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Found 5 results

  1. What you think about Harnek Naki of Radio Virsa
  2. According to what I know till now, one cannot raise his consciousness above the mind’s creation by himself. Causal plane is the ultimate level, upto which one can raise his consciousness using mind. To go beyond that is impossible without the pull of Love from the other side. And a Perfect Living Master (PLM) does the same for us. Beyond the Causal Plane we shed all the coverings and experience our true nature, the Soul. So a PLM is essential for self realization. What are your views about this?
  3. waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ji fateh ji I just came across this website which points out that root cause of most problems in our Panth is due not to following the Panj Pyare Rehat Maryada which is Hukam of Guru Shahib. I have been reading articles on this website and lot of the things which they point out makes total sense, for example: Jathedars are creation of SGPC which was originally created by British Raj to contain political Sikh influence. Also another point which really struck me was that there is no mention of Panj Jathedars of Takats in Sikh History before 19
  4. Please can anyone give me the ang (page number) which explains about the architecture/creative-built of human body?
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