty. Says Nanak, Lord abiding with me, I have attained all the nine treasures. 3. Rag Aasa Chhant M.5 Ghar 1 p.452‐53 Devotees of ordained Gurmat‐Naam, Gurmukhs have personally verified Gurbani‐Truth. Naamdevotion enables all the above quoted experiences and accomplishment of stated spirituality. With enlightenment of Naam, the interior being is all lighted up. The treasure of all treasures, WAHEGURU, is visioned closer than the closest, in the very being. This comes as undeniable experience. Here and now, a direct experience! All worries are then gone. Mind abandons all straying about and dwells steadily in peace. Lord thunders forth from within and being is rejuvenated with perpetual youth. Mind is blissful, imbued with Divine‐Love and beauty. Meeting Lord, Husband, face to face and in full contact, one is blessed with real treasures and cherished life objective. All talk of other supernatural powers appears to be a lowly acquisition.
  5. Where can I find detailed information regarding Jassa Singh Ahluwalia rescuing 2200 Hindu girls in 1761? Any (near) contemporary sikh persian or english sources?
  6. Baat agam ki is a collection of discourses in Punjabi by Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale discussing every aspect of Naam Simran and how to meet God. These are the English translations Discourses On The Beyond Part 1 Discourses On The Beyond Part 2 Discourses On The Beyond Part 3 Discourses On The Beyond Part 4 Discourses On The Beyond Part 5 Also below is the Punjabi version Baat Agam Ki 1 Baat Agam Ki 2 Baat Agam Ki 3 Baat Agam Ki 4 Baat Agam Ki 5 Baat Agam Ki 6 Baat Agam Ki 7
  7. Any information on baba ji like which sampardi they belong to and which gurdwara they do sewa at? This shows them doing katha but cant find any more info. https://youtu.be/dBIU2E6Biz0
  8. Sant Waryam Singh Ratwaara Sahib Darshan of Akaal Purakh Waheguru During Divan.. yes it has been put on this site multiple... times... Yes in fact I myself have made a thread about it... BUT it is too amazing not to bring up again! Audio in this one is cleaned and is the five minutes excerpt from "Sakhi Bhai Manj" where Sant Ji speaks of the darshan!
  9. What is your favorite recitation of Guru Granth Sahib Ji? I like this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXoEAoRgx8k&list=PLSGC7GtoSGBHvSloG_39E7t3mT9VAJyVW&index=1 Also, what is the easiest to understand and read Steek, Teeka of Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran?
  10. when i try to message you it says The member N30 S!NGH cannot receive any new messages
  11. Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji covers everything that has to do with Nam in his book. What is Nam? Who gives Nam? How to pratice Nam? Misconceptions about Nam? and many more questions that are answered You can download it from this link http://khalsaspirit.com/files/Naam_Tay_Naam_Daa_Daata_Satguru.pdf Someone on this forum had uploaded it? http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,33568
  12. My father-in-law passed in a tragic accident involving an 18-wheeler. He was dropping passenger(s) off at Newark airport when he slid on black ice from a previous sleet/snow storm. After the car came to a stop, my father in law checked on the passengers to make sure everyone was okay. After that he proceeded to exit the vehicle to put proper flags, caution lights, etc. out to warn any oncoming traffic. Keep in mind he lost control on an exit ramp leading to the airport. Within minutes, an 18-wheeler came barreling up and around the ramp. Losing control because of speed and other unknown reasons, the truck spun out of control. After the sheriffs arrived to the scene and began to check on everyone involved in the accident, they realized the driver (my father in law) was missing. An officer then went to investigate the surroundings in search of my Parminder. A bit later, he was discovered under the truck. He was covered in snow. After removing the snow, it was obvious he passed of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and body. He was pronounced dead at the scene. My father in law loved to give. He would give you the turban off of his head, the shirt off of his back or the very last dollar in his pocket. He was very involved in the Sikh community here in NYC and loved to make a difference. He loved everyone he met and never stopped laughing. He helped anyone and everyone he possibly could. Any and all support is and will be treasured. http://www.gofundme.com/SupportTheSinghs
  13. I know there are couple of kathas of pandit ji online, but Pandit Ji mentions that he has debates muslims and other religions does anyone have any of those recorded or any other kathas.
