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Found 5 results

  1. This Is one of the best books out there when it comes to describing the revolutionary achievements of Sikhi in relation to caste during the early days of the Khalsa. It's essential reading in my opinion. Hope some people learn from it: https://ia802508.us.archive.org/17/items/TheSikhRevolutionAPerspectiveView/TheSikhRevolutionAPerspectiveView.pdf
  2. On the Caste Phenomenon in Armies This is not the case. The above is only a naive view of Indian caste phenomenon. You have overly simplified the reality into a sh*tty cartoon, and while the logic in that sh*tty cartoon holds up, it is a sh*tty logic that ignores the complexity of life. Unfortunately too many people make this same mistake that you are making. Too many people get caught up in this type of thinking and they make lofty theories and sometimes even alter our very history to suit their thinking. So what is really going on? Society A encourages the warri
  3. Is already in a thread, but G. Discussion seems to the most viewed. Many of the debates that have been seen over the past 2-3 days would be resolved with this thread. So as to not post a duplicate, will just post a link and put my post from there as the original post here. If this is not ok, please feel free to delete, will have no hard feelings. Just want to foster discussion, and have it be seen more. The most radical of the early Sikh writers on the issue of caste is the author of the Prem Sumarag. The Khalsa order, for him, was meant to be casteless. As he puts it, the
  4. http://www.interestingarticles.com/metaphysical/equality-and-caste-among-eighteenthcentury-sikhs-682.html Equality and Caste among Eighteenth-Century Sikhs The ideal of equality associated with the Sikh movement is generally believed to have been re-inforced by Guru Gobind Singh for the Khalsa, instituted as an egalitarian order in 1699. Therefore, the eighteenth century has an added importance for the study of caste among the Sikhs. A number of scholars have touched upon the subject of caste from different perspectives, but none of them has written exclusively on the issue of caste among t
  5. Disclaimer: The Caste Hierarchy cannot actually be explained away since its very complex. However I will attempt it anyway. Hopefully this sheds some light on the what's going on with the caste system. Jaikaara You can not erase the caste hierarchy. It is here to stay. Is a guru at the same level as his sikh? I don't think so. People are different, have different capabilities, interests, etc. Some fortunate others not so much, different environments. The list goes on, what it leads to are hierarchies. Some will acquire more or less knowledge, wealth, skills, strenght, agility, sp
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