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Found 2 results

  1. Let me share with you the story of my friend who never lost hope and always inspired hope in me when I was down. This young Singh came from a tragic background in Delhi, when he was 6 years old his mother was forced to separate him from his grandmother and brought him to New-Zealand. Here the Singh grew up without any family support, the family robbed his parent dry of any money. Tragically they lost all they had in India. In New-Zealand a con man robbed his immediate family of their finances by offering them a fake job offer. The authorities refused to listen to them. Whenever they applied for residency things hit the fan quite hard. Ultimately betrayed by friends and family Singh prepared himself for suicide. Yet after reading about Shaheed Singhs Singhnis (our ancestors and parents who died for righteousness, love, life and to keep our flags high and inspire equality in this miserable planet) he refused to give in and slogged on with life. Ultimately he became amritdhari and was inches away from gaining residency this year. Yet betrayal happened again. He was advised to do a certain course to achieve his dreams yet the laws changed. Now he has six months left in NZ. When his grandmother died he was not allowed to attend her funeral. Why did she die? Because of him, of what he was living through the hell he faced. Today he is torn between going back to stark poverty or staying and doing study and seva in NZ. So a new strategy has manifested itself. He must marry someone in this nation. But brothers and sisters how is this possible and what should he do? None of the Sikh communities here has helped him. In fact they have told him to go back and die in a few words as possible, and even banned him form a gurghar. What should he do now? And how can he obtain Mahakaal's grace and gain peace. It seems everytime he packs his bag a new strategy comes his way. This marriage one is 100% certain to work. None of our sisters has agreed to the proposal plus he is studying construction, has university potential (officially proven) is a Sardar and has no addictions. I know him quite well and love him like a brother and want to help him. So what strategy can I chalk out?
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