  14. Let me share with you the story of my friend who never lost hope and always inspired hope in me when I was down. This young Singh came from a tragic background in Delhi, when he was 6 years old his mother was forced to separate him from his grandmother and brought him to New-Zealand. Here the Singh grew up without any family support, the family robbed his parent dry of any money. Tragically they lost all they had in India. In New-Zealand a con man robbed his immediate family of their finances by offering them a fake job offer. The authorities refused to listen to them. Whenever they applied for residency things hit the fan quite hard. Ultimately betrayed by friends and family Singh prepared himself for suicide. Yet after reading about Shaheed Singhs Singhnis (our ancestors and parents who died for righteousness, love, life and to keep our flags high and inspire equality in this miserable planet) he refused to give in and slogged on with life. Ultimately he became amritdhari and was inches away from gaining residency this year. Yet betrayal happened again. He was advised to do a certain course to achieve his dreams yet the laws changed. Now he has six months left in NZ. When his grandmother died he was not allowed to attend her funeral. Why did she die? Because of him, of what he was living through the hell he faced. Today he is torn between going back to stark poverty or staying and doing study and seva in NZ. So a new strategy has manifested itself. He must marry someone in this nation. But brothers and sisters how is this possible and what should he do? None of the Sikh communities here has helped him. In fact they have told him to go back and die in a few words as possible, and even banned him form a gurghar. What should he do now? And how can he obtain Mahakaal's grace and gain peace. It seems everytime he packs his bag a new strategy comes his way. This marriage one is 100% certain to work. None of our sisters has agreed to the proposal plus he is studying construction, has university potential (officially proven) is a Sardar and has no addictions. I know him quite well and love him like a brother and want to help him. So what strategy can I chalk out?
  15. Just out of interest did the Akali Nihangs try ousting the corrupt sanataani elements which had overtaken darbar sahib back in those days?
  16. (Admin jee - can this be a sticky? Want max sangat to know about amrit sanchaar!) Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh University of Waterloo’s Sikh Student Association Cordially invites all of you to join us for the 20th anniversary of Waterloo's Youth Keertan Darbars on March 15 –17th, 2013 Programme: Friday (evening) Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm Program type: Akhand Keertan Location: Cambridge Gurughar (1401 Roseville Road) Saturday (morning) Time: 6:00am – 10:00am Program type: Asa Di Vaar Location: Local House (TBD) Saturday (evening) Time: 6:00pm – 2:00am Youth Keertan Darbar Location: Kitchener Gurughar (2070 Snyder’s Road) *Amrit Sanchar STARTS at 6:00pm* (Contact us if you wish to take Amrit) Sunday (morning) Time: 1:00pm Event type: Gatka Location: Kitchener Gurughar (2070 Snyder’s Road) For those who do not have rides, there will be a FREE BUS leaving from Dixie Gurughar (7080 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario) at 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 in time for the YKD @Kitchener Gurughar. Please contact us if you would like to be on the bus. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via: Email – uofwssa@gmail.com Phone: 647 460-1882
  17. Sant Teja Singh Ji Birth and the Environment Niranjan Singh Mehta, who came to be known as Sant Teja Singh Ji later on, was born to mother Ram Kaur on 14 May, 1877 in village Balowali (Gujranwala Pakistan). His father Bhai Ralla Singh, was a medical doctor in Central Jail, Lahore. The grandfather of Sant Ji, named Bhai Nanak Chand Ji, was a very pious soul who used to provide food and other financial assistance to the poor and the downtrodden. On account of his generosity, he was popularly known as Nanak Shah. The maternal grandfather of Sant Ji, Bhai Bhag Singh Ji, was a Gursikh who used to get up daily at 3 in the morning, take his bath and recite all the Gurbanis (holy hymns) of Panj Granthi (a compilation of holy hymns from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). He used to make copies of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in his own hand. The mother of Sant Ji, Bibi Ram Kaur Ji, was a devoted Gursikh and was full of humility and contentment. The village Balowali, where Sant Ji was born, is located in the holy land of Eminabad (Sadipur Pathana), where Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed a carpenter named Bhai Lalo and revealed to him that the Almighty had ordained, "Nanak, go forth and apply the healing balm of the Divine Name to the scorched and burnt up hearts of men." Education Bhai Niranjan Singh Mehta (Sant Ji) was brought