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Found 2 results

  1. I'm going to start a new topic for this sensation and see if we can document what the different meditation practices say it is. There are references to this phenomenon in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji so we will accept it existence. Secondly I will confirm first hand as already stated in the experience topic that this sensation has been happening to me for quite a while. Initially it lasted for only a couple of days then went away, then it came back again and it stayed a bit longer and so on. Now it has got to the stage for the past month or so where I'm experiencing it all day everyday. So let's start.... How do you know if you have Entered a state of meditation? How do you determine, then, if you have reached a state of meditation? In fact, there are three responses that indicate this state of mind, and they are easily determined during or right after your Dahn Yoga class. Firstly, sweet saliva pools in your mouth. This phenomenon occurs when you are relaxed and the water energy in your spinal cord and brain flows smoothly. Conversely, anyone with nervous tension can probably remember having a dry mouth. This means that your mind was not able to maintain a meditative state and that water energy doesnt flow well in your body and brain. In fact, the incredible taste of the tea after class is due to the sweet saliva in your mouth produced by the Dahn Yoga exercise! Secondly, your head becomes cool and your lower belly becomes warm. This is the effect of Water Up Fire Down, a phenomenon in which water energy from the kidneys circulates upward to the head and fire energy from your head and chest flows downward. This same phenomenon also brings warmth to your hands and feet. Thirdly, a smile spreads across your face. This means that idle and negative thoughts and emotions have decreased and youve reached a positive state of awareness. This is reflected in your smile after Dahn Yoga classesa smile that is purely natural and authentic because it bursts automatically from your heart without thought or judgment. If you have experienced these conditions after a Dahn Yoga class, it means that you did indeed enter a meditative state. These three ways of checking the state of your mind and condition will be a helpful reminder for you to bring focus and energy back to your body, your dahnjon, and your smile! http://www.dahnyoga.com/community/news_and_articles_details.aspx?id=1764
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