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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone read a book called "Poetics of Dasam Granth" by Dr Darshan Singh? Dr Sahib has written this book from a poet's perspective and has given some valuable insights in the compositions of this Granth, and some of the revelations in this book are quite profound. One of the things he says at the beginning of the book is the fact that people have been looking/approaching this granth only from an academic point of view, without actually reading and understanding it from a poet's viewpoint. It made me think that there are an increasing number of nindaks, and their fanclubs (as we have seen on this forum very recently) who are not very aware themselves of the content of the granth but are quite happy to parrot anothers views because it fits in with their visions of what Sikhi is. Certainly I haven't looked at Sri Dasam Granth from this viewpoint either, but reading this book, it has given a new dimension on the contents of this book and how they are looked at by the missionaries. I am just cross-referencing some of the points made by Dr Darshan Singh with my own teeka of Sri Dasam Granth and will share some of it's content soon. If anybody has read this book please share your thoughts.
  2. Does anyone have any information about Chand Svaarankar's Guru Mehima? Are Any of the of works of Guru Gobind Singh's poets available? With the exceptions Bhai Nand Lal Goya, Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji, Bhai Gurdas Singh, and Kavi Senapat? The Panjab Digital Library doesn't give any details whatsoever about the books and manuscripts they digitize. I read Piara Singh's book, but it only contains a few quotes and stanzas and he doesn't give any reference.
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