up in these environments of the area of Eminabad charged with holy bliss of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He studied for two years in his village school under the guidance of a teacher Mian Mohamed Din. Later on he was sent to an English School by his father; first at Fazilka and later on at Lahore. He passed his BA from Government College, Lahore and LLB from Law College, Lahore in 1900 AD. He passed his MA in 1901 AD, standing first in the Punjab University, Lahore. Marriage While he was studying in the school, his grandfather married him to Bibi Bishan Kaur, the daughter of Bhai Jhanda Singh of village Dhaular. Sant Ji had three children; two boys, Mukand Singh and Hari Singh and one girl, Bibi Jit Kaur. The youngest boy Hari Singh was a pious soul who made several prophecies and died in his childhood. Legal Practice and Service in Salt Department He started legal practice at Gujjranwala but in this profession he had to do things against his conscience and therefore, left it. He competed in the All-India competition for the job of Assistant Superintendent, North India Salt Department and was selected. He served this department from 1902 to 1904. Production of salt was a government-controlled enterprise and poor people were debarred from producing salt to make their both ends meet. This frustrated him and he thought of adopting the career of a teacher. He corresponded with Sir Sunder Singh Majithia, Secretary of the Khalsa College, Amritsar, and was offered a position of Vice-Principal. He then discussed this case with his Commissioner, Mr F M Bakley who also encouraged him to take up teaching profession and granted him leave for one year to try this career. Mr Bakley pointed out that in his early life, he had an opportunity to become a clergyman, but he missed it and repented thereafter. He further told Sant Ji that in education, if one is able to reform and develop the personality of even one individual he would get divine blessings. Vice-Principal / Principal, Khalsa College Amritsar Sant Ji joined as Vice-Principal of the Khalsa College, Amritsar in 1903 AD. In teaching, listening to holy hymns and rendering service with love and devotion, his one year's leave came to an end. He wrote down his resignation to the Salt Department but did not yet post it. One day, Sir Sunder Singh Majithia met Sant Ji in the College Gurdwara and enquired about the submission of his resignation. Sant Ji replied that a thought of uncertainty of his service in the Khalsa College had not yet permitted him to resign from his permanent job in the Salt Department. At this moment, Sir Sunder Singh Majithia spontaneously recited a holy hymn: Sail Pathar Meh Jant Upaaey Ta Ka Rizak Aage Kar Dharya. (495) (In the words of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, simultaneously with the creation of all the beings in rocks and mountains, the bounteous Lord has already placed their sustenance right before them. ) This holy hymn re-established the faith of Sant Ji in the Creator and he resigned from his permanent post in the Salt Department. This further generated a wave of love and devotion for service to the humanity in his mind. Holy Sight (Darshan) of Sant Attar Singh Ji Sant Ji (named Niranjan Singh Mehta at that time) became Principal of the Khalsa College, Amritsar in 1905. During this period, he met Braham Gyani (God-Conscious) Sant Baba Sham Singh Ji for spiritual blessing who hinted to him that Sant Attar Singh Ji had come to Lahore (now in Pakistan). He developed a keen desire to meet Sant Attar Singh Ji and went to Lahore at the week-end. He had the opportunity of having the holy sight (darshan) of Sant Attar Singh Ji and the latter remarked after the introduction, "Bhai, he (Niranjan Singh Mehta) is a pious soul". He thus got the grace of Sant Attar Singh Ji and attained the everlasting bliss. In the words of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Saadh Kai Sang Naheen Kachh Ghaal Darshan Bhetat Hot Nihaal. (272) (In the gracious company of the God-Conscious persons, one has to struggle the least to control one's mind. With the holy sight of the God-Conscious persons, one attains everlasting bliss and resigns to His will under all circumstances.) Within a week of coming back from Lahore to Amritsar, Bhai Teja Singh Ji came to know that Sant Attar Singh Ji had come to Tarn Taran (24 km from Amritsar). He went to Tarn Taran along with his mother, wife, his son Kuldip Singh (renamed Mukand Singh after taking Amrit) and his servant Achhar Singh. While sitting in meditation and hearing holy hymns, a Divine Voice told him, "In case you wish to become God-conscious in this birth, then you should take Amrit (the holy nectar) of Guru Gobind Singh Ji". With an intense desire to take Amrit, he begged Sant Attar Singh Ji for this. He thus took "Amrit" from Sant Attar Singh Ji along with his mother and family in 1906 and changed his name from Niranjan Singh Mehta to Teja Singh. Dedication at Mastuana Sahib