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Found 4 results

  1. Very interesting website that contains original documents translated into english having to do with Aurangzeb's rule. Most of them about demolishing temples. A great tool for researching this period. http://www.aurangzeb.info/?m=1
  2. Hi All, I've read a lot of positive news lately between Muslims and Sikhs. lots of shared history between Muslim sufis and Sikh Gurus. However one point of contention seems to be how Muslims and Sikhs view the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. There seems to be different accounts of his legacy - either a pious Muslim leader who did execute people based purely on political grounds rather than religious ones, - on the other a despotic ruler who forced the Hindus to Islam. Historical records provide evidence for both. What are the views on the people on this forum?
  3. In this tomb lies the body of the man that poisoned relations between communities perhaps forever. There lies the body of the man that committed so much crimes during his day that its beyond comprehension. The tomb lies in the deep south where Aurangzeb spent the last 30 years of his life fighting the marathas. Based on his last days Aurangzeb was extremely repentent of the crimes he committed. Only God knows... The last words of Aurangzeb, addressed to his sons from death-bed, echo mournfully : “I came a stranger to this world and a stranger I depart. I know nothing of myself – what I am and what I was destined for. “My back is bent with weakness and my feet have lost the power of motion. The breath which rose is gone and has not left behind even a ray of hope. “The agonies of death come upon me fast. My vessel is launched upon the waves ! “
  4. There is a misrepresentation of the facts under Sikhs section on Aurangzeb page. Please the ones who are well aware of Sikh history correct the wrong information so world cannot be misled. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurangzeb
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