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Found 5 results

  1. thakurdalipsinghjidipahal.mp4 Ki asi Sikh School ya Sikh colleges establish kar sakde aa? ya fhir eh gal sanu gurudwarya de khilaf lagdi he? Eh video mainu youtube de ek channel te mili c, ki eh sach asi accept krange ya fhir eh dekhiye ke eh gal kis insaan ne kahi?
  2. Curious children do better at school: Those who question the world around them excel in class, regardless of how wealthy their parents are, study finds Curious children perform better in reading and mathematical assessments Youngsters without access to reading materials still do well if they are curious Researchers believe curiosity should be encouraged to help drive learning Further studies are required to determine how curiosity can be boosted Previous research suggests maths games improve understanding of arithmetic Curious children do better at school, new research suggests. Inquisitive youngsters are more focused in class, and therefore perform better at reading and mathematical tests, a study found. Although children from less privileged backgrounds tend to do worse at school, the research found those who question the world around them perform as well as their well-off peers. Lead author Dr Prachi Shah, from the University of Michigan, said: 'Curiosity is characterised by the joy of discovery and the desire for exploration, and the motivation to seek answers to the unknown. 'Promoting curiosity in children, especially those from environments of economic disadvantage may be an important, under recognized way to address the achievement gap.' Curiosity drives a desire to learn Dr Shah said: 'Our results suggest that while higher curiosity is associated with higher academic achievement in all children, the association of curiosity with academic achievement is greater in children with low socioeconomic status.' The researchers believe children from more financially-secure backgrounds have greater access to books that encourage reading and mathematical achievements. Although youngsters from less privileged families may be more restricted to these resources, curiosity could drive a desire to learn, the researchers believe. Dr Shah added: 'Currently, most classroom interventions have focused on the cultivation of a child's self-regulatory capacities, but our results suggest that an alternate message, focused on the importance of curiosity, should also be considered. 'Promoting curiosity is a foundation for early learning that we should be emphasizing more when we look at academic achievement.' The researchers add more research is required to determine how to boost curiosity to benefit children's learning. How the research was carried out The researchers analysed 6,200 children at nine months and two years old, and again when they started school at around five. Questionnaires were completed by the children's parents to determine their youngsters' level of curiosity. The researchers also assessed the children's reading and mathematical skills. The findings were published in the journal Pediatric Research. Maths games boost children's understanding of arithmetic This comes after research released last July suggested playing maths games boosts youngsters' understanding of the subject. Simply reading numbers off of cards and sorting them in numerical order is enough to aid children's knowledge of arithmetic and geometry, a study found. The authors, which included scientists from Harvard University, wrote: 'The math games caused persistent gains in children's mathematical abilities'. They believe such play time should be incorporated into school curriculums to continue youngsters' maths knowledge as they age. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5674193/Curious-children-better-school-study-finds.html
  3. Marrying Daughters To Far Away Lands Would like to open a community forum to discuss the following huge problem in our Punjabi Sikh community. It is not being addressed in proportion to its immense magnitude and consequences. Are we brave and bold enough to tackle this growing social problem, uncomfortable and difficult though it may seem? A. How to identify and avoid deceptive conduct by the Boy's side before marraige and therefore avoid the girl going through consequent pain and suffering at the hands of the Boy and/or in-laws. More so, where this occurs on an international level where unsuspecting girls are lured into western countries under false pretences and promises. Far far away from parents, relatives and support structures. B. If for some reason the above (A) has failed and the girl has been married under deception and taken abroad to a western country. This can be a huge problem. It usually commences with emotional or physical or a combination and perpetrated by the Boy and/or in-laws. The girl may have little knowledge about local laws in a foreign land. May not be fluent in the local language and is unable to communicate issues to the authorities. She may be on a spouse visa and is so very dependent. Perhaps unable to speak to any outsider as being held just at home to do domestic work. Unable to talk to her parents or others, she slowly and slowly she succumbs to her controlled state as being normal! A sign of mental illness. What can the Sikh community or society in general do for these most vunerable members of our community? We have to think Hard and Honestly about this and map meaningful solutions through short, medium and long terms measures. This to be done through open and frank forum discussions, focus groups, workshops and other strategies. A story can be written and a movie can be made. The masses need to be properly educated in true Sikhism from grassroots upwards. The perpetrators be placed on an International Name and Shame register so that they do not repeat the act.
  4. WJKK..WJKF Waheguru Ji had done Kirpa on meme and I got to know about Life,karma and many aspects of this beautiful creation. Now as a normal Teenager,I was admitted into university for Management Course. Guru Granth sahib ji says again and again that wealth,wordly knowledge and education will give us nothing.Our only motive should be to devote ourselves to God as much as we can..so I feel like I am wasting my time in theese studies.I want to devote my life To Sikhi and Waheguru Ji ! But here In India nobody would help me to do that and My parents are very upset because like every other Parent they want me to study and be a Good Officer etc. I am pretty confused and don't know what to do..please Guide me brothers and sisters.
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