As per the wishes of Sant Attar Singh Ji, he went to attend the holy congregation at Mastuana Sahib. A proposal to open a school at this place was finalized and Sant Teja Singh Ji dedicated his services for this purpose. Sant Attar Singh Ji then expressed, "I wish that an educational institution is established where the spiritual science as advocated by Guru Nanak and the material science of the west are combined together for teaching the students so that they may adopt the spiritual philosophy in action and become assets to the world," In order to fulfill the mission of Sant Attar Singh Ji, Bhai Teja Singh Ji made up his mind to go abroad for acquiring higher education of western sciences. This was approved by Sant Attar Singh Ji with his blessings. Sant Attar Singh Ji also gave him a sum of Rupees one hundred and twenty five and later bade him farewell with the following messages: 1. Keep your entire original form of body and hair intact, enter not into controversies, simply say with folded hands that we have not formed this, it is the gift of God. 2. Wherever you go, establish Sikh temples (Gurdwaras). 3. Convey the message to the people of western countries (Europe and America) that the development of occult powers (Ridhi and Sidhi) to work miracles are nothing. The Divine realization is much beyond these. 4. One, who develops desire and craving under the influence of ego for delivering spiritual discourses and lectures, should desist from doing so and the other, who is free from these cravings, may do so. Higher Studies and Spreading Guru Nanak's Mission in Foreign Countries He left for England in August 1906 under the patronage of Sant Attar Singh Ji for higher studies. He studied at the University College, London and at the Cambridge University from 1906-1908. For the first time in the history of this University, he brought round the authorities to let him tie the turban according to the Sikh religion tenets. He joined a summer school in the Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York in 1908. Later, he joined the Harvard University in USA and took his Masters' degree in 1911. During his stay abroad, he established Sikh Dharamshala in London in 1910. A Sikh Gurdwara was got built in Victoria BC in Canada in 1912-13. He served the Sikhs and other Indian communities in Vancouver BC and organized the Khalsa Diwan there. He pleaded with the Canadian Government for Indians who were being ordered to leave the country and won the legal battle. He established the Sikh Temple at Stockton, California in USA and organized the Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society in 1912. In America, he also met Baba Baisakha Singh, Baba Jawala Singh and other members of the Gaddar party (struggling for the freedom of India at that time). AM Degree at Harvard, USA On account of his services to the Indian community in Canada and America, he was branded as a freedom fighter (political worker) by the then British Government and as such, he had to face many difficulties in his studies. In the last trimester of his studies at the Harvard University, he had no money to pay his dues and was, therefore, served a notice by the University either to pay his fees or quit. Under these circumstances, he got immersed in the Divine within and enquired from his wife as to whether she had developed any worldly longing for material benefits. She exclaimed that she had developed a desire that on completion of this higher education, her husband would be able to get a high official post on his return to India with rich worldly comforts. Sant Ji told her that her thought of worldly desire had become a stumbling block in the completion of his degree at this last moment. He at once asked her to join in a prayer with full devotion, "O Lord ! everything is yours and we are only to render service according to Your will without developing any thought and desire for ultimate worldly benefits." In the words of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (Sukhmani Sahib): Karam Karat Howai Nihkaram Tis Baisnu Ka Nirmal Dharam Kahoon Phal Ki Ichha Nahee Bachhai Kewal Bhagat Kirtan Sang Rachai (274) (The sacred duty (Dharma) of a man is that one should remain selfless and detached from the worldly greediness in his actions and performance of duties in his life. One should not desire for worldly benefits in lieu of his rendering service and duties. One should have faith in God and remain immersed in His Glory and the Divine Law. In fact, this is called ‘Karama Yoga’.) No sooner did Sant Ji completed his prayer and recited the Divine Name than his Professor, Mr Blisso Parry came to meet him and entered his room. Dr Parry offered him one hundred and ten dollars for paying his fees and clearing his dues in the University. Dr Parry told him that he had come to know about his inability to pay his fees in the University and, therefore, he had come to offer his humble assistance. Sant Ji exclaimed that the God is bountiful and we are full of