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Found 6 results

  1. This looks interesting. Marina Wheeler is Boris Johnson's first wife who has four kids with him. Her mother was from a Sikh background by the looks of it. According to this DM article, she looks like she wants to discover her 'lost heritage'. This is pertinent to me because recently I've been spending time with younger mixed race relatives, and some of the older ones now seem to resent being encouraged to be indifferent to the Sikh side of their heritage when growing up. Ms Wheeler was able to speak to her mother, Dip Singh, about her experiences in India, before she died of bowel cancer in February. When her mother was 14, they were forced to flee their side of the Punjab after it ended up on the side of Pakistan. Her family left their comfortable life and moved to Delhi, though Ms Wheeler says she has no recollection of ever meeting her grandfather. She told GMB: 'I was brought up very British - I don't know any Indian languages - and my mother made this conscious decision not to teach us any. 'It was this complete blank canvas, this whole side of my heritage, and I wanted to discover that. Speaking to Radio 4 about her mother, Ms Wheeler said: 'On one level it is simply that she came from a generation who didn't talk about their lives. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8941359/Boris-Johnsons-ex-wife-Marina-Wheeler-says-couple-years-traumatic.html#comments
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!! I just joined sikhawareness and glad to know that you all are doing such a great work. And I am here to ask something. I am an 18 years old girl. I did some sins, hurts my parents, in fact the whole family. I want forgiveness from my family as well as from God. And was thinking that this is possible only if I will take amrit and go on the right path. The path of our gurus. So that I'll never hurt my parents and family as well. But I have few questions in my mind. First of all let me tell you all that I don't even do regular nitnem. But I am trying now after the thought of taking amrit . I am really guilty of what I did. Don't want to do this anymore. Want my family back. Secondly, I am scared how my parents will react when I'll tell them about this decision. And will you tell me if I am going on a right way or not ?? I want a good sangat that's the other reason of taking amrit. And should I take it now or should I wait ?? How to tell my parents about my decision ?? Will I be able to keep all the internal and external rehits?? Because I've already did so many wrong things and now I don't want that I'll take amrit and later not be able to keep it. Please help me.
  3. Puratan paintings of Singhnis almost never show the sikh women wearing turbans. Most paintings I have looked at often show Singhnis with braided hair or sometimes with a top-knot. That said... Out of like a hundred paintings I looked at, I saw one where it seemed like a Singhni is wearing a dastaar boonga. It could be a prepubescent male since there is no visible breast shape in the painting however the clothing, pink salwar kameez, seem to suggest that it is a woman with her family. This was painted in 1838 Ad.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The bellow is a post from a Kaur on another forum, and I would really appreciate if the Sangat on here especially Kaurs could help her. Link to orginal All posts on here will be copied and pasted. Thanks in advance Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I’m a sikh girl currently in my teen years attending high school and have been facing so many issues with my family and have become fed up with it. I come from a family of 4 daughters and my parents have always wanted a son as long as i can remember. They always remind me of how i’m a girl and shouldn’t being doing certain things. I was okay with it because I understood how if i did certain things, it would affect my family’s image in society but now it’s becoming too much. They are just accusing me for the most random things like how they think I’m on drugs when I’m actually just tired after long day of first going to school and then going to work and then I also have to complete my homework. Now that its the summer, my life revolves around my job and doing the household chores. I get taunted for everything I do on a daily basis. If i touch my phone to text my manager about my schedule they will automatically think that I’m texting my friends or that I have a boyfriend. If I go upstairs to my room and sit at my desk sorting old school work, they will yell at me and again accuse me of being a “bad” girl and force me to come sit downstairs on the sofa. Whenever they pick me up from work they start talking to me about how arranged marriages are better and that if i ever get a boyfriend they would kick me out of the house or even kill me, or about how they don’t want me going to university in another city because they think I’m going to become a “bad” girl and how its going to affect my dad’s image in society. I have developed a fear against them now and am scared of even going biking outside with my cousin as I feel like they are going to accuse me of something when i get back. My dad has a really bad temper and I have been through a lot of physical abuse growing up and to make myself feel a little better I would pick up my Gutka sahib and start doing prayers, hoping that maybe waheguru has something better for me in the future and that it will be ok, but now I’m becoming doubtful. I have no one to share my feelings with because my parents will just think i’m faking it and my sisters just don’t get what i try to tell them. I’m losing my friends because I am not allowed to go to their birthday parties or just go out with them in general, so they get mad at me. From when I was younger, my mother constantly tells me about the duties of a girl and if she lost her temper with me she would tell me how it would have been better if she had aborted me at birth. I’ve cried myself to sleep so many days of my life. my dad has pulled my hair,made me stand outside in the cold,and spilled milk that I was drinking all over my face when he got mad at me for doing things like not passing the Tv remote to him or being in school group project with both boys and girls. I have attempted suicide so many times but don’t actually do it because I felt that if i managed to survive they would taunt me for the rest of my life. Now that I’ve got a job my mom always wants me to pay for things when we go out or she wants a certain amount from my paycheque. A couple of days ago my younger sisters spilled paint all over the driveway and I had just come back from work so i had no idea about it but my dad started yelling at me and my older sister about how he thinks we are just so useless and what will the neighbours think. He told my younger sisters that he had beat me and my older sister up when we were younger and how we still remember and will do the same to my younger sisters if they do anything wrong. I don’t know what to do and who to go to about this. I feel so helpless and am tired of the taunting,yelling,emotional and physical abuse my parents are making me go through. Please tell me what I should do. I pray to waheguru but don’t know why he’s not listening to me. i want to move out at 18 but i know that they won't let me because I'm a girl and blah blah blah. What should i do?
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