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Found 4 results

  1. What you think about Harnek Naki of Radio Virsa
  2. HI everyone, As a sikh i think it is important that the sikhs have a homeland we can call our own since our Gurus sacrificed and faught so much for our freedom, rights and our land, Punjab, which we have now lost to India and Pakistan. We all need a nation and sikhs, for a proud and militant race with a noble history still do not have one yet. Currently the only option on the table is the Idea of a Khalistan which upon closer inspection seems like a hastily put together Idea in desperation to get a sort of a consolation prize. In my opinion it holds no value and I wanted to know what other intellectual Sikhs thought about it as currently it seems as though the driving force behind the notion of Khalistan is very disorganised and poorly thought out. Please share with me your thoughts, do you think Khalistan is an acheivable or realistic goal? Here are my reasons for critisizing the notion of Khalistan: Punjab is the Sikh homeland and it is here where our religion was born. Sikhism grew to popularity in Punjab in the 16th century in opposition to the Mughal rulers policy for the entire population to submit to Islam. Historically Sikhs resisted forced conversion and faught to defend other religios groups from persecution and submission to Islam also and eventually overthrew the mughal rulers. Punjab was then ruled under sikhs as a secular nation and under the principles of sikh teachings where all faiths and creeds were treated equally and in turn was revered by muslims, hindu's and sikhs alike. So why would sikhs now demand a small portion of Punjab as a country for only Sikhs? This would surely contradict the guru granth sahib which preaches co-existence and tolerence for other religions. When I think of a Sikh nation, I think of the pride of sikhism. An impressive reflection of Sikh values such as tolerence and freedom which would breed a vibrant, clean, non-currupt, multinational/cultural democratic country consisting of beautiful buildings and beautiful statues. I hardly think a sikh-only country demanded by narrow minded individuals will be able to acheive this since there will not be a diverse enough population to draw from in order to progress economic, social and urban development. Sikhs have a legitimate claim to the Whole of the Punjab. The fact that a minority of Punjabi's are sikhs does not mean we cannot claim the whole of Indian Punjab. A sikh country does not mean Sikh-only country, the fact there are many Hindu and Muslim punjabis in India does not mean that they will object to a sikh state if it was secular. I beleive Khalistan will be rejected by the non sikhs but an Independant Punjab has more validity and will be accepted by sikhs and non sikhs alike and therefore increasing the prospect of the state being created. Punjab IS the Sikh homeland PERIOD. An independant Punjab, The Republic of Punjab, will be the Sikh nation which in line with Sikhism will be democratic and secular for all Punjabi, and non punjabi, peoples. I wanted to bring these things to light and start a discussion with real sikh intellectuals rather than with the ignorant people who are mindlessly calling for a Khalistan. I started a Facebook page to make people more aware of these issues if you'd like to support it please like or share it, link is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Republic-of-Punjab/642347095799974 thank you, I'll look forward to hearing your responses!
  3. 3 conspiracies that don't make rational sense number one Bollywood is being used by hindu terrorist groups to destroy Sikhism and make Sikhs the laughing stock of india if this where true then quick question why do Muslims dominate Bollywood?? sharu khan amir khan salman khan number two black cats if the government hired fake black cats to kill innocent Sikhs to have Sikhs turn on the khalistan movement why don't these former black cats cash in and write a book human nature is that for most people it is hard to keep a secret and in today's world their is big cash for people who have inside information regarding the government and million dollar book deals also why would an intelligence agency take such a risk of hiring people to pretend to be khalistani to kill innocent people when those same very people can turn on them and bring the government down by letting the world know about such programs yes intelligence agencies use undercover agents and informants but that is completely different from hiring terrorists to commit terrorist acts An yes their where criminals who joined the khalistan movement but never really supported khalistan and these criminals targeted Sikhs with rape and extortion and they got into different khalistan movements because most khalistan groups where willing to recruit anyone who said they believed in khalistan third one AIR INDIA BOMBING seriously the chances of air india of being an inside job are no different then 9/11 being an inside job for one its hard for people to keep secrets water gate and bill Clinton sex scandal couldn't be kept secret to show you how hard it is to keep secrets bigger the secret the more tempted people are to spill the beans if air india was an inside job you know a lot of people would need to be involved and have a chance to make millions of dollars by coming out and writing a book about how they where involved in the air india conspiracy heck people from inside bush administration jumped at book deals and threw bush under the bus it shows you human nature and how hard it is for people to keep a secret and why intelligence agencies consider people's inability to keep secrets to be the biggest liability to their organisations if india intelligence was smart enough to pull off air india on Canadian soil then they would of dealt with Pakistan a long time ago it is a fact many khalistanis hate hindus and don't see them as innocent victims so it is true their where also khalistanis who wanted khalistan by eliminating hindus from punjab at same time their are khalistanis who think air india was a good thing but in front of white people they will blame the Indian government but in private circles they think air india bombing was a great thing and that people who slaughter innocent Hindus are heroes an yes the Punjab police and security forces where also barbaric and behaved like terrorists to bring down the movement but in Punjab we have a democracy and Sikhs choose to vote in corrupt politicians lets also not forget bhindranwale put all the innocent Sikhs lives in danger by turning the harmandar sahib into a military fort bhindranwale and Indira Gandhi are responsible for the innocent killed during operation bluestar
  4. Chandigarh – In a significant development, Babbar Khalsa International Operational Head Rattandeep Singhon Thursday recorded a confession statement about his involvement in the bomb blast at Sector 34, dating back to 1999, and named Pakistan-based head of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), Paramjeet Singh Panjwar, for masterminding the blast. He also stated during proceedings recorded on camera that Panjwar was smuggling heroin and smack into the state. A remorseful and somewhat angry Rattandeep also disclosed before the Magistrate that he had taken training in Pakistan and was sent by Panjwar to execute the bomb blast in Sector 34 on July 3, 1999. “I have been manipulated. We, who executed the operations, are suffering, while our bosses are minting money. Panjwar has been smuggling a large amount of heroin and smack into Punjab. If Punjab is crippled with the drug menace today, it is because of Panjwar,” he said. Meanwhile, Rattandeep Singh also disclosed that the recently held Jasbir Singh aka Jassa, another co-accused, who was arrested on November 9, had got him Rs 1 lakh prior to executing the blast. The UT police had brought Rattandeep to Chandigarh on November 5, nearly 15 years after the blast.Rattandeep was first arrested by the Punjab Police on September 18. The Chandigarh Police had identified him on July 5, 1999 with the help of the scooter that he had used to plant the bomb. The blast had taken place in the parking lot near Regional Passport Office (RPO), Sector 34, on June 30, 1999. Four persons were critically injured and a dozen vehicles were damaged in the blast. Rattandeep had escaped from the custody of the UT police in Jind on July 3, 1999. However, two others accused in the case, Sher Singh and Gurbakash Singh, were later arrested. While Sher Singh and Gurbaksh Singh were jailed for 10 years, Rattandeep was declared a Proclaimed Offender (PO). Sources in the operations cell (anti-terrorist squad) of UT police said, “During interrogation, Rattandeep narrated the pathetic condition of extremists based in Pakistan and other foreign countries. Panjwar, head of Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), is now a builder in Pakistan and under acute pressure of ISI to revive terrorism in Punjab.” He also disclosed his links with Pakistan-based head of Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), Ranjit Singh Neeta. Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/11/rattandeep-confesses-panjwar-as-mastermind-of-chandigarh-blast-drug-smuggling-in-punjab-police-claims/
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