shortcomings. He then paid all the dues in University and got his Masters' degree from the Harvard University in 1911. Light Shall Again Come From the East During his visit to Chicago in USA, Sant Teja Singh Ji met Rev Jenkin Llyod Jones, Lord Bishop of the largest Unitarian Church of Chicago, who was a pious, learned and highly respected person. Rev Jones was an open-minded person and it was he who had organized a Parliament of all the religions of the world in which Swami Viveka Nand Ji also participated. After a brief introduction, Sant Teja Singh Ji and Rev Jones exchanged views on various aspects of spiritualism. Sant Ji explained the sacred mission of Guru Nanak Dev Ji for attaining the Divine Peace. At this point, Rev Jones got so much inspired that he got up from his chair, warmly shook hands with Sant Ji and with great love exclaimed, "Brother Teja Singh, Light shall again come from the East. We in the West are quite unfit for it." Sant Ji presented him all the six volumes of the book on ‘The Sikh Religion’ written by Mr Makalay. Rev Jones got so impressed with the Sikh Religion that he requested Sant Ji to participate in the Congress of free Christianity and Religious progress at Berlin, Germany, organized by the Unitarian Church of Chicago to explain the glories of the Sikh Religion and spiritual path shown by Guru Nanak. On his invitation, Sant Ji attended this Congress along with delegates of all the religions of the world. All the delegates spoke about the teachings and philosophies of their respective religions. Sant Ji in his address, explained the spiritual mission of Guru Nanak Dev Ji revealing that the whole created universe has sprung up from one Divine Light and the bodies of the people of all the religions, races, castes, colors and creeds are made up of one common material (five elements or Panch Tatt. i.e. earth, water, air, energy and gaseous sphere). The sense of mine and thine forms the dark clouds of ignorance against the Divine Light and becomes a bar to self-realization. Under the influence of lust, greed and sense of egoism, mine and thine, the people involve themselves in the animal instinct of actions, reactions and fighting, If we remove the veil of selfishness and egoism by immersing ourselves in the Divine Name, the Divine Light shines in all the human hearts and leads to the realization of the One-in-All and the All-in-one. Sant Ji further pointed out that without self-realization (the Divine within), there can not be any permanent peace in the world for which Guru Nanak Dev Ji has shown the straight spiritual path. At this point, a great German Philosopher (delegate) stood up from his seat, warmly shook hands with Sant Ji and exclaimed loudly, "This is the thing we want". Rigorous Spiritual Training After completing his mission abroad, Sant Ji came back to India from Vancouver (Canada) in March 1913, traveling via Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Malaya. He reached Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana (Sangrur) and offered himself in the services of Sant Attar Singh Ji, who enquired about his trip abroad and then said, "Bhai Teja Singh, you have studied in various Universities and qualified in various examinations. Now you join the University of Spiritual Science at Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana and pass its various examinations". He bowed his head and submitted himself to Sant Ji and prayed to qualify the tests and examinations of Spiritual Science. Sant Attar Singh Ji exposed Bhai Teja Singh to rigorous spiritual training and tests. On his arrival at Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana, Sant Attar Singh Ji entrusted to him the duties of running a school, which he carried out faithfully under great stresses, strains and criticism. Many disciples of Sant Attar Singh Ji started thinking that Bhai Teja Singh has been given only the teaching duties whereas they were carrying out physical duties of digging of earth and other manual labor. Perceiving this, Sant Attar Singh Ji asked Bhai Teja Singh to dig the surroundings of big holy tank of the Gurdwara, 15 feet wide and one foot deep, within five weeks. In spite of this arduous manual work, Bhai Teja Singh Ji carried out the instruction of Sant Ji faithfully and effectively, in addition to his teaching duties. Sant Ji came after five weeks to Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana and on seeing the progress of teaching and digging of earth work being done by Bhai Teja Singh, approved it and showered his blessings on him, thereby indicating that he can also undertake physical work with all humility and devotion. This created further jealousy among the other disciples against Bhai Teja Singh and thus he was subjected to various kinds of criticism from them. They started putting many kinds of false complaints to Sant Ji against Bhai Teja Singh and went to the extent of saying that the latter has spoiled the work and has eroded the funds of Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana. Sant Attar Singh Ji said, "Teja Singh Ji, people regard me as a saint, but it is difficult even to become a Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev Ji." This clearly indicated that Sant Ji prepared Bhai Teja Singh Ji for still strict tests of enduring criticism, abuses and defamation in the same way as admiration, fame and praises. In the next few days, the same things happened and Bhai Teja Singh was loudly criticized, abused and even man-handled by the jealous people. He endured all these with serene mind and showed great humility. So much so that the disciples and other people of surrounding villages created such a kind of atmosphere that Sant Attar Singh Ji asked Bhai Teja Singh Ji to quit this place after handing over all the charges of the school, Gurdwara, Guru Ka Langar and other infrastructure to a committee formed for this purpose. He completely submitted to the words of Sant Ji and handed over all the charges to the committee. At this time, there was a debt of Rupees ten thousand due to the receipt of advance construction material and wages of the labor engaged in construction work. On the next day when he met Sant Ji, he was asked to try to clear the debt. Bhai Teja Singh Ji with folded hands humbly told that he would mortgage his only house at Gujranwala and clear the debt of the holy place. This inspired the other devotees sitting there who exclaimed, "Bhai Teja Singh Ji has won the spiritual battle". Sant Ji was extremely pleased with the successful passing of Bhai Teja Singh Ji in various tests and showered his blessing on him saying, "Bhai Teja Singh has to render a great service to humanity and he will continue to do so wherever he goes." Serving Educational Institutions Sant Teja Singh Ji left Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana and reached Gujranwala. He mortgaged his only house and cleared the debts. He tried to keep himself aloof from the public life and engrossed himself in the Divine Name. However, within a few days, the Gujranwala public approached Sant Teja Singh Ji and requested him to restart the Guru Nanak Khalsa College Gujranwala under his patronage. He declined but when he was told that this is the decision of the holy congregation and is a binding on him, he accepted the same. He started this College in 1917 and remained its Principal up to 1919. Pt. Madan Mohan Malaria, President of Banaras Hindu University, approached Sant Attar Singh Ji in 1919 and requested him for the services of Sant Teja Singh for starting Teacher's Training College in that University. Sant Attar Singh Ji asked Bhai Teja Singh Ji to go to Banaras to help the University. Sant Teja Singh Ji joined as Principal of this College and established its working. He remained there for about one year. This gave great fame to him. The distinguished personalities and the holy congregation approached Sant Attar Singh Ji to call back Bhai Teja Singh for starting Akal College at Gur Sagar Sahib, Mastuana. Bhai Teja Singh Ji resigned the job of Principalship of Banaras Hindu University and joined service at Akal College, Mastuana, which he faithfully did till the end of 1920. Sant Teja Singh Ji also established Khalsa High School, Kallar in Rawalpindi district (now in Pakistan) and other educational institutions and carried out the instructions of Sant Attar Singh Ji for rendering service to various educational institutions and service to humanity. He was sent many a time by Sant Attar Singh Ji to resolve very crucial and vital issues of the Sikh Panth by conveying the message of Sant Ji to various organizations of the Sikhs including Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. Final Spiritual Training Perceiving his last days, Sant Attar Singh Ji asked Bhai Teja Singh to leave all other activities and be with him. Bhai Teja Singh Ji constantly remained in attendance on Sant Attar Singh Ji and imbibed final spiritual training and merged his identity with the One-in-All and All-in-One. Sant Attar Singh Ji bestowed his blessings on Bhai Teja Singh Ji to carry out the divine mission of Guru Nanak for the uplift of mankind without any distinction of caste, creed, race or color. Construction of Gurdwaras He constructed Gurdwara Tapiana Sahib Kanoha Ki Jhangi (now in Pakistan), where Sant Attar Singh Ji had constantly meditated on the Divine Name for about two years. In 1932, he undertook the construction of Gurdwara Nanaksar Cheema (Sangrur, Punjab, India) whose foundation was earlier laid by Sant Attar Singh Ji by revealing that this place had been blessed with the holy visit of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and completed it in the succeeding years and also established a Gurmat Vidyala there. He also laid the foundation of Gurdwara Janam Asthan Nanaksar Cheema in 1960 at the place where Sant Attar Singh Ji was born. At the time of his passing four storeys were completed. The Spiritual Uplift Work With the hearty blessings of Sant Attar Singh Ji, Sant Teja Singh Ji undertook the work of spiritual uplift among the Sikhs and other communities without any distinction of cast, creed, race or color in India and many other foreign countries. (a) In the United Punjab: From 1928-47, Sant Teja Singh Ji preached the Divine path (Guru Nanak's teachings) in the United Punjab, particularly in the areas from Lahore to Peshawar. He used to say, "My dear fellows (both Sikhs and Hindus), leave these areas and settle down in the areas beyond Lahore." While saying so in early forties, he has had the vision of the uprooting of the people of these areas. His prophecy came true in 1947 when India was partitioned. ( At Khalsa College Amritsar: Sant Ji used to inspire the students to imbibe the divine virtues along with the worldly education. Some of the students would argue that they do not find time from their studies for reciting the holy hymns and the Divine Name. Sant Ji explained, "Where there is a will, there is a way. When I was ignorant of the holy hymns and the Divine Name, I had to exert very hard to get through the various examinations from the Punjab University. However, when I started devoting time in the evenings and mornings in the Divine Name and the recitation of the holy hymns, I felt neither tension nor difficulty in qualifying my examinations with honor and success during my studies in England and USA". In 1949, he addressed the students at Khalsa College, Amritsar and inspired them to follow the path of Guru Nanak and participate in spreading His message to the mankind for establishing the Divine peace in the world. Those students who offered themselves for the mission of Guru Nanak were taken to Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh for teaching the basic tenets of the Divine Path shown by Guru Nanak. © In African Countries: In 1954, he went to many African countries and spread the message of Guru Nanak. He advised the Asian settlers to develop love and affection for the local population and help their needy brethren. In Uganda, he told the settlers that the day may not be far off when they would have to leave this country. This did happen in the subsequent years during the regime of Idi Amin. Addressing the Eighth Congress of Religions in Japan He undertook the work of spiritual uplift of humanity in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, USA and Canada in 1955-56. During this period, he delivered an address on the occasion of the Eighth Congress of Religions for the world peace organized by Ananai-Kyo, Shimizu city, Japan in 1956. The full text of this lecture "The way to establish Permanent peace" is given in the following pages. Revelation of the Tapo Bhoomi Baru In July 1957, he revealed the Tapo Bhoomi of Baru where many Rishis, Munis and saints had meditated on the Divine Name and also blessed with the holy visit of Tenth Guru. Here, Gurdwara was constructed and provision of Guru Ka Langar was made. During the invocatory prayer (Ardas) he passionately prayed, with tears rolling down, to Akal Purakh (God) to bestow His Grace on the sacred mission so that it grows and carries His message of the Divine peace and spiritual brotherhood to the mankind in the world. He used to visit this place during summer along with his devotees for meditation and solemnization of Akhand Path till his demise. The Kalgidhar Trust For continuing the work of the spiritual uplift among the people through combination of the scientific education and religious education, Sant Ji organized a trust named as The Kalgidhar Trust. The activities of this Trust, based at the Sant Attar Singh Hari Sadhu Ashram, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, carried out as per the blessings and guidance of Sant Ji.
  18. GPU, for Game-Playing Unit, is a biweekly magazine that focuses on graphics and all kinds of games, but also covers all tech in general. Written in whole by Darwesh Singh, a 15-year old, GPU is available on the iBookstore. Currently, it is only available for iPads and iPad 2s, not for the iPhone or any other device. He is hoping that it will expand as time goes on. Here is a link to the iTunes Store, where you can get a sneak peek at some of his magazines: http://itunes.apple....497289149?mt=11 Please note that the issues are all interactive, and at the beginning of each issue, there is an intro video, and the mag is filled with interactive slideshows, polls, and other media. Attached are some screenshots of the mag, taken by myself. Each issue is downloaded as an individual book, and requires iBooks on your iPad. If you dont want to check for a new issue every week or two, select the 'Alert Me' option on Darwesh's page, and you will be immediately notified when a new issue is released. Please don't forget to review after reading! sevadaar
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g822uRM3YLo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWSrH-UiunQ&feature=related
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